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I randomly saw your old rant for WCW "Great American Bash" 1999 and, during the main event Sid Vicious returns to attack and you seemed legitimately surprised by it.  Whether that was the case or not, it got me to thinking: what are some of the best surprises for you in terms of legitimate surprises?  Warrior's return at Wrestlemania VIII is at the top of many people's lists of surprises, along with the Hogan turn (many guessed it not many actual KNEW).
To take it further, do you think it's even possible to be shocked at this point?  I mean, between Twitter, blogs, and other leaks, I don't know that a company could bring in a guy (Brock Lesnar's return?) without us hearing before hand.  Whether true (Brock Lesnar) or false (Batista), no return/debut/turn ends up being a shock because we've heard the rumors already.  We're also so conditioned at this point to look for a John Cena heel turn, a McMahon return, or a swerve just for the sake of it that it makes me wonder: are there any legitimate surprises left?

TNA could always make money on something.  

Anyway, yeah, Warrior at Wrestlemania was gigantic.  I remember Rude debuting in 97 as Shawn Michaels' new bodyguard sending my roommate and me into a frenzy for some reason.  Rude as the WCW Halloween Phantom was also pretty great in 91.

I think there's still some left.  JoMo could pop up literally any day now for either company and have a big impact.  The Brock thing was only leaked the day before, so that was a pretty big one and of course Batista is still lurking as a free agent now.  So's Lashley, although his star power is rapidly dropping.  

Brock Lesnar v1.0

Do you think SummerSlam 2002 was the right time to make Brock Lesnar WWE Champion?  That was a REALLY quick ascent from beating up the Hardy Boyz at Backlash to beating The Rock at SummerSlam.  Would it have been better to build him until Wrestlemania?  Perhaps he gets fed up with Heyman as his mouthpiece and goes Goldberg-style loner.  Then you build him as a babyface leading to his domination of the Royal Rumble.  All the while, have Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit trade the WWE Title from summer on (with the decisive match being the Rumble '03 classic) to 'prime' the transition to mat-based main events.  Then the Kurt vs. Brock Wrestlemania XIX main event is built up as more 'special' AND it's Lesnar's first title win?  It worked out just fine for Brock, and the wins over Rocky and Hogan ran him to the top quickly, but I felt like there was more appeal in the 'chase' with Brock, at least for that initial phase.

Summerslam was fine to put the belt on him, the problem was that they shouldn't have BEAT him right away like they did.  Had Brock held onto the belt through Wrestlemania XIX, the Angle feud might have felt like a bigger deal instead of a hot-potatoed World title feud like it ended up being.  


Question for you and the ranters. Are we too harsh on the creative team? With guys like Lagana and Seth Mates on Twitter now and giving the fans an insight to what it was like working with the WWE on creative, it sounds like it wasn't the easiest job and I can see why. They practically are booking 24/7 and i'm sure Vince isn't the easiest guy to work with, so I can understand why everything they shit doesn't turn to gold. After all, can we really even blame them, don't they have to get approval from Vince on most of the script, so this would in turn be Vince just being Vince then right? 
But then I looked at it the other way, I mean when something fails, no one(except the fans) wants to call out creative, it's let's blame (insert scapegoat talent here) and demote them as punishment. Did they really think Zack Ryder was gonna recover from getting his ass kicked by Kane on a weekly basis, cock blocked by John Cena, and friend-zoned by Eve? It's the elephant in the room that no one wants to address.....
So essentially my question is are we gonna be stuck with this type of booking until Vince decides to give it up or a main eventer like Cena or Punk calling them on their bullshit? 

I don't think anyone thinks it's an easy job, but by the same token WWE specifically tries to weed out people who are wrestling fans, so we're left with people who are accustomed to a totally different type of storytelling trying to adapt it to wrestling.  Really, the whole thing has always been based on one person with a strong vision setting a general direction, and then wrestlers basically improvising around that to craft their own "storylines".   The whole "writing team" dynamic just doesn't work and there's never been any evidence that it CAN work in the first place.  

question for the blog


To be fair, that's not actually a QUESTION per se.  I will say that this couldn't possibly be any stupider than their song about how rainbows are magic and shit.  I would have to assume they're doing it for shock value and they're succeeding, so huzzah for them.

Top 50 John Cena Matches

63 comments posted what they believe to be the Top 50 matches of John's career.

I'm a big Cena fan, and think he's Ric Flair-esq in his ability to get a great match out of almost anyone. That said, their list is a bitch skewed. vs Triple H in the Top 10? No sir. vs JBL at Judgment Day at 20? That one is easily Top 3. The Unforgiven bout is decent, but it's ****1/2 at best. This list doesn't even have John's match against Jericho at Survivor Series, it's fantastic. I also think the bout against Lesnar at Extreme Rules is very over-rated. Plus, I don't even know what the Bragging Rights match with Orton is. I'll assume it's their Iron Man. Other than those gripes, the Top 10 does have some excellent choices.

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Smackdown - June 29, 2012


Date: June 29, 2012
Location: Ford Center, Evansville, Indiana
Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It appears to be time to start the MITB build as they did that over on the Raw show. Now over there we had people that had only been WWE Champion, but there aren't that many candidates for the Smackdown World Title. Also I'm not sure if there are going to be more people in the Raw match or not, but they have more time to change it if they want. Sheamus defends against Ziggler and Del Rio in a triple threat tonight too. Let's get to it.


Hey Scott,
I've been quietly reading you online for...12 years now, so I thought
I'd drop you a line like I do every couple years or so, and bring up a
couple topics for possible blog discussion.
People may think of Brock Lesnar as being a washed-up ex-star cashing
in on his past success in WWE/UFC, and his original WWE run (2002 to
2004) was a long time ago.  But look at it this way: Brock is
currently two years YOUNGER than Vader was when he broke into WCW in
1992.  And of course he's 100 pounds lighter than Vader, but just as
powerful.  My point is, couldn't Vince and Brock collectively decide
to make Brock THE monster heel in the WWE for the next 3-4 years, and
make a shitload of money?  I guess one or both things might be true:
Brock hasn't shown a willingness to completely dedicate himself to the
business, and/or Vince refuses to believe that Brock will be loyal
after Brock flaked on him 8 years ago.  Who knows.

I think that everyone has already given up on Brock, which is really weird.  It turned into a giant self-fulfilling prophecy, where they thought he'd flake out on them, so they refused to push him over their top guy, and as a result Brock likely doesn't want to commit himself to WWE.  Thing is, he's still young, and if he was healthy then he'd have a lot more financial mobility in UFC than in WWE.  I bet he's doing the job to HHH at Summerslam given how little attention they're paying to their own storyline at this point.  
Also, I'm a native and resident of Cincinnati, and I remember you
being at least a mild baseball fan.  How do you feel about the best
baseball player in the world currently being a Canuck, the Reds' own
Joey Votto?  I don't know of another Canadian who could have ever
claimed that title other than (possibly) Larry Walker in 1997.

