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Matt's Monday Night RAW Recap - 4/13/2015

The Giants lost their home opener.

I don't care. 

Three championships in five years? I'm still buzzin'.

Anyhow, me and Danielle, we had a helluva party this afternoon. Great BBQ and beer and snacks.

Helluva thing.

Let's get moving...

We are LIVE(!!!) from the O2 Arena in London, England!!!

JBL, Booker and...MICHAEL FUCKING COLE?!? What the actual fuck? Can somebody tell me the name of the doctor he's got?

JBL wants to know how his neck is and Cole says he'll "get to that later" which is wrestling speak for "don't you worry your pretty little head".

He shows us a Mac OS X slideshow of London as if it's right outside.

John Cena starts us out. London hates him. So Cena does his best to suck up. He says that London deserves WrestleMania. "London" agrees. He tells everyone that it's The Authority's choice. They chose to make everyone wait. He puts out another challenge for the United States Championship's Bad News Barrett out to a huge pop.

Barrett thanks London for their support and says it's nice of them to cheer, but that he hasn't done anything yet. He says, ideally, he should face Daniel Bryan for the IC Title, but he wants to beat Cena...TONIGHT!!!

THIS IMPORTANT TITLE DEFENSE IS COMING, after Popeye's introduces you to Ghost Pepper Lip Balm or something.

MATCH #1: John Cena (champion) vs. Bad News Barrett (challenger) for the WWE United States Championship
Cena applies a headlock. Barrett breaks and kicks him out of the ring. Another Cena headlock. Barrett breaks and hits a big boot to the head. Two count. Cena hits Move #1 but misses #2. Barrett takes over, kneeing him in the gut, then booting him out of the ring. Barrett hits an elbow drop off the mat, then tosses Cena into the ring for two. Cena comes back with a dropkick and goes top rope with a Crossbody for two. He hits #3 and goes for the 5Ks...but Barrett rolls out of the ring. Cena chases but Barrett makes him eat the steel steps, then rolls him into the ring. Two count. Cena hits #3 and the 5Ks. He goes for the AA but Barrett kicks out and hits Winds of Change for a close fall. He puts Cena on the buckle. Cena goes for the Tornado DDT but Barrett lands on his feet and hits a suplex. Two count. Barrett hits a high kick. Two count. The two men get up and exchange BOO/YAY shots because it's been SEVEN WHOLE GRUELING MINUTES. Barrett hits the AA and NEARLY gets a fall. He sets up the Bullhammer but Cena catches him and hits an AA -- but only gets two. Cena goes for another AA but Barrett breaks and hits a Bullhammer and nearly gets a fall. Barrett tries another but misses and eats a Springboard Stunner and AA for the loss at 9:39.
RATING: **. Once again, nobody believes Cena is gonna lose any of these matches. And, now, Barrett loses. In England. So, what makes us think anyone will beat Cena for the next few weeks?

Post-match, Lana comes out to say shit to Cena. Rusev attacks Cena, knocking him out, and the match at Extreme Rules will now be a "Russian Chain Match" which is Russian for "No-DQ with a chain", I'm guessing.

TONIGHT: Randy Orton faces Cesaro while Dolph Ziggler jobs to faces Seth Rollins.

The Bella Twins are out for a match. We go to commercial.

NEXT WEEK: Triple H is gonna make a huge announcement about Tough Enough, a show nobody really cares about!

MATCH #2: Alicia Fox, Naomi, Summer Rae, Emma, Rosa Mendes, Cameron, Natalya & Paige in a Divas Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Divas Championship
Fuck, this is actually happening. And the Bellas are on commentary. I thought last week was a half-joke. Summer and Natalya are out first which makes no sense as Summer outlasts her. Anyhow, she gets dumped along with Rosa a few seconds later. Alicia fights with Summer and hits a lame Enzuguri to boot Summer. Fox and Cameron beat up Paige and try to dump her but Paige resists that. Naomi hits a Rear View on both women and they're gone, too. Paige tries to eliminate Naomi but Naomi blocks and hits a high kick. Both end up near the ropes but Paige knees Naomi in the face/boobs/stomach from the outside ropes, which makes so much sense in a match where you're supposed to avoid that area. Paige eventually just kinda boots Naomi out of the ring at 3:55 to win this "Battle Royal" and we're done.
RATING: DUD. #StopPretendingWWEIsGivingDivasAChance

TONIGHT: Roman Reigns will talk about stuff for the first time since WrestleMania.

