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How Strange With Sting


When you now step back and look at the whole  deal with Sting over the last few months,doesn't it strike everyone as extremely odd and weird?

He came in to help vanquish The Authority,which he did,but then they managed to return within weeks. He then made limited appearances,barely spoke,then when he did it had all become about WCW and the Monday Night Wars.

When he and HHH finally fight,he not only loses in the midcard but is totally buried on commentary,overshadowed storywise by Hogan/Shawn etc,then is now seemingly done with wrestling while HHH moves onto the next big angle within a hour or so. Vince then says what he said at the conference call.

Did Steve Borden really look at all this BS and think "Yeah,cool,sign me up....looks great"?

Why did it HAVE to be HHH with him anyway? Why not hotshot a better,bigger match with Cena or Taker that would make more actual money?

I can say they basically didn't trust Sting to have a good match with anyone but HHH, but yeah, as storylines go it wasn't exactly a masterpiece.  Not to mention that the blowoff was HHH cheating outrageously and using 4 guys to beat Sting, finishing him off with a sledgehammer to the face, to which Sting grudgingly admits HHH is the better guy.  And Sting's whole deal was built up as taking down the Authority and making sure there was no corrupt power like Bischoff, and he LOST.  And then HHH came out later in the SAME SHOW and basically said "Holy shit, it's great to be a corrupt power figure!  In fact, I'm more corrupt than ever!"  

Still, at least Ric Flair didn't turn on him this time, so I count it as a win for him.