I actually haven't watched baseball since the double whammy of the Expos moving to Washington and the Blue Jays turning to shit under JP Riccardi.  And then once Carlos Delgado left for wherever he ended up, I had no further interest in following the sport.  The steroid stuff ended up being too much of turnoff for me.  Plus I was a hardcore Jays fan during the Alomar/Carter/Olerud era, and I got my two World Series at that point.  The sport has passed me by.

J.Park, the pioneer

Has anybody, in the history of wrestling, gone from 'does not touch a mike' to 'best actor in wrestling' the way abyss has?
It seems baffling. Really, why hasn't he had the chance before?

What's really awesome about Park is that he's a good wrestler portraying a bad wrestler, and doing little subtle things that someone who has never wrestled before would do, like the way he runs the ropes or has trouble navigating the ring.  The obvious payoff seems to be Park turning into a Jekyll & Hyde type character, where Joseph finally snaps and realizes that Abyss has been the dark side of his personality all along.  It's like man v. motorcycle v. horse!  Yeah, an Adaptation reference, take it and love it.

I think Undertaker also progressed pretty fast, given that he had never cut a promo in his life before getting to the WWF in 1990.  He was always the big scary silent dude, like Mean Mark or The Master of Pain, and finally after years of Paul Bearer doing literally all the talking for him, he suddenly started doing 20 minute interviews in 1997 and he was fine.  So maybe Abyss just listened and learned all this time like Undertaker did, who knows?

Waiting for the Trade - Avengers vol 2

Waiting for the Trade

By Bill Miller

Avengers Assemble Vol. 2
by Kurt Busiek and George Perez
Collects 12-23, 0 and Annual ’99

Why I Bought This – As I mentioned a few times the week of The Avengers movie I purchased several trades. This was first on the list with a bullet as I’d waited literally years to read this since the original hardcover volume has been out of print for some time, and I absolutely loved volume 1. Thankfully the movie caused this to be re-released in soft cover.

The Plot – This is a collection of sequential issues so it doesn’t have one plot, although the Ultron story at the end is what this collection is famous for. Spoilers ahead.


Hey Scott,
How are you, man? Obligatory "long time reader, sometime writer." OG Cred? From Rantsylvania & TheSmarks days. Even Wrestleline! So, I started a blog of my own. And, I was hoping you might be kind enough to plug it. A word of warning, it really has nothing to do with wrestling or even pop culture. It's a few sex stories (who doesn't like those?) and a few social commentaries. We're adding writers now and then too. But, because of the subject matter, can totally see you not being interested in plugging it. And I wouldn't take it personally. But if you do...Thanks, man. Much appreciated.
Maybe later you can tell me how to monetize it ;-)

I bet you can find some links in your e-mail that will tell you how to make money REALLY fast!  And possibly buy Viagra and Rolex watches, too.   

9 year olds

Interestingly, John Cena's comments about most of WWE's fans being 9 year olds were removed from the repeat of RAW.

Too bad they didn't remove the Cena interview, too.  Would have made for a much better show.  

The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact–06.28.12


The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact – 06.28.12

Live from Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Mike Tenay & Taz

AJ Styles and Dixie talk about the big reveal to start, and AJ is still pissed at Daniels & Kazarian. He should be more upset with the agents, I think. And apparently the story MUST CONTINUE tonight. Oh dear.

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Matt Hardy and Stevie Richards Interview

Hey Scott,
I realize your hatred for ECW and especially every reincarnation that keeps tainting whatever legacy the original left behind...but I have a double header of EXTREME soundbytes that you and your readers might enjoy. Matt Hardy and Stevie Richards stopped by W.H.I..P. Temple Update Wednesday morning to talk everything from Vince being a "psychotic genius" to wrestlers wearing shirts in the ring "not being wrestlers."
Both interviews are at
Shane Douglas will be on Friday at 10 a.m. EST on W.H.I.P. on IHeartRadio
Thanks a bunch!

"Hatred" is a strong word.  Perhaps it's more that I didn't treat ECW and Heyman with the slavish devotion that the idiot hardcore mutant fanbase did, and there was a lot of people who e-mailed me on a constant basis who were too blinded by their own fandom to realize that I was right and they were stupid.  But I wouldn't say "hatred" as such.

Impact Wrestling Live Thread

For those so inclined, since I've heard requests come up lately. Switch between Spike and ESPN2 and you'll get X Division vs. X Games, so it's a win either way.

Vince McMahon & The ARMY OF HOBOS

You should subscribe to the WON just to hear the epic story of Vince and his ARMY OF HOBOS.  He could have been a billionaire a million times over off that angle.

NXT - June 27, 2012

Date: June 27, 2012
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Byron Saxton Jim Ross

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're back again after last week's great debut episode. Tonight we're going to get a lot of new people debuting which is a cool idea. The perk of NXT being merged with FCW is that there are a ton of guys that the masses haven't seen before and they're letting them trickle in, which is a good way to keep people watching. Let's get to it.

Scott's Blog of Doom Presents: The Complete UFC Rants!


The newest collection of my stuff on Kindle is my collection of the first 41 UFC rants, as mostly presented on before they forgot I existed and erased me from the archives.  The one for UFC 41 was in fact never published and is exclusive to this collection.  Only $2.99!

Blog question

Could you explain for less knowledgeable readers what exactly what trending on twitter is? I've noticed it a few times in your writing so if you could shed some light on the proper meaning, that would be great.

It means that no one was talking about something on Twitter, and then suddenly a lot of people started talking about it.  It doesn't mean the MOST people were talking about something, however.  So when RAW starts, generally it goes from no one talking about the show to a few thousand people talking about the show at once, so it's trending.  However, there's still hundreds of thousands of people talking about, say, Obama or the NFL or whatever, but because that's constant on Twitter it's not trending.  So it's kind of an indication of what a small subset of people on the Twitter-verse are talking about, but it's generally the same people talking about the show every week.  So basically what WWE is bragging about is that some of the people who watch their show are talking about it on Twitter, and that's all it means.  

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Vader for Hall of Fame?

How is Vader not in the WWE Hall of Fame already?  With Vince recently moving toward acknowledging legacies outside of WWF/E more and more, Leon seems like a shoe-in yet he's not in yet.  I always had the impression Leon White was universally-loved by the lockeroom and never heard any bad blood in promotions, so it's not a Savage-type thing.  The guy had a tremendous run in WCW and had some good matches in WWF, despite never getting that '96 title reign.  Throw in his international body of work and the guy is FAR more deserving than a Ron Simmons, much less the usual Koko B. Ware reference.  Any idea why ol' Leon hasn't gone in sooner?

Because the Hall of Fame is a joke and has nothing to do with merit in the least?  I could certainly see him going in at some indeterminate point in the future, though.  
As an aside, wouldn't it be kind of cool for WWE to invite Sting to induct Vader?