When we come back from break, Paige is still in the ring. Byron "I Announced RAW One Time" Saxton is with her. Paige is happy to have won in front of her home audience. Naomi attacks her and, suddenly, she's a heel. 

Bray Wyatt yacks about love and how fear is strong than love. 

MATCH #3: The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) vs. Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara & Kalisto)
The Ascension beat up on the hapless Sin Cara with tags back and forth. Sin Cara tries to escape Viktor and eventually makes a tag because Viktor and Konnor can't keep Sin Cara in the corner. Kalisto comes in, does flippy shit and hits Salina Del Sol on Viktor while Sin Cara does a Flipping Reverse Senton to finish it at 2:17.
WINNER: Lucha Dragons
RATING: n/a - Squash

MATCH #4: Randy Orton vs. Cesaro (w/ Tyson Kidd & Natalya)
Orton and Cesaro exchange headlocks after exchanging pedestrian moves. Cesaro breaks. Orton nearly hits the Elevated DDT but Tyson interferes and Orton wins at 2:25. Exciting, huh?
WINNER: Randy Orton via DQ

But hold on a second, player! Kane appears, post-match, and says that The Authority isn't here tonight, ensuring that nobody's gonna continue to tune in. He's in charge and he can't end the last match in a DQ. This match will re-start as a 2 on 1 Handicap Match.

MATCH #5: Randy Orton vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya) (non-title)
The two guys beat up Orton and we go to break because this match is pivotal, ya' know? When we come back, Orton nearly hits a DDT but Tyson hits a NECKBREAKER OUTTA NOWHERE for two. The two team up on Orton and it's a mean uppercut by Cesaro for Tyson for two. Tyson tags in but finally eats Orton's VINTAGE DDT. He goes for an RKO but Cesaro pulls Tyson out of the ring. Orton chases them out of the ring but the two men gang up on him and Tyson knees him in the face. Orton gets rolled back into the ring. Tyson takes over after a two count. He tries a legdrop and misses. Cesaro runs in and attacks but Orton hits a powerslam in stride. Tyson flies at Orton from the top rope and he gets an RKO for his troubles. Orton wins at 9:15.
WINNER: Randy Orton via RKO
RATING: DUD. Why didn't they do this in the first place? We saw all of four minutes of this thing and it was disjointed and boring with two interruptions.

NEXT: Reigns talks!

Booker is running this interview, apparently. The London crowd hates him as Booker demands to know about his mental state. Reigns says he's cool. He went to Suplex City, he felts it and survived it. He said he'd hit The Beast in the mouth and he did that. He says he could have beaten Brock if it wasn't for Seth Rollins. He says that Big Show cost him a re-match at Extreme Rules because he's Seth's "giant bitch". Big Show appears on the Jumbotron and says that Reigns is making excuses for his failures and then says that he'll knock Reigns out himself. Reigns says he's being threatened by "The Jumbotron" and he isn't scared because Show can't even come out to the ring. He says Show has no balls and he will be beaten.  Reigns leaves and goes to the entrance ramp -- and Show finally shows up to kick the crap out of him, tossing him into the electric signage and into the car sitting on the ramp. The beating takes forever as Show Chokeslams him on top of the car. Can't wait to see this at Extreme Rules. Yaaaaay.

Backstage, Seth's not happy because he's Seth. He says that he isn't facing Ziggler tonight. He wants to face Jamie Noble and Noble will lie down. Noble says that it's not his fault that everything's gone wrong. It's Kane's. Rollins realizes that Noble's onto something. Rollins tells Kane that Kane will lay down for him tonight. He doesn't disagree because Kane only selectively has balls.

MATCH #6: Adam Rose (w/ Exotic Express) vs. Dean Ambrose
From chasing the MITB contender to Bray Wyatt to United States Adam "I Haven't Been Relevant in Weeks" Rose. Way to go, Creative. Ambrose chops at Rose who comes back with a Spinebuster and quick elbows. He drops a fist and locks in a headlock but Ambrose fights out. Ambrose hits lariats and a bulldog, then goes top rope but Rose bails. So Ambrose hits a Flying Psycho to the outside. Back in the ring, Ambrose hits the Rebound Clothesline and Dirty Deeds for the win at 2:11.
WINNER: Dean Ambrose via Dirty Deeds
RATING: n/a - Squash

Kane is backstage. Show finds him and asks if he remembers Survivor Series. He says that Kane needs to do WHAT'S BEST FOR BUSINESS™.

