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NXT - November 6, 2014

Date: November 6, 2014
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jason Albert, Alex Riley, Rich Brennan

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's a big night in NXT as we have two major stories to get to. First and foremost, Tyler Breeze is Sami Zayn's latest obstacle on his road to redemption. Breeze is one of the only guys that Sami has never beaten and tonight they square off in what might be a #1 contenders match. Other than that we get to find out who Hideo Itami has found to help him in his war with the Ascension. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of Zayn's road to redemption. I like this story more every time I see it.

Opening sequence.

Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze

Feeling out process to start with Tyler getting two off an early backslide. Sami flips out of an armbar and nails an atomic drop before taking Breeze into the corner. Tyler comes right back with some stomps in the corner before bulldogging him face first onto the middle buckle for two. We take a break and come back with Sami fighting out of a chinlock but eating an elbow. Back to the chinlock as the fans are chanting for Breeze.

Zayn fights up again but Tyler fights out of the Blue Thunder Bomb and drops Sami with a neckbreaker for two. Sami shoves him off the top rope but Tyler dropkicks him out of the air. The Koji Clutch is quickly broken and neither guy can hook a German suplex. A HUGE Supermodel Kick gets two on Sami and frustration is setting in. Breeze takes him into the corner but walks into the exploder suplex, followed by the Helluva Kick to give Sami the pin at 14:43.

Rating: B-. It's good but they weren't going to be able to live up to their Takeover match with the time they had. Sami getting a clean pin over Breeze is a big step for him and he looked all fired up throughout the match. They're doing a great job of making Sami look unstoppable leading up to the showdown but I'd like to see Adrian get in some big wins of his own. Good stuff here.

Neville isn't afraid of Sami because he can't win the big one.

Dash Wilder vs. Tyson Kidd

Wilder runs him over to start so Tyson begs off in the corner. Kidd unloads in the corner and catapults Wilder face first into the bottom turnbuckle. A kick to the back gets two and we hit the chinlock on Dash for awhile. Wilder finally gets up and nails a powerslam for two, only to get kicked in the head again. A Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza sets up the Sharpshooter to make Dash at 4:28.

Rating: D+. That chinlock took way up way too much time and it hurt whatever they were going to be able to do here. Wilder was being treated like a bigger deal than usual here, even though he only had limited offense. This is the kind of stuff I'd like to see on Raw: let some of the guys that don't get much time show up on TV and have a quick match instead of doing star vs. star all the time.

Marcus Louis is completely insane and ranting like a crazy man. I didn't recognize him at first.

Sami Zayn says he feels like the Count of Monte Cristo by beating all of these people in a row. The road to redemption is more than just a tag line and he wants his shot at Neville next week.

Becky Lynch/Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte/Bayley

Bayley and Becky get things going with Bayley driving Lynch into the corner with aggression to start. Off to Banks who gets dropped with a clothesline and knee dropped for two. Charlotte and Becky come back in with the champ taking Lynch down in a cravate. We take a break and come back with Charlotte taking her back down with another cravate.

Charlotte talks trash to Sasha on the apron before whipping Lynch into the corner to knock Sasha to the floor. She spends too much time yelling at Banks though and gets nailed for two. Banks comes in now for a few shots and immediately tags back out. Charlotte comes right back and drops a knee on Lynch's head before bringing in Bayley. Lynch takes her into the corner and tags in Banks for some forearms to the back.

In an evil nod, Banks hooks Bayley in a figure four neck lock and drives her face first into the mat ala Charlotte. The heels take turns on Bayley until she finally suplexes Banks down for a breather. Sasha knocks Charlotte off the apron and gets rolled up, only to roll through on Bayley and grab the tights for the pin at 11:34.

Rating: C. This was about setting up two future matches and there's nothing wrong with that. I like Banks being more of a cowardly heel now as it fits her personality to show that she can win on her own but want everyone else to do it for her. Lynch continues to look like the biggest star in forever though and seems more than ready for the main roster.

Regal confirms Neville vs. Zayn for the title next week.

Here's the Ascension to call out Itami. They tried to be patient but Itami has done nothing but make threats. Get out here right now so we can finish this. Itami comes to the stage and is joined by.....FINN BALOR! I believe the screen was originally supposed to say Prince Devitt and then turn into the new name but it just said Finn Balor (pronounced like valor). They charge the ring and destroy Ascension with a variety of kicks and knee shots as the fans chant THIS IS AWESOME and DREAM TEAM. Finn goes to the top for a double stomp to Konor's back to end the show. Finn looked AWESOME here and the fans ate him up.

Overall Rating: B. This show was a blast and proof of what you can get if you actually take your time to set something up. It has me wanting to see the next Takeover show because the card is going to be stacked with matches that are waiting for a blowoff. Something tells me we're not going to get a clean finish to the title match next week and there's nothing wrong with that. Really solid show this week Balor's debut being a highlight.

Sami Zayn b. Tyler Breeze – Helluva Kick
Tyson Kidd b. Dash Wilder – Sharpshooter
Becky Lynch/Sasha Banks b. Charlotte/Bayley – Rollup to Bayley with a handful of tights

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  1. Rock Parsons just didn't know enough people.

  2. The only case they won was with the Feds. Jesse beat them. Chad Austin beat them. Panda beat them - or at least the WWF version of it - get the F out indeed and years later Vince crawled back. WWE doesn't win legal battles.

  3. I think they really are missing him. He was always the guy on the cutting edge of all the tech and website stuff, he managed to create the PPV industry in China basically so the whole international business thing seems like it would be right in his wheelhouse.

  4. It's good to be a member of the Media Master Race.

  5. To be fair they may have a point :P

  6. Extant1979 - Mr. Cable AccessNovember 6, 2014 at 6:03 PM

    Yup, that would be why I made the comment...

  7. The funny thing is, in germany WWE WAS on Sky until Wrestlemania XXX and we had RAW live, Smackdown even earlier than in the USA and they changed to another TV company so that the PPVs are only on demand over a special VOD provider like Netflix and the shows are on free tv - but not live and days later. And I thought the change was a bad thing, because the free tv sd quality is bad and we don't get the full 3 hours of RAW...

    ... but NOW with this news I can actually see the Network coming as the real deal, because if it would be still on sky...

    But it sure still sucks for Canada and UK.

  8. Even TNA beat them in court. That's just pitiful.

  9. It was on in the UK early to mid 2000's. It was where TNA first started airing, also showed early ROH, Noah, CZW, classic World of Sport, GAEA Japan, and various Indy promotions. It later put in some MMA became TWC: Fight and then The Fight Network before folding.


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