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Rock Star Gary reflects on...WCW Clash of the Champions XXVI!

Live from Baton Rouge, LA

Airdate: January 27, 1994
Attendance: 3,200 (1,600 paid)

“Mean” Gene Okerlund welcomes us to “Cajun country.” After receiving word through his earpiece

Okerlund introduces…Bobby “The Brain” Heenan! Holy legendary hirings, Batman! Heenan was last seen getting thrown out of an arena on WWF Monday Night RAW on 12/6/93. What a great grab by WCW! Anyways, Okerlund compares Heenan to Tonya Harding with a “thin ice” joke. Heenan joins Tony Schiavone at ringside to call the action.

Match 1: Pretty Wonderful (w/ the Assassin) versus Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Too Cold Scorpio (w/ Teddy Long)


·         Tony mentioned that this is a #1 contender’s match as the victors will face the Nasty Boys on the next episode of WCW Saturday Night.
·         Stun gun by Roma on Bagwell. I wonder how “Stunning” Steve Austin felt about that.
·         During the commercial break Roma received a double shoulder block.
·         Scorpio attempted a superplex on Roma, but Orndorff interfered.
·         A pair of top-rope forearms to the back by Roma.
·         Tony mentioned that Heenan used to manage Orndorff.
·         The new commissioner of WCW will be named later in the show.
·         Second-rope elbow drop by Roma.
·         Orndorff leaped from the top rope only to eat boot.
·         Hot tag to Bagwell.
·         Missile dropkick by Bagwell.
·         After the Assassin loaded Orndorff’s knee pad Roma attempted to ram Bagwell’s head into it only to get rammed instead.
·         Bagwell made the cover and pinned Roma.

Rating: **

Summary: Not a bad opener. Bagwell and Scorpio will face the Nasty Boys for the tag titles on Saturday.

Match 2: Ice Train versus Ron Simmons


·         This match was billed as the teacher (Simmons) versus the student (Ice Train). Check out Simmons’ match (taped 12/13/93, aired 1/15/94) against Scotty Riggs and the post-match interview.
·         Excellent powerslam by Ice Train.
·         After a second powerslam by Ice Train he missed a shoulder block in the corner.
·         Simmons rolled him up, hooked the tights, and stole the victory.

Rating: ½*

Summary: While it was a nice display of power wrestling by Ice Train his inexperience exposed him here.

Call the hotline after the show to speak directly to “The Brain!”

In a funny bit US champion “Stunning” Steve Austin is dressed like Colonel Robert Parker while Parker wears a Hollywood Blonds t-shirt and trunks. Additionally, in an effort to mock the no longer employed by WCW Sid, the back of Parker’s t-shirt reads “Col. Parker rules the world.” Austin uses a thick Southern accent to reveal that he has a manager’s license for tonight.

Okerlund then introduces the new commissioner of WCW—Nick Bockwinkel. WCW has now added a touch of class to its leadership.

Match 3 for the WCW World TV title: Lord Steven Regal (champion w/ Sir William) versus “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes


·         Speaking of class, Gordon Solie was the play-by-play announcer for this match. It reminds me of my days of watching Championship Wrestling from Florida back in the ‘80s.
·         Superb European uppercut by Regal.
·         Gut-wrench suplex by Regal.
·         Lariat by Rhodes.
·         As Regal stalls outside the ring three minutes remain in the time limit according to ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta.
·         Some brawling by Rhodes woke up the crowd.
·         Flying lariat by Rhodes.
·         Flying dropkick by Rhodes got a 2 count.
·         Plancha from the ramp into the ring by Rhodes got another 2 count.
·         As Rhodes hit the bulldog time ran out on him.
·         Time-limit draw. Regal remained the champion.

Rating: *1/2

Summary: Lots of mat wrestling here, so your mileage may vary. Regal’s stalling made the draw all the more obvious. Dustin Rhodes continues to underwhelm me since his feud with Rick Rude ended.

Okerlund interviews Aaron Neville. His interview is as exciting as watching paint dry.

Don’t miss SuperBrawl IV on February 20. Its subtitle is “Double Thundercage Live.”

Match 4 (non-title): The Nasty Boys (w/ Missy Hyatt) versus Cactus jack and Maxx Payne


·         Making sure she doesn’t have another wardrobe malfunction Missy wore a halter top and jeans.
·         Cappetta introduced Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne, but they didn’t come through the curtain.
·         After the commercial break Jack and Payne ran through the crowd and ambushed the Nasty Boys from behind.
·         The bell rung and Cactus Jack gave Knobbs a Cactus clothesline.
·         After slamming Saggs on the concrete floor Cactus Jack delivered a Cactus elbow to him.
·         Awkward cross-body block from Sags to Payne from the top rope.
·         Payne applied the Payne-killer to Knobbs, but Saggs saved.
·         Outside the ring Saggs demolished Payne with a plastic chair shot.
·         With all four men in the ring Cactus Jack gave both Nasty Boys a Cactus clothesline.
·         Double-arm DDT on Knobbs by Cactus Jack.
·         Referee Randy Anderson was distracted by Payne so Saggs delivered an elbow and placed Knobbs atop Jack.
·         However, Saggs was unable to leave the ring in a timely fashion so Payne delivered his own elbow to Knobbs, draped Jack atop him, and secured the pin!