Never gonna happen.  

Monday Nitro - February 3, 1997


Monday Nitro #73
Date: February 3, 1997
Location: Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee
Commentators: Larry Zbyszko, Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's my 9th birthday and the best they can give me is freaking Memphis? Anyway we're getting close to SuperBrawl which means it's close to Piper's return which I'm sure dozens are clamoring for. Giant and Luger have seemingly formed a bond to fend off the NWO which would result in a tag title shot for them at the PPV. The card looks ok at best so let's get to it.


A lot of you know what's coming in this clip but you still cringe when you see it.

Fwd: A quick question about Liontamer and Walls of Jericho


---------- Forwarded message ------

Hey Scott,

Long time fan, yada yada. I have a super quick question for you. I'm the global moderator of a pro wrestling forum. In a discussion, someone said that the Liontamer move (Walls of Jericho with a knee to the back of the opponent's head) will be on WWE '13. But a friend of mine said, "Liontamer and Walls of Jericho are the same moves. It was called Liontamer when Jericho was in WCW, but when he went to WWE, the move was named Walls of Jericho. In WWE, even when he put his knee to the back of his opponent's head, commentators called it WoJ (see NXT's debut episode). Liontamer name was not said in WWE, never." 

But i was thinking that Walls of Jericho (a normal Boston crab) and Liontamer (Boston crab with a knee to the back of opponent's head) are different moves. So i made a quick search, but found out that even when Jericho applied the move with the knee to the head, commentators were calling it Walls of Jericho. So I agreed the way he told.

But today, had an article. Here's a picture of it:

It confirms my theory and says that Liontamer and WoJ are different moves.

So, my question is, what do you (and the Smark community) think about it?


The Walls is the lazy version of the Liontamer.

Fwd: 10 years later...


---------- Forwarded message ------
Whatever happened to that Cena guy anyway?
(it feels much, much longer than 10 years at this point)


The crazy thing is that he's been on top of the promotion most of the time, too.

This Week With Caliber Winfield


What's the good word, friends. Wrapping up what has apparently not only been WCW month OnDemand, and but as well as here at the ol' Blog of Dune. This time around, I thought I'd do a bit of a lighting round, and then you fine chaps can also throw in your thoughts.

Of course, that sly bastard Scott made sure to post a similar thread right before this one. He's always trying to undermine me ever since my posts have been getting 1/1000th the attention of his! Well, you have won the battle this time, Mr. Scott, but soon, it'll be Caliber Winfield Presents The Block of Doom!

A really dumb question

Why haven't they tried to put the "Albert" chant over as something that BOTHERS Tensai because that's not who he is anymore, like the "Aldo" chant for Justin Tolerable (tm Sean Shannon)?

Because WWE is apparently dead set against admitting that anyone other than themselves has a usable idea for getting someone over.  Otherwise, yeah, the logical thing would be for Tensai to just be like "Yeah, I was Albert, now I'm not, so fuck off" and then go from there.  
Along a similar line, you mentioned that if the Sheepherders hadn't become a comedy act in WWE, that Paul E probably could have revived their careers in ECW. Wouldn't they have been prime material for a "Borne Again"-type gimmick, regardless?

From a creative standpoint, perhaps, but they've been doing quite well on the indy circuit with the silly Bushwacker gimmick since leaving WWE, and it's not like Heyman would have been able to pay them very well anyway.  

Wrestling with Rosenberg

Hi Scott,
Not sure if you/your readers are aware of the Wrestling with Rosenberg series on YouTube. Rosenberg is primarily a hip hop DJ but is a big time and long time pro wrestling fan. He has some great interviews with Hulk Hogan, HBK, CM Punk and most recently an awesome talk with Daniel Bryan. Here are the links:
Daniel Bryan
CM Punk
Hulk Hogan
Chris Jericho
The Miz
You're welcome.

Hey, I didn't even say thank you!

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Greatest WCW PPVs

Hey Scott,
Love the blog and visit it daily. Had a question for you. With the recent release of the WCW Clash of the Champions set (which per your suggestion in your review, I picked up and is a phenomenal set by the way), I was in a WCW mood. I was curious what you would rank as your top 5 (or more) WCW pay-per-views of all-time. I know you rave about Bash '89. Would love to hear your input, thanks.

Maybe I should do a Book of Lists on Kindle this summer, or a more detailed version of my "Guide to Every PPV Ever" rants.

So yeah, Bash 89 is clearly my favorite.  The Bash/Bash combo of 96 is also awesome, featuring the Outsiders powerbombing Bischoff through a table at GAB and then of course the Hogan turn at BATB 96.  Spring Stampede also produced some great stuff, most notably 94 with the Flair-Steamboat main event and 99 with Blitzkrieg's one PPV match and a fantastic Benoit/Malenko v. Raven/Saturn tag match.  Halloween Havoc 89 is an underrated show, with a great Flair/Sting v. Funk/Muta cage match on top and a tremendous Pillman-Luger US title match.  And Superbrawl II was a great show up and down the card during the thick of the Dangerous Alliance.

Alberto Dull Rio


I made this comment in the "angle-killing promo" thread but I feel it deserves more discussion.  Alberto Del Rio was brought in and treated like the next huge superstar upon his debut.  He won his matches often and with authority.  Also, the character and the approach to the character was fresh and seemed to be quite over. He won the Rumble and seemed ready to steamroll WWE in 2011.

Clearly, he has been seen as an upper to mid-carder since his return from injury and unfortunately, he felt that way during his runs as WWE Champion last fall.  Why do you think this is? I have a couple of theories:

Waiting for the Trade - Avengers

Waiting for the Trade

By Bill Miller

Mighty Avengers: The Unspoken
by Dan Slott, Khoi Pham and Sean Chen
Collects Mighty Avengers 27 – 31.

Why I Bought This: Late last year I decided to sample the first Slott trade on this title because even though Hank Pym (who is my least favorite of the longtime Avengers) is the central character, the story also promised to focus on Wundagore Mountain, which is one of Marvel’s more interesting settings when done right. Well that first volume showed that even when settling for an Avengers team made up of cast-off characters that Bendis doesn’t want, Slott is an infinitely better choice to write an Avengers story than Bendis will ever be. So in the week before the movie came out I decided to pick-up several Avengers trades and considering how much I liked Slott’s first volume this one made the cut.

The Plot: So in the wake of Secret Invasion, Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn is put in charge of both SHIELD and by extension the Avengers. Pym decided to honor Wasp’s death in that event by forming his own team of Avengers. He ended up with Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hercules, Stature (the second Ant-Man’s daughter, she has size changing powers), Jocasta, U.S. Agent and Amadeus Cho (teenager with super-intelligence on a par with Mr. Fantastic) as well as Jarvis the butler. What he doesn’t know is that Scarlet Witch is actually Loki in disguise. And that sets the table for this volume.

