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You want videos?

Oh we got videos.  On a forum I post at (and no, you don't have to sign up to view it), we have a 20-page thread of people posting the most obscure or memorable videos they could find.  It's a trip down memory lane, for sure.  The thread was started almost a year ago, so no telling how many of the videos have been Linda'd from YouTube since then, but a lot of them still work:

And then the picture/gifs (and some more videos) thread, where we find basically the same thing: obscure, wacky pictures, and post them.  Some of these may be NSFW, just a heads up:

I'm sure you can find some fun blog fodder in there to post.

Yeah, there was a similar thread recently on the F4W board, too.  Really cool stuff in both threads.  Although the one with Big Show and ADR as a team should really be "Show Me The Money" instead of "Big Money".  The old pictures of Undertaker were crazy, though.  


  1. There goes my Saturday afternoon.

  2. Most seem to be gone :( Fuck you, Linda. And I mean that lol

  3. h Why would a company want to make money on their product when they can give it away for free?

  4. Yeh alright alright, party pooper. You get me. They were all taken down during Lindafest.

  5. WWE had most Attitude Era videos up on their YouTube page until Linda's opponent attacked her over the content of her company. Then they removed them.

  6. Most of them are still up on Dailymotion.


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