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How the network is programmed.

Help me understand something.

Why are the same episodes of shows constantly replayed during the day? For example; a couple days ago Nitro was on the schedule 3 times that day......but it was the same episode each time !!!

Also, since it's WrestleMania month, you'd think they would show a different Mania each day up until WM 31. No. They show the SAME ONE 3 times in a day. And why, when there are 30 to choose from, I've only seen the same 10 or so?

Is it pure laziness or is there actually a legit reason for this?

Excellent question, Shelton!

They're actually programming in an 8-hour block and repeating it 3 times a day to give them their 24 hours, which accounts for differences in time zones across the world so that if you miss it in the morning, you can still watch it in the afternoon.  And I understand about VOD and all that, but they're trying to make it a channel first and an internet streaming service second.