What the World Was Watching: In Your House - Final Four

by Logan Scisco

-Jim Ross and Jerry “the King” Lawler are in the booth and they are live from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

-There was no Free for All match for this show, as the Free for All featured promo battles between the four participants in the Final Four match.

WWE plug

The smarkiest Are You Serious yet!  And that's saying something!

"I'm dressed as Loki"
"You mean the guy from NXT season 2?"
"No, that's Kaval."

Seriously, if their goofy comedy skits on Mondays were half this funny, there wouldn't be so much to complain about.  

History of ECW 3/24/1998


Taped from Philadelphia, PA

Airdate: March 24, 1998

Hosted by Joey Styles

Joey welcomes us to another installment of the History of ECW and plugs a tag match featuring Danny Doring and Roadkill against the FBI. Also, the tag titles will be on the line as the champions Lance Storm and Chris Candido face Chris Chetti and Jerry Lynn. Additionally Bam Bam Bigelow will defend the TV title against Sandman. Lastly RVD will face Al Snow.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The SmarK RAW Supershow Rant–06.25.12


The SmarK RAW Supershow Rant – 06.25.12

Live from Fort Wayne, IN

Your hosts are Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler

Anderson Silva has murder on his mind

i don't know if you saw this, but I've never heard of Anderson talking this kind of smack EVER! I thought Chael was able to talk, but maybe Anderson is trying to top him in that area as well.


This fight is going to be EPIC.  

Plain Ol' RAW Open Thread

Oh what a weekend in West Central Florida. Neighborhood can still only be reached via kayak although that's rapidly improving. Mr. Princess killed at least two snakes to save our dobermans when the water in the yard got a little threatening. Really Tropical Storm Debby, go somewhere...preferably to the panhandle.

On the bright side I have cable and power so Monday Night RAW it is. Enjoy the show and come out swinging but keep it clean or I'll send this annoying, rainy storm your direction!

Fall Brawl 94

Was always curious how the main event match of Fall Brawl 94 came to be. It was Dusty & Dustin Rhodes & the Nasty Boys vs Terry Funk, Bunkhouse Buck, Arn Anderson & Col. Parker. How was that a main event at that time? The Dustin vs Studd Stable feud was not a main event feud. Hogan had debuted a couple of months earlier & wasn't even on the card, and neither was Flair. What gives?

Well, much like Brock today, they had a certain number of dates with Hogan per year, and didn't want to blow them on shows that wouldn't make back the investment.  Plus Rhodes v. Studs absolutely was a big program stemming from Arn turning on Dustin at Bash at the Beach, so I can at least understand the rationale there.  It was Wargames with a pretty hot feud, so why not?

Blog Question - Flair vs. Hogan in WWF

Hey Scott,
Question for your readers - why wasn't Flair vs. Hogan a draw for WWF back in that '91-92 period?  We criticize WWE a lot for all the angles they bungle (Invasion, Nexus, etc.) but this seemed to be a legitimate Wrestlemania main event that never was.  I've read at the time that Flair had some confidence issues and house shows running that matchup didn't draw well but it seems crazy they didn't run it on PPV at least once.  What's even more puzzling is that WCW ran it in 1994 on PPV for Hogan's first match and did a great buyrate if I recall correctly.  So was it just a matter of bad timing?  WWF politics?  Or something else all together?

Yeah, Flair came in during kind of a dead time between Summerslam and Wrestlemania, and they ran the first matches in markets where Flair wasn't going to be a strong draw, and from there it was already kind of dead in the water, unfortunately.  You'd think they should have run it at Survivor Series at the very least, but Flair as a heel challenging Hogan just wasn't the dynamic they knew what to do with, I guess.   

New WWE TV Show To Debut In October


STAMFORD, Conn., June 25, 2012 - WWE (NYSE: WWE) and ION Television today announced a new weekly one-hour original series airing on Wednesday nights at 8/7C. WWE Main Event will debut on October 3, 2012, and feature WWE Superstars and Divas from the rosters of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown. The new show will be available in 100 million U.S. television households on ION Television, a top-rated general entertainment network that features a broad mix of critically acclaimed series, movies and original programming.
"ION Television is delighted to begin a new partnership with such a successful and well-recognized franchise as WWE," said Brandon Burgess, CEO, ION Media Networks. "As a general entertainment network with a solid foundation, WWE Main Event is a great addition to our lineup that features something for everyone. We look forward to introducing our ION audience to all of the excitement and drama WWE has to offer as well as welcoming a passionate new fan base to the network."
"WWE looks forward to this new partnership with ION Television," said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. "We are excited about producing this new television show, WWE Main Event, and bringing our fans to ION Television every Wednesday."
WWE Main Event will feature in-ring action and fit seamlessly in storylines from Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, making Wednesday night appointment viewing for fans. The new series will offer a big arena experience with live audiences like current WWE weekly programs.

Thoughts on this?  It sounds like another version of Superstars.

Tommy Young

Good morning, Scott -

I was watching "Best of Clash of the Champions" on Netflix, and I wanted to ask your opinion on something.
Was there ever another referee who tried to make himself a focal point of the match more than NWA/WCW senior official Tommy Young?  Maybe not in a "get yourself over" type of way - but man, you sure do notice him when he's in the ring.
Whenever one wrestler was outside the ring, and the other would stand on top of the turnbuckles to play to the crowd, Young would be there, either leaning out between the ropes to the outside or actually standing on the ropes, berating the wrestler to get down off the turnbuckles.  Or if there was a pinning situation, Young would go FLYING over them to get in position to make the count.
Maybe the most obvious example is during the Ivan Koloff/Ricky Morton Russian Chain Match - and Morton has touched all three turnbuckles and is straining to reach the fourth - and Young stands there with his arm in the air, pointing at Morton with his other arm.  Then he points at the turnbuckle...then Morton...then the turnbuckle...then Morton.  This goes on for a LONG time.
So - was this just an example of Young wanting to be noticed?  To get over?  Was this encouraged by the NWA/WCW?  I don't recall seeing other referees do this during other matches.  My opinion is that referees should be largely unnoticed during a match - not trying to make themselves the center of attention.  What are your thoughts on Young (if you have any)?
Young was the best referee ever.  He was an entertaining character who used to integrate himself into the storylines of the match, and people believed that he was in charge of the match when he was refereeing.  Plus his involvement lent whatever he was doing a certain importance.  Plus he had some of the coolest referee spots ever, like diving of the ring to make the count for Brian Pillman when he was close to the ropes.  The HHH-Hebner shoving match spot is a direct tribute to the Flair-Young spot, although when Young laid down the law with Flair, you BOUGHT it.  Young also invented the "Kick the heel's hands away from the ropes when they're reaching" spot.  He's just awesome, and I'm sad that taking all those bumps destroyed his back.  