MATCH #7: Fandango (w/ Rosa Mendes) vs. Stardust
Holy shit, what a card. Stardust hits a falling reverse suplex but Fandango comes back with a heel kick. Legdrop misses. Dust hits the Disaster Kick for the win at 1:07. Yawn.
WINNER: Stardust
RATING: n/a - Squash -- but it's a DUD, no matter what.

Post-match, Fandango actually gets a mic spot. He says he realizes what the problem is. He's been sharing his "gift of dance with Rosa" when he should have been sharing it with everyone else. Then his old music hits. Everyone does the Fandango.

Kane is STILL BACKSTAGE. Daniel Bryan shows up. Kane asks him to go away. Bryan asks what happened to Kane. He says that Kane shouldn't lay down. He needs to be a man. Kane yells LEAVE real loud. Daniel Bryan does.

Earlier tonight. John Cena challenged people. #CENAWONLOL, surprise, surprise. Rusev attacked him. So, at Extreme Rules, he'll face Rusev in a Russian Chain Match.

Seth Rollins is out for his match.

MATCH #8: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins w/ Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury vs. Kane (non-title)
Kane strips out of his jacket, shirt and tie for the first minute, then it's yacking with Rollins for the next 30 seconds. Kane goes to lay down. Rollins comes over and pins and it's a two count. J&J comes into the ring. Kane grabs them by the throat and tosses them both out. Rollins isn't happy and Kane jacks his jaw. He sets up for a Chokeslam and Rollins begs off with all the power he has in him and tells Rollins to lay down. Kane gets on one knee...then gets up and hits a Chokeslam. He starts to call for the Tombstone...but stops, lays down, and pulls Rollins on top of him for the pin at 4:35.
WINNER: Seth Rollins

So, now, both guys pick their "stipulations" for the match? Why didn't they just have them fight one another?
Damien Miz-dow is walking backstage.

We get flashbacks from Miz-dow's fight with Miz.

MATCH #9: The Miz vs. Damien Miz-dow (w/ Summer Rae)
Miz takes half a minute to take his sunglasses off. Miz-dow does the same. Then they take match time to remove their jackets. WHAT IS THIS, MAGIC MIKE?! WRESTLE ALREADY. The two trade the same moves and Sandow rolls up Miz at just over 2:00.
WINNER: Damien Miz-dow
RATING: DUD. This is an awful fucking night.

The Prime Time Players mock Los Matadores. WWE Creative supplies audio of crickets chirping which is fitting since nobody in the arena responds either.

MATCH #10: Ryback vs. Luke Harper
Scrum in the corner and Harper kicks Ryback in the face -- but only gets two, which is surprising given the tonight's booking. Harper hits a Gator Roll which serves to "disorient opponents" according to Cole. Ryback picks up Harper by the neck and drops him. He goes for a Meathook but Harper ditches the ring. Ryback follows and Harper uses the announce booth to clock him in the face -- and we're done?! Fuuuuuuck.
WINNER: Ryback via DQ at 1:47

Ambrose comes out, post-match, and beats up Harper cuz', 'member? Ambrose got beat up by him.
EARLIER TONIGHT: Naomi beat up Paige.

Byron is backstage with Naomi. She says she lost her cool, then laughs and calls Byron an idiot. She says this whole thing is about her. Naomi doesn't even know why we had a Divas Battle Royal tonight. This is surreal as fuck.

Dolph is out here and criticizes Kane for laying down and calls him "The Devil's Favorite Dumbass". Ziggler wants ANY SUPERSTAR IN THE BACK since Seth has already done his thing tonight. Neville responds because who wants a United States Title? 

MATCH #11: Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville
Neville escapes an armbar and applies one on Ziggler. Neville flips around after the break and hits a standing moonsault as the crowd finally starts to wake up. Ziggler comes back with a quick DDT and gets two. After commercial, Neville fights out of a headlock and tosses Ziggler up into the air and to the mat. The two roll out of the ring. Neville hits a flipping moonsault outside, then rolls back into the ring. He goes back outside, walks along the edge of the crowd barrier and does a 450 Splash on top of Ziggler. Back in the ring, it's a two count. The two counter each other's moves and Ziggler gets hit with an Enzuguri for two. Ziggler comes back with a BIG Superkick and he gets two. Both men get up. Ziggler tries an elbow but misses. Neville tries the Red Arrow but Ziggler moves. Neville lands on his feet and lunches at Ziggler. Ziggler sidesteps and Neville hits the post. Ziggler hits the Zigg Zagg for the win at 9:08.
WINNER: Dolph Ziggler via Zigg Zagg
RATING: **1/4. Not a bad match. Could have been longer and should have been the main feature. But, the booking staff has their heads up their asses tonight, so what can you do?

