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Great American Bash 1999

Great American Bash 1999
Date: June 13, 1999
Location: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
Attendance: 11,672
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, Mike Tenay 

Reviewed by Tommy Hall 

To say this show doesn't sound thrilling is an understatement. We've spent weeks getting ready for Nash vs. Savage with antics ranging from makeup to human waste to attempted murder. Other than that we have Rick Steiner no selling against Sting for the TV Title and more of the mess that is the Tag Team Title scene. Let's get to it.

Master P. and the No Limit Soldiers arrive. Curt Hennig pops up and says how much he loves him and asks how much he loves him. P. signs a CD for him (which one of his guys just had in his pocket) and Hennig breaks it. The Soldiers all start jumping up and down and shoulding what sounds like “Hoody who” in high pitched voices. This is a southern promotion for a show in a southern city and they expect Hennig to be booed here?

The opening recap video shows us a stupid Savage vs. Nash feud.

Tony and the announcers explain who Master P. is and call him the biggest entertainer of our time. We hear about the main event as well.

We recap most of the matches on the card. Well at least it cuts into the main event time. They even go back and cover the hardcore match twice.

Hak vs. Brian Knobs

I sit corrected: this is a kendo stick match and Knobs is officially part of the First Family. So why did he say he had to think about it? Tony calls this a kendo stick hardcore match because they can't even keep their stupid gimmicks straight through a single entrance. Brian has promised Mrs. Nasty a birthday win today so let's get rid of the sticks and have a real hardcore match. So in the span of 90 seconds we've gone from kendo stick to kendo stick hardcore to hardcore. I know it doesn't matter but it sounds like WCW has no idea what they're doing.

Brian wants to throw away the weapons but Jimmy throws him a trashcan for a cheap shot. Knobs hits him in the head with a trashcan lid and there's the Pit Stop. Hak stops a charge with two boots to the face and blasts Knobs with the trashcan. It's ladder time but Knobs comes back with a trashcan shot of his own. He gets decked by the ladder though and Hak hits a slingshot....something onto the ladder onto Knobs.

Hak gets thrown into the ladder in the corner and a few more ladder shots put him down. The advantage only lasts a few seconds as you would expect but Hak's Swanton only hits ladder. Jimmy holds up a chair but Hak sends him face first into the steel, setting up a kendo stick shot for the pin.

Rating: F. We waited thirteen minutes for the matches to start and this is the best they can give us? The only positive about this is the match wasn't even six minutes long, which is way better than the usual lengths that we have to sit through. It's still bad though and I'm tired of seeing these disasters.

Hugh Morrus comes out and helps beat down Knobs.

Piper is in the back when Buff comes up to thank him for giving him the ball. He has a big match tonight (against Disco Inferno) and promises to have Piper's back tonight against Flair. Buff leaves and Piper mutters about stupid kids. Lines like that defeat the purpose of Piper as the mentor to the young guys. He should be thrilled with where the future is going instead of being annoyed with them for saying they'll have his back. Also, is a match with Disco Inferno “getting the ball” when you had a US Title match last month?

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Van Hammer

Bonus match. Mikey gets shoved down a few times but comes back with some armdrags. Hammer chokes him to take over and drives a knee into Mikey's ribs. A middle rope slam sends Mikey flying as the fans think this is boring. Hammer gets two off a delayed vertical suplex and a legdrop before we hit the abdominal stretch. Nick Patrick finally catches him holding the ropes so Hammer throws Mikey to the floor. Mikey goes throat first over the barricade but he comes back with a legdrop to the back of the head and a plancha. Back in and Hammer catches him in a spinebuster, setting up a cobra clutch slam for the pin.

Rating: D-. Somehow that was eight and a half minutes long. To recap, we can't get Booker T. on this show but there's time for Mikey Whipwreck vs. Van Hammer. Mikey is one of those hires that never made sense. He won like two matches in his six months with the company, even though WCW knew he was banged up when they got him. Eh whatever you can do to screw with ECW I guess.

