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WWE By the Figures: 2015 First Quarter Win-Loss Report & Other Statistics

by Logan Scisco

I know it has been a while since I have posted here, which is partly due to burnout with the product and other work responsibilities.  However, in a few weeks I will post some old 1998 RAW reviews to carry us through the end of that year.  The magazine reviews take more time, but I hope to add a few of those up in the next month as well.

This is the first 2015 win-loss report, representing all of the results on WWE televised programming (NXT excluded because it is not a main roster show) from January 1st through WrestleMania.

The statistics do not include battle royals or the Royal Rumble in win-loss statistics, but appearances are counted.

To get the full spreadsheet go to this link:

The major theme running through the early 2015 results is the rise of Fandango!  He is currently undefeated, sitting at 12-0 and on top of the current standings.  Not bad for a guy who went 15-33-2 last year.  Clearly, the WWE is giving Fandango a slow burn push to challenge Roman Reigns next year at 'Mania, with Roman sporting the second-best overall record of 17-3-0.  Who needs Seth Rollins, anyway?  The guy might have the top belt in the company, but his current record is a putrid 7-15-0.

The other shocker?  Zack Ryder and John Cena have identical records at 4-3-0!

Overall Records (Includes all matches; Minimum of 5 matches)

Fandango 12-0-0 (1.000)
Roman Reigns 17-3-0 (.850)
Bray Wyatt 8-2-0 (.800)
Daniel Bryan 18-5-0 (.783)
Ryback 14-4-0 (.778)
Rusev 8-3-0 (.727)
Dean Ambrose 13-5-0 (.722)
Titus O'Neil 6-3-0 (.667)
Dolph Ziggler 11-6-0 (.647)
Cesaro 14-8-0 (.636)
Konnor 12-8-0 (.600)
Viktor 12-8-0 (.600)
Big E 8-6-0 (.571)
John Cena 4-3-0 (.571)
Zack Ryder 4-3-0 (.571)
Kofi Kingston 9-7-0 (.563)
Sin Cara 6-5-0 (.545)
Tyson Kidd 12-10-1 (.543)
Erick Rowan 7-6-1 (.536)
Randy Orton 2-2-1 (.500)
Jimmy Uso 8-9-1 (.472)
Diego 5-7-0 (.417)
Jey Uso 7-10-0 (.412)
Fernando 5-8-0 (.385)
Jack Swaggers 4-7-0 (.364)
Big Show 6-11-1 (.361)
Seth Rollins 7-15-1 (.326)
R-Truth 3-7-0 (.300)
Bad News Barrett 5-12-0 (.294)
Damien Mizdow 3-8-0 (.273)
Goldust 3-9-0 (.250)
Luke Harper 4-12-0 (.250)
The Miz 4-14-0 (.222)
Stardust 3-17-0 (.150)
Kane 2-15-0 (.118)
Curtis Axel 1-17-0 (.056)
Adam Rose 1-17-0 (.056)

Top 10 Singles Records (Minimum of 5 Matches)

Fandango 11-0-0 (1.000)
Bray Wyatt 8-1-0 (.889)
Ryback 10-2-0 (.833)
Roman Reigns 8-2-0 (.800)
Rusev 8-3-0 (.727)
Dean Ambrose 7-3-0 (.700)
Big Show 5-2-1 (.686)
Daniel Bryan 8-4-0 (.667)
Seth Rollins 4-3-1 (.563)
Dolph Ziggler 5-4-0 (.556)

Top 10 Tag Team Records (Minimum of 3 Matches; Includes only 2 vs. 2 Matches)

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods 3-0-0 (1.000)
The Lucha Dragons 3-1-0 (.750)
The Prime Time Players 2-1-0 (.667)
The Ascension 12-6-0 (.667)
Cesaro & Tyson Kidd 8-5-0 (.615)
Big E. & Kofi Kingston 4-3-0 (.571)
The Usos 3-3-0 (.500)
Los Matadores 3-3-0 (.500)
The Miz & Damien Mizdow 1-3-0 (.250)
Goldust & Stardust 0-7-0 (.000)

Diva Overall Records (Includes all matches; Minimum of 5 Matches)

AJ Lee 4-1-0 (.800)
Paige 13-6-0 (.684)
Brie Bella 6-4-0 (.600)
Natalya 6-6-0 (.500)
Nikki Bella 6-6-0 (.500)
Naomi 8-7-0 (.533)
Alicia Fox 4-5-0 (.444)
Summer Rae 3-8-0 (.273)
Cameron 1-4-0 (.200)
Emma 0-4-0 (.000)

Other Notable Records

Mark Henry 1-0-0 (1.000)
The Undertaker 1-0-0 (1.000)
Triple H 1-0-0 (1.000)
Brock Lesnar 1-1-0 (.500)
El Torito 1-1-0 (.500)

Top 10 Ring Appearances for 2015 (Includes all match appearances for an individual wrestler across all WWE programming)

Tyson Kidd-25
Daniel Bryan-24
Seth Rollins-23
Roman Reigns-21
The Big Show-20
The Miz-20
Adam Rose-20

Top 5 Ring Appearances on RAW

Seth Rollins-12
Daniel Bryan-10
Tyson Kidd-9
Roman Reigns-9
Dean Ambrose-9

Top 5 Appearances on Smackdown!