The SmarK Rant for WWE Falls Count Anywhere (DVD)


The SmarK Rant for WWE Falls Count Anywhere (DVD)

No Blu-Ray from E-One this time, sadly.

Once again I would like to pimp my new line of Kindle books as I attempt to milk every revenue stream available to me, specifically my latest entry:  Scott's Blog of Doom Presents:  Monday Night RAW Season One.  Only $2.99 for my review of every episode of RAW from January 93 - February 94.  Plus if you're a cheaper sort of person, like myself, there's always Scott's Blog of Doom Presents:  The Worst of Wrestling, which gives you a dozen reviews of horrendous PPVs that you might not even know existed (like the WWE/Girls Gone Wild abomination) for only 99 cents!  You can't even get a cup of coffee for that price, and I'm giving you hours of reading entertainment.

So onto the DVD, and this is quite the mish-mash of concepts, as this one covers street fights, hardcore matches, and falls count anywhere matches in one big catch-all DVD.  The setlist sort of reminds me of the sort of compilation tape you’d see on a tape trading list in the 90s.  On a more shallow note, THANK YOU to the DVD division for finally being honest in putting “running time 7 hours” on the back instead of the generic “9 hours” they’ve been using for years now despite each disc only going a little over two hours on most releases.

Hosted by Mick Foley, who is looking MUCH thinner than he was at the Royal Rumble.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Heel turns gone wrong

So at the ROH I-PPV best in the world Kevin Steen cut a Heel promo eviscerating the crowd for being hypocrites and going so far as to yell FUCK NEW YORK! in the Hammerstein.  all i could think of when the crowd refused to boo him regardless of what he said was the monster pop Austin got after beating the Rock at wrestle mania as the result of going heel. If you've commited to a big heel turn where you say Fuck the fans (literately in Steen's case) and the crowd won't hate them, how do you fix it.  I only know about the Austin example through DVD's and the near universal agreement heel Austin didn't work since it was before my fandom, so i can't even look back on that for comparison in the long term.  I guess  my question is this, if you turn your top baby face Heel, but the crowd still reacts like he's the top baby face how do you fix it, you can't just take what they said to turn heel back can you?   

The first time Austin had that problem they just turned him into the top babyface and drew billions of dollars.  I don't see ROH drawing significant money with Steen, but I don't see why they can't just run with him as a babyface who insults the crowd.  What booker in their right mind would look at the top guy in the promotion getting monster reactions and go "Shit, we gotta FIX this!"?  

The Austin thing was different, because it went beyond the heel turn at Wrestlemania and carried into changing the character into something that people didn't want to pay money to see, the spineless and self-loathing jellyfish who needed emotional support from his former arch-enemy.  It was an awesomely nuanced character played by completely the wrong person for the role.  

WWE Over the Top Rope

Dear Scott, 
I am watching the Best of the King of the Ring set, and arrived at the Davey Boy Smith/Shawn Michaels match from 1996. A spot in the match confused me and made me wonder if it was ever officially verified by the WWF at any point as to what the rules on over-the-top-rope DQs were in the promotion.
I can only think of three instances where it was directly brought up and each one was decidedly different.
Wrestlemania V--Hulk Hogan dumps Randy Savage clear over the top rope onto the floor, and Jesse Ventura nearly has a heart attack in outrage demanding an automatic disqualification be called. Gorilla Monsoon was indifferent to it. My assumption at the time was that this was a case of Jesse being the heel and Gorilla being the oblivious face and that the WWF just didn't have that rule.
Survivor Series 1993--The Heavenly Bodies regained the Smoky Mountain tag title beating the RNR Express in a match where the top rope rule was directly referenced as it pertained to Smoky Mountain. The main point was gotten across that it would have been a DQ in Smoky Mountain Wrestling, but that it was being contested under WWF rules on that night and therefore it wasn't a DQ. So I thought that pretty much cleared it up. Until....
King of the Ring 1996--Smith has Michaels up in a military press position, walks backward, hits the ropes, and Michaels goes sailing down the floor. Vince McMahon immediately begins screaming that it should have been an automatic disqualification because Bulldog did it intentionally with guest commentator Owen Hart arguing that Bulldog was simply fatigued and Michaels slipped.
Under that rationale, it could be argued that the WWF had a much stricter guideline on what was and was not to be considered an intentional throw over the top rope. Thus having an over the top DQ rule, but that it had to be blatantly deliberate (unlike the NWA and other promotions where even an Irish whip ending up with a wrestler going over the top could have been grounds for a DQ by some referees.)
So was there ever a time where the top rope rule was made clear cut that you can recall?

Sure, over the top rope was never a DQ in WWE.  Gorilla and Vince said stupid stuff all the time, like when Gorilla got mad that Randy Savage should have been disqualified for clotheslining Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3...DELIBERATELY.  If over the top was a DQ, then George Steele and the Berzerker would have been disqualified in every match they were in, ergo, it wasn't ever grounds for disqualifying someone.  Plus they liked to have the opposite rules as the NWA just to tweak them anyway.  

WM and Backlash 2000

Hey Scott,
Long time reader, and I'm really enjoying the AskScott stuff on the blog recently.
I have a theory about WM and Backlash 2000 - you've said numerous times that the Backlash main event and ending were so perfectly booked and that should have been the WM main event and ending, with Rock going over HHH straight instead of the 4 way mess that we got at WM. I totally agree with that. But watching the main event at Backlash, seeing Austin meander down to the ring, barely able to swing a chair and roll through the ropes - is it possible that all that WAS supposed to happen at WM, but Austin was physically unable to do it? That would lead them to essentially go into holdover mode until Austin would be physically able to go out there, and might be why they needed the ridiculous Foley return 3 weeks after his "retirement", because they wanted Austin to be a part of Rock's win and were painted into a corner in that regard, so the 4 way was the alternative that we got. And that of course would explain why heel HHH was the first heel to ever walk out of WM as champion.
Any thoughts on this?

Nope.  It's an interesting theory, but someone from the company has already gone on record, I think a WWE DVD somewhere, basically saying that they wanted to draw more money by doing a second HHH-Rock at Backlash instead of getting just the single big buyrate out of WM.  And it worked, so it's hard to fault them in hindsight.  Hell, I bought both shows and was happy to do so.   

Blog Question

I've been rewatching Raws from 1997 on. Well I'm in Arpil of 1999. The pilot episode of Smackdown. I know their plans fell apart as they had someone else in mind to be the "higher power" but it fell through so they went with Vince. My question is: Why didn't they just go with Shane McMahon as the higher power? It made a whole lot more sense than Vince did. Shane had motive, he had means, and he had opportunity. His rise to power coincided with Undertaker's continued attacks on the McMahon family, yet Shane went practically untested. With Vince tied up with Taker, Shane gained nearly full power, slapped his father and pretty much bitched him out. Even on the pilot episode of Smackdown, Shane comes out and unites with the Undertaker, thus forming the "Corporate Ministry" Wouldn't that have been the perfect time to unveil Shane as the "Higher Power" I actually liked the whole Ministry angle and Undertaker's attempts to take over the WWF, but it all jumped the shark with the illogical reveal of Vince as the Higher Power.
So to end this unexpectedly long post, my question is: Why not have Shane be the higher power instead of Vince?

