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BoD Daily Update NXT Preview

Jey Uso Update

Jey, who just underwent shoulder surgery after it became separated, will be out of action for at least six months.

Taz At Odds with TNA?

Taz, who removed all mentions of TNA from his Twitter account, reportedly no-showed a voice over session in Nashville this past Thursday for the next several weeks of Impact episodes. According to Mike Johnson of, Taz refused to get on the plane to make the trip due to pay issues with the company. Regarding the voiceover, it was reported that Josh Matthews did them solo but that could change as TNA has until this coming Thursday to hand in Friday's show to Destination America. It was also reported that Al Snow had a recent tryout to be an announcer.

Update on TNA Paying Their Talent

It appears that the company has started to mail out some of the paychecks that they have been behind on, with one source telling Mike Johnson of that the talent will be receiving their March paychecks earlier than scheduled in part to try and make up for previous delays.

Briscoe Brothers Update

The Briscoes, who have been in negotiations with both Ring of Honor and the WWE, will likely be staying in Ring of Honor as the company upped their initial offer to the team as the WWE refused to match it, sticking with their initial offer. The Briscoes also run farming businesses out of Delaware and can make more doing that along with the RoH and Independent dates than they would just for working with the WWE.

Credit Dave Meltzer via Article on the New NXT Rookie Class