Disco Inferno vs. Buff Bagwell

In case you didn't get enough of it on Nitro I guess. They start fast for a change by trading kicks to the ribs until Disco grabs a neckbreaker to send him outside. Back in and Buff kicks him in the ribs a few times, setting up a swinging neckbreaker of his own. Buff cranks on an armbar and starts a DISCO SUCKS chant. An early Blockbuster attempt sends Disco running to the floor and Buff says it was that close.

Back in and Bagwell flips him off (some hero) so Disco nails him with a Stun Gun to take over. Disco chokes on the ropes so Tony congratulates all the recent high school graduates in the country. Ok then. More slow stomping in the corner from Inferno followed by a dancing middle rope elbow for two. Disco goes up for the same spot but Buff moves (that might have been some miscommunication as Tony made a big deal about Bagwell not moving the first time) and starts his comeback.

Some right hands look to set up the Blockbuster but Buff takes too long and gets crotched. They head outside and Disco hits the Last Dance, only to take too long dancing to allow Bagwell to beat the count. Back in and the Macarena Driver (exactly what it sounds like) is countered with a backdrop. Buff hits some really basic stuff and goes up for the Blockbuster. Disco ducks away but Bagwell doesn't bite and hits the Blockbuster for the pin. Nice little callback there.

Rating: D+. Of all the guys that WCW never pulled the trigger on, Bagwell might surprise me more than anyone else. He was young (29 here), an eight year veteran, had a great look and a good finisher, yet he never won a singles title in WCW. That's not even factoring in the whole broken neck story. He's a good example of a guy that could have been something but instead we're stuck with the Steiners as the midcard champions and Nash vs. Savage for the World Title. Bagwell never would have carried the company or anything, but there's no reason he couldn't have gotten the US or TV Titles a few times.

We recap the battle of the musics. Again, WCW was stupid enough to think that the country boys would be the heels in this story.

DJ Ran wastes our time and brings in Master P. and the No Limit Soldiers.

Curt Hennig/Bobby Duncum Jr. vs. Rey Mysterio Jr./Konnan

Tenay actually picks rap. We also get the debut of Rap Is Crap as the cowboys' theme song. I have no idea why A, Mysterio is Cruiserweight Champion is he never defends the thing and B, why he and Konnan come out wearing gas masks. Tenay tries and fails at getting me to care about Master P. The rappers jump Hennig for talking trash about Master P. and the cowboys are quickly dispatched. P. gets in a cheap shot to the back of Curt's head because that's what good guys down.

We get down to an actual match with Mysterio dropkicking Hennig to the floor and nailing a plancha but diving into a backbreaker from Duncum. A big powerbomb plants Rey again and Hennig slams him down as well. Rey takes the Bret Hart chest bump into the corner and the cowboys keep things slow. The referee misses the hot tag to Konnan and takes him to the floor, allowing Bobby to send Mysterio hard into the barricade.

Back in and Curt hits a perfect dropkick to Rey's jaw and spits at Konnan to draw him in. Bobby crotches him against the post and Rey is in big trouble. Hennig does a Rude hip swivel and it's quickly back to Duncum. Rey crawls through the legs and tags Konnan which the referee sees but “he didn't see it” so it doesn't count.

Hennig gets two off a suplex but Rey moonsaults over him and scores with a dropkick. Now the hot tag brings in Konnan as everything breaks down. There's the Bronco Buster to Curt and he fights with Konnan on the floor. Cue Barry Windham to nail Konnan but Master P.'s bodyguard Swoll jumps the barricade and nails Duncum, setting up a slingshot legdrop for the pin.

Rating: D+. This was pretty dull and the ending was messier than it needed to be. The idea doesn't work either as the country boys are far more popular with WCW's fan base but we're supposed to cheer for rappers who jump up and down and shout HOODY WHO for some reason. But hey, at least Master P. is on the show right?

The cowboys destroy the rappers post match.

The announcers talk about what we just saw and we look at a replay of it to waste even more time.

