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BoD Evening Thread

On tap for tonight:

Sunday Night Football has the (7-2) New England Patriots vs. (6-3) Indianapolis Colts airs at 8:30pm EST on NBC.

The NBA has 3 games on the schedule tonight with the Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder on NBA TV at 7:00pm EST.

In the NHL there are 6 games on the schedule with the Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks at 7:00pm EST on TVA

On the WWE Network at 8:00pm EST you can watch the 1996 WWF Survivor Series on the live stream, with a replay at 11:00pm.

And if you have not voted yet today, click on the link below and vote for the Group M bracket in Place to be Nation's "Greatest Song of the 90's" poll.


  1. Poor Dusty tried to warn of the downfall of men who dealt with that Deblish Womun, but nobody listened. Nobody listened.

  2. So last show we had:

    "Hart promises that in Baltimore, Benoit’s gonna find out what kind of man Sullivan really is. 'I’ll see you in the bathroom in Baltimore.'"

    And this time we have:

    "Sullivan says he’s not soft, and he can’t wait to feed it to Benoit again in Baltimore."

    Was Sullivan mad that Woman left him for Benoit, or was Sullivan angry because Benoit left him for women? From these quotes, it sounds more like the second reason.


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