Post-match, Sheamus comes in out of nowhere and hits a Brogue on Ziggler. Ziggler comes back fighting, getting some nice licks in, but Sheamus hits another Brogue and stands tall.


NEXT: Randy and Seth make their match decisions!!!

Seth and J&J hit the ring and sit back in nice sofa seats. Rollins says that the crowd can boo him all they want but that doesn't change the fact that he is the future of WWE. He's also the greatest because he beat Reigns and Lesnar in the same night. He says that Kane has relieved himself of his duties as Director of Operations and, now, Rollins can make his stipulation. He invites Orton out.

Orton shows up and tells Rollins that everything is being needlessly complicated. He wants to clear out the chairs and he wants to fight right now. Rollins says that he loves "complicated". He has power and he will wield it right now: the RKO is banned. Rollins tells him that The Authority always wins. Orton says that he was thinking along the same lines: his stipulation is fighting inside a steel cage "where nobody can help Rollins". You know, because that's always worked.

Orton says that's that, then attacks Rollins and his stooges. Rollins escapes but the stooges absorb Orton's wrath and Orton stands tall as we go off the air.

OVERALL: 1/2 a * tonight. This was a lazy, boring show with nothing going for it except a so-so beginning and a decent end match.

Er, that's it.


  1. TJ as there is no evening thread...

    Anybody else not having the ability to pause/rewind/FF on the Network whilst viewing on a computer? Not sure if PS3/Xbox having the same issues, but this is driving me nuts

  2. So, shitload of interference, non finshes, tag CHAMPIONS losing to one man, focussing on Big Show and Kane. Yep Mania blooms worn off back to business as usual.

  3. Both Brits losing in London.

  4. Very interesting getting to compare Matt & Brian's take on this show.

    Nicely done, both of us more to chew on!

  5. At least Paige won.

  6. All of my independent contractors will be publically humilated in their hometown (or country in the UK's case). This has been my policy ever since Bret insisted on not losing in Canada because I'M VINCE MCMAHON DAMMIT!!!

  7. The point of Cena holding the title is that everyone is going to think he's never going to lose it and then you debut a guy who beats him. It's not hard to understand, but somehow you find a way.


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    want in life then you have to read this FREE Report: ==>




  9. Not even worth watching in fast forward on the DVR.

  10. Naomi as a heel? Whose terrible idea was that? She's got as fan-friendly a moveset as any female on the roster, she was one of the only "Total Divas" cast members that came off as down-to-Earth and not catty, her music was made to hype up a crowd, she's affiliated with a babyface team (The Usos), and one of her best traits is a big Magic Johnson-like smile that actually seems genuine. Yes, that's a GREAT foundation for a heel.

  11. I love the fact that they are trying to rehab the U.S. title by having it defended every week. I hate that Cena is the guy they are using for this.

  12. Thank you for keeping the 90's alive. Wrestleline 4 Life.

  13. I love how Cena is going about it, though. How many superstars would be OK with midcarders kicking out of their finisher every week in lengthy non-main-event matches?

  14. I'm wondering if this is a lead-up to Cena getting a new finisher of some sort.

  15. Naomi: "Do wins and losses not matter in this company anymore?"

    I love shoot comments that aren't supposed to be shoot comments.

  16. I will say this - for all I *really* don't want to see Reigns v Big Show yet again, if they follow through with the vaguely alluded-to possibility of it being a retirement match for Show, and Reigns wins, it'll instantly catapult him back to strong face status in the eyes of the crowd and almost make it worth sitting through yet another boring match between the two.

  17. At this point, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if they brought Zayn up from NXT and made him a cowardly heel.

  18. So, what did Michael Cole say he was going to do?

  19. JBL mentioned something about a lawsuit but I don't think they really got into it.

  20. Good to see they put a lot of thought into this

  21. For me it's like a little "RAW streak" thing and Cena is the new Undertaker. ;) If he wins, it's OK, but WHEN he loses...