Cat vs. Scott Norton

Sonny has a briefcase with him. Actually scratch Norton as Horace comes out to complain about getting hit with the crowbar on Thursday. Time for a replacement.

Cat vs. Horace Hogan

Horace says Miller couldn't even beat himself and the fight is on. Cat gets beaten down in the corner and choked with a boot before they head outside. That goes nowhere so Miller kicks him in the face back inside. Miller slams him down and throws Horace outside for some kicks from Sonny. Back in and Horace hits a slam of his own and drops an elbow for two. A splash gets two more but Sonny gets up on the apron for a distraction. Horace sees through it and backdrops Miller to the floor. In the confusion, Miller gets his sparkly red shoe from the briefcase and kicks Horace senseless for the pin.

Rating: D-. Oh come on man I already had to sit through this on Thunder. Isn't that enough for WCW? I knew things were going to get bad around this time but no one told me I was going to have to sit through this match twice in four days. Miller needs to turn face soon and Horace needs to turn to another career.

We recap Piper vs. Flair. Piper is old, Flair is crazy (actually just more evil than anything else) and they're fighting for control of the company.

Roddy Piper vs. Ric Flair

Flair has Asya and Arn with him. They trade chops to start and Piper takes over with some lefts to the face. We get a delayed Flair Flop and Ric begs off in the corner. The slowest backslide this side of the last Piper match gets two and Flair gets punched to the floor. Back in and Piper bites Flair's nose, followed by even more of his weird punches. Ric finally gets in a low blow to get a breather and things slow down even more. Anderson gets in a shot on the floor and Asya adds a rake of the eyes.

There's another low blow from Flair but a sunset flip sends his trunks down as usual. Ric gets slammed off the top and Piper nails Anderson for bad measure. I can't say there's anything good, even a measure, in this match. Back in and Roddy puts on a sleeper but Flair quickly breaks it. Anderson trips up Roddy so Flair can nail Piper with a foreign object. Piper is up at two but there's the Figure Four. Bagwell comes out to break up Anderson's interference and goes in, drawing the DQ.

Rating: F. Gah. Seriously just gah. This was another mess with Flair having to work down to Piper's level and Piper just being awful. I have no idea why WCW insists on keeping Piper out there when the fans don't care and the stories go on and on. Piper and Flair had a great feud seventeen years ago. We really don't need to see it again here and this match is good proof of why.

Post match Piper nails Bagwell, making this whole feud TOTALLY POINTLESS. Bagwell gets whipped with a belt for good measure. So yeah, Piper is in league with Flair and Anderson, presumably for daring to challenge the status quo.

DJ Ran. Again.

We recap Sting vs. Rick Steiner who are fighting.....actually I have no idea why they're fighting. My best guess is Goldberg is out making a movie though.

Sting vs. Rick Steiner

This is hardcore and non-title for no apparent reason. Sting scores with an early clothesline and they head outside to start brawling. That's a bit too boring though so they head inside where Rick nails some forearms to the back. A pair of atomic drops don't have much effect on Steiner and they head outside again. Tony says there must be a winner.

Steiner hits Sting with a chair and then a beer. Sting comes back but the Stinger Splash hits the barricade. A piledriver on the exposed concrete gets two and somehow doesn't break Sting's neck. Back in and Rick gets two more off a release German suplex, followed by the chinlock. Rick cannonballs down onto Sting's back and gets two off an elbow drop. Sting finally gets his knees up to crotch Rick and some Vader Bombs actually keep him down.

The top rope splash connects for two and Sting is all fired up. He nails the Stinger Splash and puts on the Deathlock but Rick crawls under the ropes. They fight to the internet location and into the back where Tank Abbot is waiting.....with two dobermans and a rottweiler who attack Sting. They take Sting down as security runs in like a bad shot from an action movie. Rick is declared the winner as the fans just rip this apart.

Rating: F-. Three dogs. Three dogs. THREE DOGS. Next. Please.

The Steiners say Rick pinned Sting off camera because WCW was too scared to air it. They own WCW, Baltimore sucks, etc.