Well, Meltzer has said recently that there was no other plan, it was always Vince as the Higher Power.

But I mean really, Shane was already in charge of the operation, so revealing him as the mastermind would have been pretty disappointing from a SWERVE standpoint.  And don't even get me started on how stupid the CORPORATE MINISTRY idea was.  "First I'm going to literally attempt to murder you on the biggest PPV of the year, then reveal we've been working together all along."  Boy, an attempted hanging really throws people off the scent, doesn't it?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Best and worst series of vignettes to hype up a debut

Hey there, it's NWA88 from the blog --
I thought this might be a fun idea for a blog topic -- specifically wrestlers who debuted after a long series of vignettes.
Over the years we've seen many of these kinds of hype videos for soon to be debuting wrestlers.  Some of them (like "garbage man" Dusty Rhodes or Mr. Perfect) were crafted to reveal facets of the characters themselves, where others were shrouded in mystery and designed to create a buzz (Blood Runs Cold, the Millennium Countdown).  I just thought it might be fun to discuss the best and worst of these and to shed some light on some of the lesser known or forgotten ones.

Best:  Razor Ramon.  Gave you everything you needed to know about the character in one shot and instantly turned him into a star before he even stepped into the ring.  Mr. Perfect was a close second, I'd say, but Perfect was someone who could get himself over as he went, whereas Ramon really needed to have the character launched from jump street.

Worst:  The Artist Formerly Known As Prince vignettes did nothing to make me care any more about Iaukea.  

Inside the Indies -- 6/23/12


--From the bingo halls, flea markets, and high school gyms of America, here comes Inside the Indies, your BoD look into the world of independent & developmental wrestling. This week we take a look at the lineup for Ring of Honor's Best in the World: Hostage Crisis and give some predictions, plug a few live events going on this weekend, and, for the first time, we take a look at The Underground, a YouTube show that exists in the universe of Jeff Katz' much-hyped Wrestling Retribution Project. All that, plus a look at some of the top names the uninitiated need to know on the independent wrestling scene...

2011 DVD Set on crazy sale


The entire 2011 WWE PPV set on for $40 on!  That is pretty darn tempting at what, $3 a show?  Especially just for MITB and Wrestlemania.

Cena - Make A Wish


No one ever said Cena wasn't an awesome guy, he's just an incredibly stale character who's booked like Superman.  

Scott's Blog of Doom Presents: Monday Night RAW Season One!


Next up on the Kindle run, a collection of the 24/7 RAW rants from the debut episode in January of 1993 all the way until the service disappeared with the February 1994 episodes.  Reading over these again made me realize how fresh and fun that RAW used to be, especially when it only took 40 minutes to watch an episode.  Check it out, a YEAR'S worth of RAW rants for only $2.99!  

Pretty sure my next set will be the RAW/Smackdown rants from 411 era, 2001-2004 stuff.  

Austin v. Daniels

Okay, so normally I would never bother you with stuff going on at another site, but right now cageside seats is having their wrestler tourney to decide the best of all time.  And in the first round it's 1 seeded Steve Austin versus 16 seeded Daniel Bryan.  And Austin is winning, but people have actually voted for Bryan claiming he's been the best worker for 10 years or was a better worker...
Okay, this bothers me.  Wasn't Austin a better worker, both pre and post neck injury, than Bryan?  I get it, Bryan has great matches and has had some really great stuff.  But has he even done something that would rank with austin's top five matches?  The match with Bret at survivor series and WM, the match with foley (with the rules ever changing and undertaker being the enforcer), the 2/3 falls match with HHH, the main event with Rocky at WM 17 are all matches I would EASILY put above anything DB ever did.  That's excluding the stuff he did with Angle, the tag match with hunter/benoit/jericho, other matches with Rocky, Canadian Stampede (where Austin quickly went heel unlike Shamrock, to the match's benefit), underrated matches with Shawn (both of them), etc.
I guess my point is, have we accepted Austin pop culture phenom so much that we forget he's like one of the 10 best workers ever.  Or have I overrated him?

Well, it's not like there's any objective criteria for this sort of thing.  If you think Austin's the best, you can pretty much back it up with whatever you want and be "right".  I think it's apples and oranges anyway, because Austin worked two totally different styles pre and post injury. I will say that he became one of the smartest workers in history after the injury, but could still do a great "normal" match when he had to (like the Angle series in 2001).  If you're just talking pure technical skill, Daniels is probably better, but Austin delivered in the clutch.  

If you want to compare apples to apples, you could always judge their 18 second title losses against each other.  Because at least Daniels got to lose to Sheamus, whereas Austin had to get squashed by Jim Duggan.  

Why Steriods?

Why are wrestlers still using steroids? Let me put it another way, why are specific wrestlers still using steroids? I wouldn't be shocked if Ryback had HGH in his bag because he needs something to get noticed. But Borne? He was already an established guy who was (probably) as high (on the card) as he was going to go. Plus, his spot was specific to someone who can do fancy highspots and appeal to the kids. Nothing is about Roid-Monster would've helped him with those Reqts. The same is even more true with Rey.
And what does Orton have to worry about in terms of his spot (I know he also got busted on marijuana but that's beside the point)? His competition (if they are in competition) is Punk. Besides which, he's been their main guy for ever. The office seems to always be looking for an excuse to put a rocket up his ass (as opposed to in his checks). Am I missing something? Are these people using steroids for reasons other than physique?
Also, on a related topic, if WWE is so pissed about the above talent why not just push guys who aren't shooting up or whatever either to set a good example or purely out of spite. The obvious  example is Zig but what about Kofi? Between his partners and the office, he's screwed over more than anyone. Plus, they always seem real high on him. What's the problem? (On a side topic, why aren't they pushing more black wrestlers? They fall all over themselves to push latino talent and I bet the black market is much bigger.).
This became kind of a rant. Basically, what is the psychology behind wrestlers taking steroids in this era?

OK, well first, Borne wasn't busted for steroids, he was busted for synthetic pot.  

The Rey thing is definitely troubling, because he's carrying 230 pounds of muscle on a frame that is built for 120.  The last guy who was walking around like that was Eddie Guerrero, and we all know what happened there.  

Orton's been getting noticeably smaller over the years, but steroids aren't always for building muscle mass.  HGH is just as effective for sheer bulk and can't be traced.  Steroids are often used for speeding up healing and giving a more sculpted look to the frame, and it can be really difficult to just look at someone and say "Oh, they're on steroids."  Guys you'd never think of as being roid-freaks were admittedly on them for years.  You wouldn't think Eddie Guerrero was a big user, but he was a big enough user to kill him.  

