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Hogan not on Starrcade '95

You mentioned in your latest Nitro rant that Hulk Hogan didn't have a match at Starrcade '95. Even as a markish youth (becoming increasingly apathetic to Hogan), I remember being very confused and annoyed at WCW not putting presumably their biggest draw on what was traditionally their biggest show of the year.

So what was the deal? Was it Bischoff trying to de-emphasize Starrcade as a big deal to get rid of the old southern audience, which he seemed to do more of in later years? Was he already reading the signs on Hogan's popularity plummeting? Was Hogan owed a month off in his contract? Or was the New Japan "invasion" SO HUGE as to not leave room for a Hogan-Giant blowoff or something?


As I understand the situation, Hulk asked for that time off well in advance, so WCW burned through his limited number of contractual dates by using him Nitro a bunch of times.  But yeah, in the bigger sense, Bischoff was pretty open about wanting to make SuperBrawl into their version of Wrestlemania instead of Starrcade.  And really, what could they have done with Hogan at that show anyway?  A tag match with the Megapowers against Lex & Sting?  Who would want to see THAT?


  1. Yup, those damn Southern wrestling fans that created the #2 group in all of wrestling from some chicken scratch promotion in the Carolinas - screw them! We need more guy who like motorcycles!

  2. Now see today as TNA is about to do their big Mania-type show in Japan without their World Champion on the card at all.

  3. Hog Wild had to be one of the dumbest concepts for a wrestling show.

  4. They had decided pretty well in advance on WCW v. New Japan. I don't see how 95 hogan fits that.

  5. To be fair, WCW was #2 by default.


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