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Long Time Reader, First Time Emailer


Reader since pre-Rantsylvania days, multiple-time book owner (even e-book owner), longtime lurker, and occasional poster Sirplss here with a question/plug request.

Question for you and the blog - with the actual WWE product at a creative low point, and your interest in said product waning for years now, do you still find enjoyment in wrestling at all?  Do you enjoy the wrestling-related discussions on the blog?  How much of the daily content do you read?

Also, if you wouldn't mind the plug, I appear weekly on a wrestling podcast (we only get around 1k listens, but every little bit of traffic counts) here -

Thanks a lot, and thanks for the incredible amount of entertainment over the past 17 years.


PS.  Will obviously return the favor on the plug on the podcast :)

​Hi Joe.

I still do follow the product via YouTube's pretty great "Top 10 RAW / Smackdown moments" videos because it's only a couple of minutes and catches up anything notable, plus WWE posts individual RAW segments to YouTube pretty quick, and the "This Week in WWE" show on the Network is also a great way to follow without having to actually pay serious attention.  

I actually have a job during the day and so can't follow the daily threads and would probably lose my mind attempting to do so anyway.  I do absolutely follow the discussions on the questions I post or retro TV show recaps.  As for wrestling in general, I love recapping Nitro.  Love it.  I wish I could have watched it live in 1995/6 because it's just the bee's knees and makes me happy to be a fan because it feels so fresh and interesting.  I know that changes fairly soon into 1997, but there's still a whole year on the Network for me to watch.  ​I also love going back and watching the old Primetimes up on the Network with ridiculous Iron Mike Sharpe double countouts against tag wrestlers over two commercial breaks, because the announcers actually TALKED ABOUT THE MATCH and didn't make you feel like an idiot for watching it.  And people who know me IRL, if you will, and know I'm a wrestling guy often like to chat about wrestling stuff, and I'm always happy to talk about it even though I hate the current product.  If they ever fucking came to Saskatoon again (four years and counting now) I'd probably go and I'd probably have a fun time because I love wrestling and house shows are fun.  

So there you go. 


  1. Last show I attended, was a house show in Eugene, OR in 2012 when Punk was champ. He fought Ziggler and Kane in the main event. It was a fun show.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question, Scott. The product has never really been the same for me after the Eddie/Benoit deaths and the end of that era of wrestling. I still keep up on things now and enjoy the discussions here on the blog, and I definitely love the network content (I also did 1995-1996 Nitro and found it fantastic on rewatch). I also think NXT is really fun in the same way that 1997 ECW was fun (without the over-the-top graphic content).

    I browse the blog during my workday pretty much every day, and depending on how busy things are, I will read most anything. I enjoy the Bayless shoot reviews, the ROH stuff, and really enjoy the CFB content as I think his writing is pretty funny (reminds me of vintage SK).

    On especially slow days, I'll read anything though, whether it be comic stuff that I have no idea about (but usually enjoy because it is well-done) or SSW recaps (which are hilarious). The blog is a good place, so thanks to all of you that produce the content that makes the day go by a little quicker.

  3. I miss the over the top graphic content.

  4. I started watching the network chronologically(just started on 1989) and have been loving it. I loathe today's product but I still love wrestling.

  5. Dedicated UnderachieverJanuary 12, 2015 at 10:21 PM

    Last house show I went to was 3 days after WM 21 and it was Benoit & Batista vs. Flair and HHH. It was fun but the highlight was Flair chatting up Lillian Garcia while HHH flexed his pacs in the background trying to impress her.

    After typing all that I did see another house show in 2007...HHH & Jeff Hardy vs. Orton and Umaga. It also had the dirt worst match I've ever seen Santino vs Jim Duggan (Duggan went over). It was 8 minutes of complete silence. Australian crowds will cheer for anything but not this. I also remember the pyro being so loud that it put my wife into false labour for about 4 hours.

    Favourite house show was in 1987 headlined by Andre The Giant vs Big John Studd. Fondly remembered for Greg Valentine chopping the shit out of Paul Roma so much his chest was bleeding everywhere.

  6. NXT is great and the one thing I look forward to each week.

  7. Everytime I think about cancelling my Network subscription I see NXT shows like R-Evolution and get reminded why I'm a wrestling fan.

  8. I'm pretty much a YouTube exclusive WWE fan these days, wrestling wise I tend to spend money on Progress and any US Indy DVD's that have matches I'm interested in. TNA can just fuck right off.

  9. Well, they do show them on hulu as well.

  10. I got ya'll beat... I don't watch the current product on TV, actually I don't even own a TV anymore. Don't subscribe to the network, and barely watch anything on YouTube. I pretty much just come to the blog and read Scott's and some of the other bloggers reviews. How's that for disenchanted with wrestling?

    Wait... what am I doing here?

  11. Actually watched R Evolution based solely on the BoD's reviews and loved it. It gave me hope that I can still like this stuff.

  12. True, but the archive is kind of nice.

  13. What do you mean? You mean like old episodes? You get that on Hulu too.

    I'm network free, and will be until the product is better and/or that start adding things like the wcw/nwa saturday show

  14. I hit one TV taping and one house show last
    year, have tickets for Raw booked for next year, and will likely take in any
    house shows that come our way. I think it’s always gonna be worth going no
    matter how bad the product is.

  15. I'm similar - watch old matches and shows every now and then, that's it.

  16. Really enjoyed the Leeds house show last year, even though Bryan pulled out last minute. Shame the TV is awful.

  17. This is why I don't get the "I won't buy the Network until the product is better" nonsense.

  18. I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
    If I wasn't lucky enough to have a couple friends that watch Raw with most weeks, along with a DVR and mind-altering substances, I'd have quit watching a long time ago. Would still purchase the Network, because the Network is awesome, but this shit is just not worth sitting through sober and by myself.

  19. The old PPVs Raws and Nitros etc.

  20. I went to a house show last year during the run up to Wrestlemania. My wife bought me the tickets for our anniversary, and we both loved it. WWE was testing the Shield as faces and their rescue of Daniel Bryan from Ryback, Kane, et al. Was as unexpected as it was enjoyable. Also, there was a couple of smarks in front of us that were yelling "CENA" in a Macho Man esque brogue throughout the main event. For $45 it was a great Saturday afternoon.

  21. Does the network have old house shows? Like a May 1986 featuring JYD v Hoss Funk in the main even of the C show? Or were those probably not even videotaped?

  22. I can understand because once you plow through all the old stuff, then what?

  23. Personally, I still enjoy bad PPVs considering I'm essentially not paying for them. But for those that don't....seriously, who the fuck is plowing through all of the old stuff? I watch something on the Network more days than not, and holy lord have I not even made a dent.

  24. The Love-Matic Grampa!January 13, 2015 at 2:01 PM

    People probably think not giving WWE their money will force the company to put out a better product. So far, that logic hasn't bore much fruit.

    The fans who made the difference last year were the ones who paid their money and made their displeasure known loudly and consistently.

  25. The Love-Matic Grampa!January 13, 2015 at 2:03 PM

    ​I also love going back and watching the old Primetimes up on the
    Network with ridiculous Iron Mike Sharpe double countouts against tag
    wrestlers over two commercial breaks, because the announcers actually
    TALKED ABOUT THE MATCH and didn't make you feel like an idiot for
    watching it.

    THIS. So very, very much this.


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