We recap the Triad against Saturn/Benoit. The easiest version: Kanyon was in league with the Jersey boys the whole time but Benoit and Saturn beat Kanyon and Page for the titles on Thunder.

Tag Team Titles: Chris Benoit/Saturn vs. Kanyon/Diamond Dallas Page

The announcers are joking about pyro after Sting WAS NEARLY MAULED BY DOGS. That's a long running problem with commentators: they have the attention span of drunken gnats. Someone must get in their ear as they start talking about how terrifying a moment it was but assure us that Sting was dragged away from the dogs. Benoit runs Kanyon over to start and Page isn't pleased. The champs clear the ring with clotheslines and Benoit stands.....well not very tall actually.

It's off to Page vs. Saturn with DDP taking a few slams. Everything breaks down again and the champions easily dispatch the Jersey boys. That's not enough for them though as they go outside to beat up Bigelow before snapping off overhead belly to bellies on Page and Kanyon. Bigelow trips Benoit to the floor and sends him into the barricade to get the first advantage. Kanyon gets two off a middle rope Fameasser and Benoit is in trouble. Back to Page whose powerbomb is countered into a sunset flip but Benoit gets kicked right back down.

The helicopter bomb gets two on Benoit and it's back to Kanyon, but he misses a moonsault. The hot tag brings in Saturn for a frog splash on Page. Saturn hammers on Page in the corner but Kanyon takes him down with an electric chair faceplant for two. Things settle back down with the challengers hitting a nice sequence into a Russian legsweep from Kanyon and an elbow drop from Page. Saturn grabs a sunset flip but Kanyon tags out on the way down and holds Saturn's head so Page can come in off the top for the save.

Back to Kanyon for a front facelock into a swinging neckbreaker. A sitout Dominator from Kanyon gives Page two but he misses a charge into the corner. It's finally enough for the second hot tag to bring in Benoit for some much needed house cleaning. Kanyon takes the Rolling Germans for two but Page makes the save.

We get the old school dragon suplex for a VERY close two and Benoit hits the Swan Dive, only to have Saturn dive into the Diamond Cutter. Cue Dean Malenko to try and help Saturn back in but the distraction lets Bigelow come in to lift Benoit up for a super Diamond Cutter. Kanyon's unconscious body is put on top for the pin and the titles.

Rating: B-. I'm so glad they gave us that three day reign before the Triad got the belts back. As usual the (mostly) old guys get the win and the titles while the (mostly) young generation is laid out. In theory this sets up a six man at least which should be good, but knowing WCW it leads to Benoit, Saturn and Malenko jobbing for months.

Dean gets laid out too.

We recap Savage vs. Nash. Savage wanted a title shot so he put lipstick on Nash's face, called him a stupid person and tried to have him crushed with a Hummer. Don't you see the logical progression of events?

WCW World Title: Kevin Nash vs. Randy Savage

Nash is defending and powers Savage into the corner to start, showing absolutely no injuries from being crushed by a Hummer six days earlier. Wait scratch that as he winces a bit after a clothesline in the corner. The impact is kind of lost though when he picks Savage up for a side slam three seconds later.

Randy starts going after the ribs and knocks Nash to the floor so the girls can get in shots of their own. Back in and Savage drops the big elbow for two. Nash comes back with Snake Eyes followed by a big boot and the strap comes down. The girls all interfere and get dispatched but SID VICIOUS runs in and attacks Nash for the DQ.

Rating: F. The main event of a pay per view didn't even make it seven and a half minutes. Actually that's a bit better than the alternative of watching these two fight any longer as it's clear that Savage has nothing left in the ring. Sid interfering was a big surprise as he hadn't been seen in a major wrestling company (unless you count ECW) since 1997. Nash not selling the ribs for the opening part of the match brought it down but you can't expect Nash to sell and toss his hair at the same time.

Overall Rating: F. If I've ever seen a less interesting or worse show, I can't recall it off the top of my head. There was one good match, three matches that should have been on Nitro or Thunder (one of which was) and Sting being attacked by dogs. Say that out loud and see if you think it's stupid. Couple that with the horrible main event and there isn't much to feel good about.

