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Perfect feuds from beginning to end

Aside from Flair vs Funk in 1989, what other feuds have just been perfect from beginning to end? Seems so many just end up living way past their expiration date.

​Jerry Lawler was the master of the short-form subject in Memphis.  Heel comes in, gets some shine on Lawler, Lawler regroups and beats them with a fireball or whatever and sends them packing for the next territory.  No fuss, no muss.  

Warrior v. Savage had a terrific story progression in 91.  And one of the greatest payoffs of any wrestling storyline, ever!


  1. I honestly thought HHH/Taker at WM17 was really good. I still get a chuckle remembering Kane military pressing Stephanie at the the top of that staircase. Great match too.

  2. Owen/Bret
    HBK/Taker from wm25-26

  3. Can I also add Jericho-Micheals from 2008

  4. so how does the Wyatt feud fit in there?


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