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Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend, everyone. Enjoy this sampling of the week that was at PTBN.

Dr. Tom Prichard joined the PTB Podcast for an in depth chat on his his career: Place to Be Podcast Episode 337: Dr. Tom Prichard

Scott & Justin's Vintage Vault Refresh continued on with Royal Rumble 1988: Scott & Justin’s Vintage Vault Refresh: Royal Rumble 1988

The PTB Greatest TV Character World Cup has reached its final matchup: PTBN’s World Cup of TV Characters – Finals

PTBN's NBA-Team Division Previews kicked off: PTBN's NBA-Team Division Previews

The staff counted down their favorite WWE Intercontinental Champions: The Five Count: Intercontinental Champions

Will was joined by David Bixenspan and Charles to chat about how they would fix the WWE PPV schedule: Good Will Wrestling: Fixing the WWE PPV Schedule

The Seinfeld Rewatch Series is into Season Three and checked out the iconic The Library episode this week: Seinfeld: The PTBN Series Rewatch

The P2B Movies of Our Generation series is up to 2004:  Movies of the P2B Generation: 2004

Russell Sellers took a spoiler free look at Gone Girl: Gone Girl Cuts to the Heart of Modern Relationships, Media and…Us

Greg & Nick discussed Guardians of the Galaxy: Legacy: Hard-Traveling Fanboys: The Longbook Hunters (Guardians of the Galaxy: Legacy)

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  1. Since my cable company didn't carry the pay per views, Royal Rumble 88 was the first big show I got to see. I remember desperately wanting to see a title change, because I never had seen one before, and when the Jumping Bomb Angels won the title, which I assumed was a coveted championship that would be around for centuries, I celebrated like it was a Super Bowl victory.

  2. Hold that 10 for Johnny B. BadOctober 10, 2014 at 2:40 PM

    Loved the IC top 5 piece. Thanks guys.


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