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QOTD #70 - TV Champions

Question of the day: In the history of Professional Wrestling - all promotions included (WCW, NWA, Mid-South, ECW, World Class, TNA, SMW, etc.) who do you consider the greatest all-time TV Champions? (If you are up to it, give me a top 4)

Yesterday's QOTD: If Vince McMahon were to name a new General Manager of RAW (which at some point, I am sure he will), who would be your first choice?

TheOriginalDonald had an interesting choice.....
"Jerry Jones"

As any Dallas Cowboys fan will tell you: sure road to mediocrity and failure. I can tell you this: Jerry Jones as RAW GM = the best scenario possible.....for TNA/Impact

"Hulk Hogan in a suit and a doo-rag" me crazy, but I think this one has a realistic shot at happening


**** no....didnt we do that with the computer?

Some of the more insightful responses.......

"If they have to have one, they should just do the Foley bit again, but use someone like Edge or Punk in the role. They have to do their entertainment bits...might as well be a GM making matches with jokes thrown in."

"Ernest Miller."

IF THEY MUST have one, Foley or The Cat would be good in the role

"Jack Tunney. He's not able to appear on WWE programming anymore, so therefore he would never come out and cut a 10-20 minute promo, create stupid stipulations midmatch, or do other things to generally piss off the audience."

"If they must find a reason to justify supporting Ric Flair, I wouldn't mind him as a GM if he played it seriously instead of dancing around like a fool. But in the Jack Tunney role where he shows up to make decisions/announcements and doesn't have an agenda against anyone."

If the WWE were really listening to their fans, sounds like they are over the whole heel authority commish role being a big factor (Can you imagine an NFL weekend where Roger Goodell was on the TV talking for more time than actual games were being played?)

I think Magoonie NOT Teddy Belmont summed it up nicely....

"I'm thinking nobody, no GM. Move HHH and Steph away from the authority figure storyline. Then no authority figures. Maybe if there's a big decision to be made, trot Vince out to make the decision then leave (kinda like Bret/Luger and Gorilla). Just go back to I hate you, you hate me lets fight."

The great referees/officials in any Combat sport work best....when they are not even noticed.


  1. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Disco Inferno, Greg Gagne, Mikey Whipwreck

  2. I was a WWF guy and didn't even know NWA/WCW had a TV Title until it was on the cover of some Apter mag. That champion and my pick; Tom Zenk.

  3. Gotta be Arn Anderson. Growing up, he symbolized that role of the upper-card heel that was always taken seriously, but was never going to get a World title run. In a lot of ways, the TV title fit him perfectly.

  4. Arn Anderson, Arn Anderson, Arn Anderson, and Arn Anderson. Order approximate.

  5. Jake Booth, Joe Briggs, Chris Miles, and Beau James

  6. TNA can't even hot-shot correctly.

  7. It's gotta be Arn, with RVD right behind him.

    The NWA & WCW always did a great job with their TV champions (Arn, Rotunda, Regal, Austin). They were usually a heel that was low down and THIS CLOSE to losing the belt, but that time limit ran out every time. It made the fans want to see the champ finally get his. WWE could learn something from the old TV champion model.

  8. Arn, Regal, Austin, RVD

  9. RVD, Regal, Nikita Kolloff and of course Arn Anderson.

  10. I know Im probably supposed to think of RVD when I hear "TV champ"....but I think of The Enforcer.

  11. Greg Gagne's epic reign as AWA TV champion made me a fan for life!

  12. Arn Anderson, Steven Regal, Chris Jericho, RVD. You can sub Jericho or RVD for Austin.

  13. The only Television Titles that are worth mentioning here are the NWA/WCW TV Title and the ECW TV Title, as I don't recall the WWF/E ever promoting a variant back in the day and the AWA TV title was a vanity trophy for Greg Gagne most of the time. Since I prefer the prestige of the NWA/WCW TV Title over ANY ECW title, the order has to start with Arn Anderson. The guy personified early-'90s WCW upper midcard heel, and was the consummate TV Champion of his era. A close second would be Steve Austin, who cut his teeth on the TV Championship and did a fabulous job with it during the Dangerous Alliance years. Booker T's TV Title run in the late '90s was one of the few things WCW did right during the period, and it launched him to stardom proper. Then Rob Van Dam's famous ECW TV Title reign was arguably more famous than any Heavyweight Championship reign a wrestler had in the original promotion, so it bears mentioning him as well.

    1. Arn Anderson
    2. Steve Austin
    3. Booker T
    4. Rob Van Dam

  14. Arn Anderson, for reasons mentioned.

    RVD, who made the TV title more important than the world title ala the X Division belt when Joe/Styles/Daniels were on top.

    Benoit and Booker T brought some serious prestige back to the title, especially after champions like Prince Iaukea, Disco Inferno and Alex Wright.

  15. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonSeptember 3, 2014 at 11:39 PM

    Booker T

  16. AA
    Mike Rotunda
    Lord Steven Regal
    Steve Austin

    Late vote for commish: Stanley Blackburn. Failing that, Bob Backlund

  17. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonSeptember 3, 2014 at 11:45 PM

    Six matches in 2 hours? Not bad.

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  20. Tully

  21. Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Steve Austin, Lord Steven Regal, RVD

  22. NWA/WCW: Regal, Anderson, Blanchard, Booker T

    ECW: RVD

  23. I don't think I've ever seen a woman do a one arm chokeslam, well done Havok.


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