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Auction for Roddy Piper Ring Giants figure

Hey Scotty,

Don't feel obligated if you don't want to bother, but I'm trying currently going through my rasslin' merch and deciding what I want to keep or sell. Not sure how many Doom bloggers here are toy people, but I have a relatively rare WWE Wrestling Ring Giants Roddy Piper figure that I've decided to unload, only because I found him in storage recently and will not be collecting the line.

If you so choose to post the auction link, thank you. If not, I will just add a few needles to the Voodoo doll I have of you. Have fun sleeping tonight with sharp, horrible pain in your lower back and groin.

WWE Jakks Classic Superstars Series Rowdy Roddy Piper...
US $24.99 New in Toys & Hobbies, Action Figures, Sports
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  1. I haven't been less interested in anything since I heard of the Bray Wyatt face turn.

  2. No offense to anyone.

  3. Um. Anyone else find that doll juuuuuust a bit disturbing? It's like a gay porn nightmare in a box. Like a roided out Chuckie. That sucks cock. Painfully.

  4. I agree: this series of figures is just unsettling. I hate when they pop up in one of my eBay searches, particularly the Ric Flair one.


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