Kofi's been screwed over by the Orton incident for a while now, and they just don't see him as a main guy, and obviously Kofi is happy doing what he's doing and won't make waves.  They've got a pretty high concentration of black wrestlers right now, though, with the tag champs, the Primetime Playaz, Mark Henry, AW, Big Zeke, and some of the guys in developmental.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fwd: CM Punk


---------- Forwarded message --------

Hey Scott, wanted your thoughts on something.  This is a tweet from CM Punk in response to fans claiming that since he is the champion, he should be in the main events of RAWs and PPVs:  Placement on a card determining quality? Y'all need to reevaluate. I'll wrestle @WWEDanielBryan 1st, 3rd, 7th or your precious last... it will ALWAYS be the main event

Not saying he doesn't have a point, but when Punk did that shoot promo last year, wasn't one of his main points that despite being the best, he is never in the main event("Dwayne being in the main event at mania makes me sick!")?  Now he's taking shots at his fans who have been behind him even before that promo.  He was an edgy character last year, and now he is another goofy babyface in the WWE who spouts out catchphrases and tries to get things to trend on twitter.  He says 'WWE Universe' (didn't he cut a promo last year saying how stupid that phrase was and that they are fans?) and he called Daniel Bryan goatface, which obviously Vince told him to do so it could trend.  I mean, last summers CM Punk would have never called someone something as lame as goatface.  I used to get excited when Punk came out, now I like, eh, well at least the match should be good. 
I find it odd that CM Punk has pretty much become the thing he hated so much last year.  What happened?  Was it the new contract?  To quote Vince McMahon from the InVasion angle on Steve Austin, "I want the OLD CM Punk!"  Your thoughts?


Totally agree.  His pipebombs have sunk to the point of calling people poopypants.  That's why he's the #2 guy without any ice cream bars.  He raged against the machine and then just gave up and joined it.  I still love the guy but I sure wouldn't buy a PPV just for him any more.   Get ANGRY again,  Punk!

Smackdown - June 22, 2012


Date: June 22, 2012
Location: 1st Mariner Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, Booker T

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're past No Way Out and we have the same world champion in the form of Sheamus. We're starting the build up to MITB as well so maybe we'll have someone added to the ladder match here. If I understand it right we have eight people in it again, but I'm really not sure if they have enough people to put 16 guys in two ladder matches. Besides that's too many in a single match anyway. Let's get to it.

Rockers question

While we're on the subject of the Rockers...

Hey Scott,
Long time reader, yada yada yada
Random question - I've been watching some DVDs, and it seems that the Rockers were super-over back in the day. Why did Vince never give them a major push or a run with the tag team titles. Their match quality was incredible and the fans loved them, so what gives? (I've heard about the title change that was supposed to happen but cancelled, and that just reinforces the question, why was their push scrapped?) 

Because Vince thought they were too small, plus both of them were flaky party boys who were often far more concerned with getting high than with showing up for work.  I don't think I would have pushed them as a serious top team given all the baggage they came with, either.  

Moar Memphis!

You think heel McMahon is cool?  How about heel Rock N Roll Express in a bloodbath against PG-13 with Mark Curtis beating the shit out of everyone?  HOW ABOUT THAT?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact–06.21.12


The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact – 06.21.12 (Open Fight Night)

Live from Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Mike Tenay & Taz

McMahon Takes Memphis

Okay, this is pretty awesome. I now hate my childhood cable company for not carrying USWA in 1993.


Hi Scott
A few fairly random questions if you're interested.

Sure.  Maybe I'll do a whole e-book on this sort of thing one day and clean out my inbox for good.  
1) I dug out Owen-Austin SS 97 recently for the first time in ages and it got me thinking. What if Austin's injury had been serious enough to retire him at the time? Given the momentum they finally had, what do you think the most sensible strategy to employ short-to-medium term would have been in order to maintain some momentum without "Stone Cold"?

Man, the world would have been a totally different place, for sure.  I think maybe the development of Rock and HHH would have been rushed forward and they would have survived in the long term, but I don't think there would have been the same kind of boom without him.  
2) Was there ever any prospect of putting the AWA World title on Sgt. Slaughter in 1985? I'm pretty sure he was there at the time and it seems to me that he would have been the perfect champion for the promotion during the Reaganite eighties, especially when it came to competing with Vince.

There was never any thought given that I know of, no.  Slaughter was considered on the downside of his career even back then.  Please I think Gagne considered him a gimmick worker, and he always wanted "real" wrestlers to be his champions.  
3) Leaving aside whether the match was ever seriously proposed, if Hogan-Bret at Summerslam 93 had gone ahead what do you think the best way to book both the match and the buildup would have been?

I don't know, because it would have been a really weird dynamic, and the more time they had to build it up, the more time that Hogan would have to get out of doing the job.  Frankly I think Bret was fooling himself if he thought that he was ever going to get a win over Hogan without something drastic happening.  I think that Bret would have ended up doing a quasi-heel turn like Shawn Michaels in 2005, where they have a series of misunderstandings and Bret finally turns on him, only to learn his lesson in time for a team-up against the foreign heels.  Or something.  
4) What's your opinion of Slick? No real reason beyond the fact that he was one of the more prominent managers of the Hukamania era yet his name never seems to come up except in passing in any discussions.

I love Slick and was always a big fan of his in the good old days.  Once he found Jesus, not so much, but the pimped out heel character was entertaining as hell, especially on the squash shows.  He was a lot of fun to hate.   

The Basketball Thread


So people don't hijack the ones I actually care about.

NXT - June 20, 2012


Date: June 20, 2012
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross, William Regal

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's FINALLY a new season of this shindig and things are really shaken up. We're permanently in Florida now with FCW and NXT merging and I can't say I'm complaining a bit. These will now be up on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays as they only air internationally at the moment, so I have to wait for the videos to surface online. I don't know what to expect from this so let's get to it.

Seven revisited

This week's Are You Serious got me interested in checking out WCW's Seven, as I'd only heard about it from the Interwebs without ever seeing it for myself.
That...actually had some potential.  Especially the may not have played well in the late 90's, but had they played this seriously, I think that this could have become WCW's version of The Undertaker.
Do you think that Seven had any more potential than it's use as a throwaway shoot joke?
  - Joe

If you could look past the fact that he came across like a child molester, sure, but the gimmick was a bit too oogy for me.   

Wrestler run-in stories on Deadspin

Scott, this is poster Brian_Bayless from the blog. I do not recall seeing these segments on the blog but they are becoming popular on Deadspin. Its readers writing about their encounters with pro wrestlers. The John Morrison story is great and they always close the segment with a Virgil story. Anyway, here is the link to the newest installent.