Daniel Bryan-11
Roman Reigns-9
The Big Show-9
The Miz-8

Top 5 Appearances on Main Event

Adam Rose-5
Kofi Kingston-5
Curtis Axel-5

Top 5 Appearances on Superstars

Adam Rose-6
Jack Swagger-4

Top Match Types Featured on WWE Programming in 2015

Tag Team-47
Diva Singles-31
Six Man Tag-8
Diva Tag Team-7
Mixed Tag-6
Guest Referee-2
No Disqualification-2
Triple Threat-2
Eight Man Tag-2

Most Rebooked Matches of 2015 (New Category!)

Fandango vs. Adam Rose - 5
Big E. & Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro & Tyson Kidd-4
Adam Rose vs. Zack Ryder-4
Paige vs. Nikki Bella-4
Alicia Fox vs. Naomi-4

If you have any questions about any of this material, feel free to include comments and I'll look at my spreadsheet to answer them.


  1. Real Man's ManApril 3, 2015 at 10:27 AM

    Brock Lesnar and El Torito also have identical records.

  2. Doctor FunkopolisApril 3, 2015 at 10:28 AM

    Hell in the Cell to settle that one, once and for all.

  3. Hopefully the WWE doesn't waste this impressive streak on the Big Show!

  4. I don't recall seeing Fandango wrestle in at least a month or two and now I find out he's been undefeated. Bizarro World.

  5. Fandango? More like FanDAMNgo.

    It'd be hilarious if WWE capitalised on this, but they probably don't even realise it.

  6. Charismatic eNegro Jef VinsonApril 3, 2015 at 11:18 AM

    Because Vince was screaming "DANCE NEGRO, DANCE!!!" in his ear all night.

  7. What's more likely: The Super Bowl making it to 100 or Wrestlemania making it to 50?

  8. A great place for Cena to go over World Champion Sami Zayn for the title!

  9. Worst_in_the_WorldApril 3, 2015 at 11:20 AM

    Triple Threat with AJ Styles. Let's get NUTS

  10. Yeah, that was weird. You'd think it would've made more sense for Lesnar to lay out ALL of them with F5s, or just Booker and JBL since they're the ex-wrestlers. Cole I can buy being knocked out by a flipped table, not two former world champions.

  11. I thought fandango was a great jobber pick in my fantasy league. Clearly I'm wrong.

    Seth Rollins wasn't a good real pick either. Shit.

  12. If he took a week off every time his anus bled he wouldn't have been around at all during Heidenreich's run.

  13. Well now we know ONE person who didn't switch over from Nitro

  14. was after the hip replacement that was written as a motorcycle accident.

    Basically, DiBiase kept attacking the leg and the refund stopped the match.

  15. I'm a huge HBK fan but there is a huge difference when we are talking about a champion.

    Plus, as much as I was never a Bret Hart guy, he had a point with HBK saying I won't return the favor. That's bad business and nothing to do with what Piper did....

  16. Most of the issues I think people have with him stem from Vince and his posse in his ear at all times. That leaked audio of Cole begging off saying something for the umpteenth time on RAW, only to be reduced to saying "yes sir, understood", was very telling.

  17. Been missing your RAW recaps, happy to hear they are coming back.

  18. I saw it live so I didn't need Tony to tell me it was happening.

  19. I bet Cole's response to SCOTT would be the same one he gave to that caller on that radio show: HEY LISTEN FUCKHEAD...

  20. I read an interview where he says he has Vince, Dunn, Booker, JBL and I think two others in his ear at once and he has to try to call some action too. I think he coming back cause nobody can handle the job he does...

  21. We need a kayfabermetrics expert to apply strength of schedule to this.

  22. The way WWE handled Fandango epitomizes the problems with current WWE booking.

  23. I think they said he has two bulging disks in his neck. A couple of Vicodin and a neck brace and he should be able to do commentary. If I can work a desk job with two bulging disks in my back, and if Kurt Angle can win a gold medal with a broken freaking neck, then Michael Cole can puppet Vince's commentary for three hours.

  24. Did Barrett win a single match as IC champion? I thought it was laughable when, during the ladder match, they talked about how Barrett has been a phenomenal IC champion.