The problem here is much more than the wrestling being bad. This show died because there's nothing interesting going on. Nothing on here makes me want to tune in to see what's coming. It's all the old guys dominating and the young guys getting beaten down. In theory that should set up a good story, but I have no faith in WCW to pull that off. Hogan's return looms over everything too and that might make things even worse. I'm not sure how, but it could. This was one of the worst shows I've ever seen and I didn't see much hope.

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  1. But yeah, 2014 WWE is JUST LIKE 1999 WCW, right everyone?? :)

  2. Sad thing is I'm pretty sure I watched WCW until the end but anything from '98 on reads like bad fantasy booking that I'd swear I didn't see

  3. i loved the west texas rednecks! especially when vincent joined and changed his name to curly bill their promoter haha.

  4. no its like 2000 wcw vince.

  5. The wheels really came off the truck for WCW around this time. Awful show.

  6. MaffewOfBotchamaniaNovember 1, 2014 at 8:57 AM

    Yeah but as a kid SID VICIOUS showing up was awesome.

    And the combination of promos with Savage/Vicious/Nash after this were a wet dream for me.

  7. I'll put the hologram in HIAC just slightly behind the dog attack when it comes to insulting my intelligence. Both are pathetic.

  8. It's closer than you think. WWE has that similar feel of everything being pointless with some main event stuff being really stupid. The big difference is WWE has a very talented roster which gives hope.

  9. I like always read these reviews to keep up with what the storylines were and what was goin on in wcw at the time, but its getting really hard to keep reading about dq finishes and especially every match getting a d rating

  10. The roster is the key, yep. Cena and Orton may be stale, but at the very least, they are still in great shape and even their biggest haters have to admit they can still produce strong matches. Compare that to Hogan/Flair/Piper/Savage/Nash/Sid. Ouch!

  11. The slamboree ppv before this was when my dad quit getting wcw ppvs so I never saw this show. I really started tuning out to nitro around this time. We noticed when russo eventually took over (which at the time I was a mark and had no idea who vince russo was) that nitro was more unpredictable and different so we watched souled out 2000. That was the last wcw ppv we ever got and I quit watching wcw completely after that

  12. I've been sick all week and with nothing better to do than watch the WWE Network (or Sons of Anarachy on Blu-Ray, which got depressing as fuck, or Big Bang Theory when my mom came over, cause she wasn't gonna watch SOA), and so far I've watched Survivor Series 88, 97, 98, 99, Halloween Havoc 89, 90, 97, the Rivalries show, the Jericho Monday Night War, In Your House 6, the Bill Watts Raw (Undertaker beat down), and I haven't seen one commercial this whole time.

  13. Funny how pissed people got about them

  14. WWE is still making A TON of money though. Like even though they only had 731,000 subscribers for their network, that's SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS THIS MONTH.

  15. The key similiarity is that people stopped watching WCW in 1999 and people are stopping watching WWE in 2014.

  16. Extant1979 Most Must-See BoDerNovember 1, 2014 at 10:34 AM

    I don't remember people getting all that pissed. The general consensus here was, "well, do whatcha gotta do" because the commercial additions didn't seem too invasive.

  17. DQ finish? Ratings and attendance are in the tank... only solution, more protection for Kevin Nash

  18. Main event scene with the same protected guys = CHECK!
    Tag division that only has a handful of teams, constant rematches = CHECK!
    Midcard titles mean nothing = CHECK!
    Stupid stuff like dogs (or ghosts!) scaring wrestlers = CHECK!
    Constant relying on old-part timers = CHECK!

  19. The only criticism I really remember of WWE was why it took them so long to realise this was a perfectly acceptable revenue stream, and annoyance at getting ads for the Network on the Network.

  20. Hey, next month it was WCW Panic Move 101: Put the belt back on Hogan.

  21. I'd argue the last point, it's not like Rock/Austin/BROCK!/etc... are on TV front and center every week. But the others do apply.