Coolness.  Road Dogg seems like a fun guy to hang out with.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New shirts, Macho Man shirt on sale, and working with Mick Foley

Hey Scott, your previous plug for our site was awesome in helping us move some Macho Man shirts.  Wanted to see if I could trouble you for another, since yesterday we added a few new shirts to the site and have dropped the price of the Macho Man shirt down to only $10 bucks, for 3 days only.  But more importantly, we also designed a sufficiently bad ass Mick Foley shirt that is only gonna be available from the man himself.  He'll be selling them on his comedy tour this summer and at the shows he's doing in Edinburgh UK.  Later this year, we'll be selling them on our site with some of the profits going to benefit, which is a charity Mick is heavily involved in.  But for now, buying them direct from Foley on tour is the way to get them.  His tour dates are here:
ALL of the shirts we sell can be seen here:
But the 2 wrestling related shirts are right here:
Macho Man/Kool-Aid "Oh Yeah!" shirt - ON SALE FOR $10
Mick Foley's Cheap Pop
Thanks for helping us spread the word, and I'm sure Mick is thankful as well!

Sure, but does he ever e-mail me to tell me so?  NO.  Does he take me on a Wrestlemania dream trip?  NO.  Damn Scotsman.

Love the shirts, keep up the good work!

Monday Nitro - January 27, 1997

Monday Nitro #72
Date: January 27, 1997
Location: Veterans' Auditorium, Des Moines, Iowa
Attendance: 3,970
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're past Souled Out now and that means it's time to get back to Piper. Enough of those young and talented guys like Giant. WE WANT OLD MEN THAT CAN'T MOVE!!! There are four Nitros to go before the next PPV and this is the first one. The main event at the PPV was Giant vs. Hogan so tonight's main event? Giant vs. Hogan, for the second time on Nitro (third overall) in two weeks. Let's get to it.

Full Listing For WWE's 50 Greatest Finishers DVD/Blu-Ray


Quick note about NXT: I can't find it online and it's not listed on so I have no idea when/if I'll be able to get it up.

WCW vs the World

There are a few ads to start the video, 'cause hey, a buck's a buck.  We will be moving them to the end of the video for the next episode.

I'm all for you making a few bucks, Joe.  Keep up the great work!

Fwd: The Outsiders Tag-Team Title Run


---------- Forwarded message ---------

Where would you rank Hall and Nash's WCW Tag-Team Title run?  I always
felt it was one of the most disastrous runs in the history of
Wrestling.  From early on it was clear they would only drop the belts
to the Steiners and even that took forever?  They rarely defended
them, treated their defenses like a joke and at the end WCW Tag-Team
Division was destroyed.


Yeah but they were the top stars so they should have been the champions, end of discussion.   It would have done way more damage to the division if you had Nash and Hall running around above everyone else while some geeks were the champs. 

Fwd: Ken Doane


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Jeff Burns"

Hey Scott,

Just wonder if you've seen this and what you think.

A lot of people seem to think that Kenny's just making things up because John Cena is a big star and he isn't, but he doesn't come off like he's making anything up. It all seems to add up.
The part about him wanting Orton fired over failed drug tests would add up to, considering Cena's holier than thou attitude on the subject.


I would tend to consider Cena more credible than Doane, but honestly I try really hard not to pay attention to the high school drama stuff anyway.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zack Ryder

Hey Scott,

Has the WWE basically flushed money down the toilet like they have with Zack Ryder ever before? I mean the guy was over huge. With the smark and mark fans alike. He was selling a pretty decent amount of merchandise. Which I thought at one time meant something. He was even over with the little kiddies with his bright colors and goofy outfit. Yet they buried him for months until he was just a jobber, and than off TV entirely. And for what reason?

And even after all that he's still over huge. His merchandise might not be selling as well, or at least you don't see it in the live crowds as much (though that could be because why would you wear something for a guy who isn't even going to make an appearance) but he got one of, if not the biggest pops of the night at the PPV on Sunday. And than they were chanting his name TWICE on Raw on Monday. Once during the embarrassing Cindi Lauper segment and than again during the pointless Cena main event. I thought for sure he would come out for at least something. But nope. It was like they did it on purpose. It makes absolutely no sense.

It would probably be better for him if he just left. I don't know what his contract situation is but I imagine TNA would be able to use him in someway. What do you think?

I don't think he's going to leave because he's one of the new generation of guys, along with Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes, who have been so brainwashed by the WWE indoctrination system that they won't speak up for themselves anymore because they think WWE is the only way to make a living in the business.  And they're pretty much correct, unfortunately.  However, even back in the 90s, guys who had built their own character and brand would feel free to tell a promoter to go fuck themselves if they were getting booked like Ryder, or Cody, or Ziggler was.  You think Raven would put up with that kind of bullshit booking for more than a week?  He'd quit and do indies to pay the bills for a few months and wait for them to call again.  Steve Austin left the WWE high and dry in 2002 and they STILL came crawling back to him over and over.  Sable sued them, and WON, because she didn't like her treatment, and they rehired her in 2003 for even more money.  Brock Lesnar, need I say more?   They're desperate for stars right now and these guys have the perfect opportunity to, frankly, squeeze Vince McMahon by the balls and make their own career, and they're seemingly too scared to do it.  You don't think they'd take John Morrison back in a HEARTBEAT right now and probably give him a main event push (as long as he dumped Melina, of course)?  I don't know if the problem is that guys like Ryder grew up as fans like us and can't see it as the cold and heartless business that it needs to be in order to make money off it, but Brock Lesnar sure as fuck does and that's why he's where he is and they're where they are.

True Believers Plug

Hey, Scott!
Knowing you to be a major fan of all comic-bookery and a purveyor or plugs - I was wondering if you would give a quick plug for our upcoming play: True Believers.
We're about halfway to our funding level and just need a small push to help with the more elaborate costumes. You too could own the Cyborg Head of Stan Lee.
Thanks in advance!
TRUE BELIEVERS by Boston playwright Thom Dunn is a new play that brings the fantastically nerdy world of Comic-Con to the stage, complete with aspiring comic book artists, psychotic fanboys, cybernetically enhanced humans and girls who dress like Princess Leia.
After having readings at VTG's There Will Be Words and Improv Boston's Geek Week, this full production will unite theatre and cosplay in order to create a hilarious, quirky and character-driven production that represents the Vagabond spirit.
With your contribution, you will have actively aided the in the creation of something awesome. The bulk of the contribution will go to securing our theatre space-- four walls and a lighting grid to contain all of the awesome live theatre we intend to bring to the masses. The rest will go towards putting something fantastic on stage. What kind of fantastic, you ask? A Cylon, Princess Leia, and the Cyborg Head of Stan Lee are all part of the package.
Since its founding in 2009, Vagabond Theatre Group has been uniting young Boston theatre artists in order to create. VTG has a proven track record of producing plays by young, local artists and is an active company in the Boston small theatre scene. We are passionate about sharing the process of theatre with the public through free readings, open rehearsals and social events.