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5 matches that had the best finishes ever

Bruno beats Zbyszko into a quivering heap of jelly, wipes the sweat off his brow onto his defeated body, walks out of the cage untouched.  

Randy Savage spends 15 minutes throwing everything possible at Ricky Steamboat, gets obsessed with trying to end his career via ringbell and trying to show up the poor idiot who loves his manager, becomes so distracted that he loses to a simple rollup off a slam attempt.

Steve Austin is overmatched against an increasingly evil and vicious Bret Hart, but he keeps fighting through major blood loss and becomes a bigger star by losing than he would have by winning.  

Ultimate Warrior bounces Rick Rude around the ring like a pinball but is too dumb to keep an eye on Bobby Heenan, gets tripped up and pinned as a result.  

Undertaker finally traps Shawn Michaels in an unwinnable cage match, beats the holy hell out of him once and for all, but his long lost brother rips the door off the cage and hits him with his own move to give Shawn the win.  

Big lost opportunity in mania history to this point


The one guy who should have been a much bigger star than he ever was

I feel like the answer will be Roman Reigns in five years, but I think Sting was stupidly loyal to WCW for way too long and should have been a giant star at some point with WWE.  Second choice Owen Hart, who not only underachieved in his lifetime, but probably would have been elevated to something really special and top tier during a time when WWE lost all their star power and workrate guys at the same time and needed someone who had both.