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Do they not get

That if Brock had gone over Cena in his first match, won every match against Triple H and was undefeated going into mania, and they had Reigns making the roster his biotch post Shield break up, that their mania match would actually be something fans would want to see? Do they also not get that having Bray go over Cena last year and Taker this year for his streak (Brock vs Taker never happens) would set up a big money match for summerslam between Bray and Reigns? Do they not get having Bray go over there and building up a Bray/Reigns rematch for the next mania would draw big? Do they just not get it?

I'm guessing they...don't...get it?  Is that the right answer?

Also, Brock's buildup has been fine from Big Show to now.  Even with the Cena loss and the HHH bullshit, they've done a masterful job of rebuilding him into a beast.  The problem is wasting it on Reigns.  Because he sucks.