  22. I have not had that problem on the PS3.

  23. This review just goes to show everyone how much better Bayless is at doing a recap than this. I don't think you even watched the whole show as you're completely off about the Orton/Cesaro-Kidd handicap match. And it's Kalisto, with an O, or is that just another one of your snarky jokes that fails like usual?

  24. I thought the show was fine. I think Cena with the US title is great. He's out of the title picture, he is defending the US title every week, he is having competitive matches with mid carders and letting them kick out of his finisher. What do you want to happen, have him lose? Then have the mid card title go back to bouncing around between mid carders and Cena back in the main event?

    However I did groan when Orton announced his stipulation would be a cage to keep the authority out....They have ruined the cage match, because they always contradict the stipulation by having interference anyway. Shit like that is a big insult to the fans intelligence

  25. I may get some hate because of this, but I'm starting to like Roman Reigns. I'm enjoying his 'more realistic' style in the ring, and he is starting to come across as natural and relaxed in his promos. I love how he reacts to the boos, he just gives a smarmy grin, not the bullcrap that Cena gives us "You have the right to boo me, I love the WWE Universe blah blah blah"

  26. I don't think that will get you any hate. Honestly, most people here like Reigns well enough. I feel like the problem most have had has been with how wwe is using him, not the guy himself.

  27. What does that mean? Everyone complains about how the they don't know who to book a properly wrestling angle and they when they do people like you complain that it's old?

    This is why the IWC get's such a bad name. People complain just to complain.

  28. It's how Ric Flair put Ricky Steamboat on the map. Who thought Steamer would pin Flair at that point?

  29. Pretty much this. Hearing that a guy is well-liked backstage makes it easy to root for him, just don't make me cringe when I watch is all I ask.

  30. I can see how my hatred for Orton must look to others when I read how others feel about Cena. Because I frankly don't get why everything he does makes people so upset. Maybe it's cause I didn't watch much of anything from 05 till 2011, or maybe it's cause I was a Cena fan when I left and though I wouldn't say I'm a huge Cena fan now, I don't really have a problem with the guy.

    However I will say that at least there is more concrete evidence to justify a dislike for Orton compared to Cena. Like it or not, Cena is still the top draw in the company. You can say it's because the WWE books him as Super Cena (there is a ton of evidence to dispute that; I'll throw Summerslam up as the most obvious) and frankly if people don't care about you it really doesn't matter how you're booked. There are tons of examples of guys who were booked strong that didn't get over.

    So if Cena winning matches and being booked strong bothers you, this show is going to piss you off most of the time. It's just a fact. Cena walking away from the main event, taking the lowest mid-card title and doing opening and mid-card matches every week, yet that isn't good enough. Fighting a bunch of geeks every week and making them look strong, allowing them to kick out of his finisher, nope still not good enough. Him losing the title in any of these matches would be stupid and bad booking. If the only thing you want to see is him lose every match until he leaves or turns heel then you might as well quit watching now because until he stops selling more merch than anyone else and people stop buying tickets for shows he's on he is going to be a central part of the show. I honestly can not think of a better way to use Cena then the way they are right now. Elevating some JTTS and a jobber title? And not being in the main event? Sounds good to me.

    As for Orton, he does not deserve the same treatment that Cena gets. He does not move merch like Cena, he does not sell tickets like Cena, he was gone for 6 months and I don't think anyone noticed or cared.He's been the worst drawing champion on multiple occasions (and yet they've given him the title 10 times) In fact those 6 months he was gone I'm pretty sure ratings went up; I know I started watching the show more regularly when he was gone. I mean honestly the only thing he's done for the last 10 years is be booked as important. I don't think he's ever done anything to deserve it. He get's a mild pop when he comes out. That's about it. Yet he's in another main event that will fail and they'll probably blame that on Rollins.

    Funny how everyone else has to lose their match before they get a title shot. Shit, even Reigns lost a few times before Wrestlemania (which admittedly is stupid and and helps no one) so I'm actually OK with Orton winning before the PPV. However, I am not OK with him going over the tag champs by himself. These are the things that make me think that Orton books his own matches. Why would anyone else come up with that? It doesn't help anyone but Orton. I would have even been OK with Orton going over one of the tag champs in a singles match. I don't love seeing Cesaro lose to Orton but whatever, the idea is supposed to be that they are an unbeatable team. Which of course is killed when he beats them both by himself. I never like seeing actual tag teams lose to one person but if you must do it why not use New Day or the The Ascension. Jobbers teams no one really cares about. Don't devalue your tag team title for Randy Orton's ego.