Rating: **1/2

Summary: A tremendous upset by a unique team. This was a bar room brawl type of match minus weapons. More matches between these teams should they up the ante could be quite intriguing.

After the match Missy entered the ring but got kissed by both Payne and Jack.

Okerlund plugs the hotline.  Next highlights of the match from WCW Saturday Night (taped 12/13/93, aired 1/15/94) where Pillman beat Austin in a non-title match are shown. Before Parker can place the chicken head on Pillman with Austin’s assistance Dustin Rhodes rescues Pillman.

Match 5 (Loser wears a chicken suit on WCW Saturday Night): “Flyin’” Brian Pillman versus Colonel Robert Parker


·         Pillman came to the ring with chicken from KFC. Schiavone informed us that Parker’s picture was on the box.
·         Fantastic dropkick from Pillman.
·         Pillman nailed Austin on the floor.
·         After Parker and Austin tried to take a walk Pillman came after them. Austin charged but received a back drop on the ramp.
·         The Boss emerged from backstage to even the odds.
·         As the Boss attempted to corral Parker from exiting over the steel railing Austin attacked Pillman in the ring.
·         Austin gave Pillman the Stun Gun. Take that, Roma!
·         Parker attempted a double axe-handle from the second rope but ate a right hand to the mid-section instead.
·         After Pillman climbed to the top rope Austin knocked him down since referee Nick Patrick was detained by the Boss.
·         The Boss chased Austin back through the curtain. As Parker begged Austin to return Pillman rolled him up and pinned him.
·         Parker will wear the chicken suit on WCW Saturday Night. How clucky for him!

Rating: *

Summary:  This wasn’t a bad comedy match, but it wasn’t the blow-off match that the Hollywood Blonds deserved either.

Tony shills SuperBrawl IV on PPV. Two cage matches are scheduled: WCW World Champion Ric Flair will defend his title against former champion Vader as well as a six-man match.

Match 6 (Elimination tag team match): WCW World Champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Sting versus WCW International World Champion “Ravishing” Rick Rude and Vader (w/ Harley Race)


·         Bockwinkel joined Tony and Bobby on commentary. The former AWA World champion reunited with his former manager! I’m certain the commentary will be much more classy and distinguished from this point forward.
·         Buffer rumbled.
·         Vader military-pressed Sting then dropped him throat-first on the top rope.
·         Vader attempted a second-rope sunset flip but Sting dropped on top of him instead of going down.
·         Sting gave Vader a release German suplex. Amazing!
·         After a commercial break Rude applied the bear hug to Sting.
·         After Flair tagged in he hit a double axe-handle from the top rope to Rude followed by an inverted atomic drop.
·         Vader tagged in and gave Flair an avalanche.
·         Vader bomb.
·         Superplex by Vader.
·         In an effort to injure the World Champion Vader gave Flair a top-rope superplex causing Flair to scream in agony.
·         Vader mounted the top rope again, but Sting pulled Flair out of harm’s way.
·         DDT by Rude to Sting.
·         Outside the ring Vader attempted to use a chair, but Bockwinkel exercised his power by putting a stop to it.
·         As Cappetta announced that Flair and Vader have been eliminated Vader yelled “SHIT!” right in front of the camera. So much for family-friendly. Oops.
·         Flair received assistance returning to the dressing room.
·         Top rope clothesline by Sting.
·         After perching on the top rope Rude landed a forearm to the back.
·         Rude then bored the crowd with an extended reverse chinlock.
·         After copious amounts of time putting the crowd (and me) to sleep Sting gave Rude the electric chair.
·         Sting hit knees attempting a splash off the ropes.
·         Sting blocked a Rude Awakening then gave one to Rude.
·         He then reversed a tombstone and hit one of his own.
·         After hitting an incredible top rope splash Sting pinned Rude.

Rating: ***

Summary:  While quite entertaining the match lacked a certain something. The elimination rule appeared to be botched/rushed/whatever in an effort to reduce the participant count to two. I realize this match was set up as a prelude to the cage matches at SuperBrawl, but it left something to be desired. Another factor in the match was the absence of Rude’s workrate. It appears that he was just satisfied becoming a World Champion because he didn’t put forth a ton of effort while being champion. On the other hand, at least WCW sent the fans home happy.

Conclusion:  Bobby Heenan’s introduction to WCW was the only historically significant portion of the show. While Clash XXVI attempted to promote SuperBrawl it only accomplished so much. Conversely the promotion of the January 29th edition of WCW Saturday Night was tremendously strong with the offerings of seeing Colonel Parker in a chicken suit, Bagwell/Scorpio getting another title shot, and a bout between Johnny B. Badd and Shanghai Pierce where Pierce lost his mask. Unless you’re a die-hard WCW fan like me take a pass on this show and fast-forward to SuperBrawl IV. See you soon with its review!

TV Rating: 3.50
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  1. I wish Nick had stuck around for the NWO years as the counterpoint to Bischoff.

  2. As much as I appreciate J.J. Dillon his tenure as commissioner was very weak compared to Bischoff as head of the nWo.


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