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Let Me Tell You About Randy Savage, Brother!

Hey Scott--

Loved your Sporting News piece (and a fan of your work for close to 15 years now.) I am thrilled that Savage will finally get his due. As a Bay Area native, you can bet I'll be there at the ceremony. I also won't be one of these small-time indie guys who thinks it's appropriate to attend a ceremony such as this in a Shane Douglas t-shirt; Horsemen finest all the way, baby! (with perhaps a pair of Randy's lava shades on for a bit of flair.)

However, there is one turd in this resplendent punch-bowl; Hogan is doing the induction speech? Given the metric-ton of made up bullshit the Orange Goblin has dropped on us over the years (how heavy is Andre now?) what is going to come out of that man's mouth?

What do you expect out of Terry Bollea on March 28th? And if you had your druthers, who would you have inducting Randy before Lanny makes his speech (hopefully with a poem for good measure?)

​It should have been Lanny doing the induction, period.  We didn't need a separate speech; the show is long enough as it is.  The Hogan thing is strictly a ratings and ticket-selling ploy and a pretty transparent one at that.  I bet you any money though that Hogan will tell a story about how Steamboat and Savage had their classic at Wrestlemania III and then Hogan was the first one to go shake his hand and congratulate him on the great match or something.  In fact, he probably booked it himself and refereed it.  ​


  1. You know, I used to joke that they were going to turn him into the ultra patriotic, mega face "Freedom" Reigns.

    I genuinely think that would be a less destructive route than the one they're on.

  2. Extant1979 - Mr. Cable AccessJanuary 14, 2015 at 5:46 AM

    So, I assumed when I saw that Smackdown would feature Bryan vs. Kane, it was setting up another injury angle for Bryan, to make sure that there was no one to take away attention from Reigns.

    I really don't want to be disappointed, because there have been a lot of disappointments in the last half-year, but I REALLY want Bryan-Lesnar at WrestleMania. It was the match I wanted at the SummerSlam, too (although the suplex display against Cena was a lot of fun).

    Reigns should be going up against Ambrose and Rollins in a Shield Triple Threat.

  3. Roman Reigns should have spent more time in developmental before being brought up, especially if they had some high expectations for him. In FCW he wrestled quite a bit but he rarely had promo time and he essentially played a different character with a different name. "Roman Reigns" was just getting introductory vignettes when FCW was becoming NXT where it looked he was going to be a "Million Dollar Man" type character. Then next thing you know he was on the main roster as a member of The Shield. He's not like Dean Ambrose who already had years of experience in the independents or Seth Rollins who also had years of experience in the independents but also spent years in developmental as champion with the ring and promo time that came with being in such a position. They should have delayed Reigns' call-up for at least a year.

  4. I wonder if Punk had stuck around, whether he would have lobbied for the induction speech. there's no way they were ever giving Lanny the gig when they were going to promote it as a TV special.


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