    I really fucking hate that guy. He better lose clean to Rollins. But of course he won't. I wouldn't be surprised if he walks out with the tile. There is no person who is less deserving for winning multiple titles. And he's going to be one of only what like 4 or 5 guys to win 11 plus world titles? Fucking disgusting.

  31. My problem isn't with Reigns per say. I just think they need to turn him heel at this point. His reaction is so mixed it almost sounds more like no reaction at all. Plus him getting beat up all the time doesn't really help create this idea that he's a big huge tough guy.

  32. Idiotic stips unless it leads to a punt.

  33. You couldn't even go three stars on Ziggler/Neville? That was a good match! I'm starting to think Ziggler can have a good match with anyone.

  34. I don't like how he's defending it while already penciled in for a match with Rusev for it at the PPV.

  35. I wonder if this Cena stuff is going to lead into Balor beating Cena and winning the US title in his debut? I know I deserve a Dougie "lol" for that but eventually they're going to have to get him out the midcard and feud with Reigns (assuming his feud with Big Show EVER ends). Balor could probably use the rub more than any one else and within a few weeks theyre gonna start running out of mid carders. Unless they stick with the pattern and move him to The Main Event and let him start wtestling Fandango and Adam Rose.

  36. Why not switch Neville and Barrett? Makes much more sense.

    And we're at the point where a cage match guaranteed interference and a handicap match guarantees the 1 beats the 2. Ass-backward, in other words.

  37. So wait how was the show? Matt hated it and Brian said it was solid. I was taking in actual entertainment at a Damien Rice concert last night so I didn't catch any of it.

  38. Outside of two decent matches (Cena/Barrett, Neville/Ziggler) it was largely skippable.

  39. Who else wants to see Miz v Mizdow at ER in a sunglasses on a pole match?

    Only me? Oh, OK.

  40. Nice to see Fandango's undefeated streak end in such a big way!

  41. Naomi does get snarky at times. Listen to the times she's on guest commentary, she sometimes manage to say some zingers every so often.

    That was the best Naomi promo ever (yeah that's not saying much but it really was a good promo).

  42. I'm wondering if Bayless saw the same show I did. I mean, outside of the two matches that WWF1987 pointed out, it was like 9 matches in 20 minutes. There was a LOT of downtime with horrible filler booking. Adam Rose, Fandango, another Ascension squash and a terrible, pointless "Diva battle royal"? That's "solid"?

  43. "largely skippable" - doesn't that describe every Raw these days?

  44. I was there! Really enjoyed the show. Cena/Barrett was great, as was Ziggler/Neville. Reigns got massive boos coming out, but the crowd was pretty easy to win over, all it seems to take is the word "bitch" and you're a super babyface. Seth Rollins was awesome all night. We tried to buy Rollins shirts but they'd already sold out an hour before the show. Many stalls were selling literally nothing but Cena merchandise, just to add a further bit of anecdotal evidence to how rigged the "Cena sells the most merch" game is.

    Anyhow, apart from a bit of a lag in the 2nd/3rd hour part where all the short matches took place, the show was great fun from start to finish. Would definitely go to the next taping. I've really enjoyed the last two Raw's without Steph and Hunter draining the life out of the shows. Shame it can't last, but I've really enjoyed WWE since Mania.

  45. "However, I am not OK with him going over the tag champs by himself.
    These are the things that make me think that Orton books his own
    matches. Why would anyone else come up with that?"

    I can't tell you the reason (and I understand the criticism), but: they have done similar things with almost all their topstars (for example: how much sense does Bryan and Reigns beating six teams, many of them regular units instead of two singles guys being thrown together, in a row?).

  46. The Kalisto thing was a typo. My bad.

    And "completely off"? Tell me how everyone will be talking about the "classic" that was Orton battling a shitty, sloppy match that we barely saw any of due to a five minute commercial break. Oh, yeah. They won't.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  47. It was basically this:

    Cole: "Mumble, mumble, because...mumble..."
    JBL: "So, tell us how you're ok!"
    Cole: "Later."
    Cole: "Mumble, mumble lawsuit or something...mumble, mumble LETSGOTOTHERING!!!"


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