  22. Everyone blames russo for the real demise but he's right, he tried to do anything to help but it was beyond repair when he got there

  23. I think Turner still had an amazing roster then, more versatile than wwe right now

  24. The building was on fire but Russo brought a book of matches and some gasoline instead of a fire extinguisher.

  25. Hey remember when Savage vs Bryan Adams (Crush) was a featured match at Wrestlemania?

  26. If I recall around this time Master P promised WCW they would sell out their Superdome Nitro- 80,000- because of him

  27. Go back and reread. People got all bitchy


    Highlights: Zana calling 90% of the ads being for the Network which led to a little discussion about inter-company advertising, a nice discussion about $9.99 vs $14.99, WWE's inability to cancel Marv's account setting off Stan Ford and Andy PG, another small discussion on the original HITC/Michaels vs Benjamin (ironic, considering the people trying to call Ambrose-Rollins the 2014 "update" to that classic), Meekin being Meekin (and getting multiple "Shut up" responses), a little discussion on AdBlock (I do not care for it, as a site with bad ads is one I will not be returning to anyway.), and a few jokes about the need for ads.

    No bitching there, but I will check the other thread on that topic just in case.

  29. And the other thread got all of twelve comments, with the only bitching being someone complaining about others not being happy with the update rate.

  30. Yeah - but booking Norman Smiley as a hardcore legend was stupid. So was having him team up with Ralphus.

  31. Of all the massive misjudgements of your fanbase I've seen, assuming that a bunch of urban black rappers are going to be cheered outnumbering a bunch of Texas-themed guys in a promotion with deep Southern roots still amazes me.

  32. From Scott Keith's Thunder review in 99, the same week DDP won the championship. "Man, I cannot deal with this "WCW champion DDP" bullcrap. I'd even take Kevin Nash over him."

    Given hindsight I WONDER if 1999 Scott feels stupid for making that comment given shows like THIS?

  33. In reference to Rick Steiner/Finlay which you gave a D+, "Somehow this is one of the better Thunder matches in awhile."

    Last week had Benoit/Flair, ThomasHall I know you have to suffer through WCW Thunder, IN 1999. But that comment is in the Tony Schiavone realm of stupid comments.

  34. kbwrestlingreviewsNovember 2, 2014 at 3:21 PM

    You think it's hard reading about them? Imagine how hard it is to watch them.

  35. kbwrestlingreviewsNovember 2, 2014 at 3:21 PM

    So if it's the second or third best match in awhile, doesn't that make it one of the better Thunder matches in awhile?

  36. I just read thunder from the previous week and that had 4 matches at D+ or above, by your grades. So it's not EVEN that, by your standards. Also D+ is a pretty mediocre grade to hang your hat on, don't you think?

  37. Bischoff was in serious denial about that. While at the same time he kept pushing the whole "WCW motorsports" bullshit down our throats, and then he wonders WHY they attracted Nascar fans (which have been known to have a high amount of Southerners).

  38. kbwrestlingreviewsNovember 3, 2014 at 4:21 AM

    Then I'd suggest that you have too much time on your hands to analyze every single word I say.

    And not really, given most of the drek that they dump onto Thunder.

  39. 1.) That's not a suggestion, that's a critique.

    2.) You'd probably have a point about that IF the example I pointed out above wasn't BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS. I mean seriously a D+ Rick Steiner match being one of the better Thunder matches in a while with Benoit, Flair, Mysterio, and Page matches that would EASILY eclipse Rick's efforts, is a blindingly obvious counterpoint to make.

  40. kbwrestlingreviewsNovember 4, 2014 at 2:14 PM

    If Vince McMahon calls something a suggestion it's good enough for me.

  41. Funnier still since Bischoff was a huge fan of motorcycles and the Sturgis rally, which ALSO featured a ton of evidence of just how horribly-racist bikers are (like when they turned on Harlem Heat instantly just for being black, doing that stupid fucking "come at me" hand-wave pose repeatedly during a match).


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