  25. Don't forget Hall of Famer Booker T and the "legendary" JBL. (PUKE)

  26. It's amazing & sad how stats like these in no way correlate to who holds the titles and who their top challengers generally are. I'd never expected them to line up exactly, but you'd think something that still has "sports" in its description would place a greater value on wins over losses.

  27. How has Rusev lost 3 matches already if Cena was hos first!?

  28. Seven "handicap" matches in three months. Wow.

  29. I'm sure at one point prior to Mania one of the announcers laughingly noted Barrett hadn't won a single match since winning the title.

  30. Belee_Matt!_INDEED!!!April 3, 2015 at 12:32 PM

    "John Cena 4-3-0 (.571)"


  31. CruelConnectionNumber2April 3, 2015 at 12:37 PM

    Cena is about to win like 20 straight with his Open Challenge Gimmick.

  32. CruelConnectionNumber2April 3, 2015 at 12:38 PM

    Yes, he defeated Sin Cara.

  33. Battle Kat LitterApril 3, 2015 at 12:38 PM

    After jobbing clean to him the week before, IIRC

  34. Enough Ross and Styles talk, those are past eras, Ross wasn't even that good his last few years.

  35. And Shawn did do plenty of jobs. I just can't remember any between Sid at SS '96 and Stone Cold at WM 98.

  36. Nonsense. Jim Ross on his worst day is light years better than Cole on his best.

  37. If Fandango comes out and gets squashed on Monday, then that's it. I'll be 100% convinced someone high up at WWE reads this site.

  38. Since they're currently raiding ROH anyway, they should just can the current team and steal Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino away from ROH.

  39. Agreed. As much as his WrestleKingdom work induced nostalgia, he clearly had no clue how to call most moves and was helped through it by Matt Striker.

    That doesn't mean he wasn't excellent in his heyday.

  40. Begs the question: What is Cole's "best"?

  41. Ross was awesome but his time has past. I know this is the Blog of Nostalgia, but Ross isn't even under contract anymore. As for Joey Styles, lets just say I don't really get the love.

  42. "They spent an entire year building up an angle where he was a complete dickface to the fans and then just expected them to suddenly like him again because Lawler had a heart attack? ​"

    You don't like people who do their best in the face of one of their good friends having serious emergency?

  43. Actually the heel turn story I've heard a couple of times. It actually makes sense with what we know of Hogans character (nervous about becoming stale, wanting to still keep people engaged in his character, watching a lot of old Superstar Billy Graham heel promos. :) ). No idea of the veracity.

  44. Add me to list of people that doesn't understand why Hogan would care about beating Piper via cage exit. Isn't that exactly what happened w Bundy?

  45. Clark O'BrienApril 3, 2015 at 1:15 PM

    Didn't he call Justin Roberts or someone a "gag" on Twitter once?

  46. They should have Cole commentate from his hospital bed.

  47. Clark O'BrienApril 3, 2015 at 1:17 PM


  48. Blog of Nostalgia? They seem pretty impressed with WM.

  49. Saxton's another goddamned Millennial who didn't grab the brass ring when he had the opportunity on Monday!

  50. I think Hogan would be alright with the scenario - he wins.

  51. I think Hogan would probably demand a pinfall loss. Just my gut instinct.

  52. I would pay good money for JR doing live streaming commentary over the current product.

  53. Yes, Piper refuses to lose and Hogan's the difficult asshole.

  54. In fairness, Piper was pretty small for a 1980's main event heel, especially for a Hogan antagonist. The usual pattern of bringing in a monster, having him beat Hogan by count out at the first match and then have Hogan totally avenge that loss the next 2-3 times around the circuit would have shot Piper's credibility dead the moment the feud was over. Not being pinned at least made him unique for the era.

    How he got the main event push despite being "small" and having a track record as an NWA alum amazes me, frankly. 80's Vince overcame a lot of biases by keeping Piper so strong

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  58. All of them were by DQ IIRC.

  59. The product would be much more engaging If they did line up somewhat.

    Every match automatically matters if you need to be a winner to get title shots

  60. The Bobby Heenan neckbrace is probably in the archives, they can just grab that and they're good to go.

  61. When was that Smackdown where Fandango faced Roman Reigns? I swear that was 2015...if not, time is flying.

  62. Goldust & Stardust 0-7-0 (.000)

  63. cabspaintedyellowApril 3, 2015 at 3:55 PM

    Agreed. I hate how Cole is produced by Vince, but every time he's been out of character and not towing the company line, he's come across as a genuinely cool guy. His professionalism during the Lawler incident really made me like him as a person, even more so than the classic "Hey fuckhead!" rant.

  64. It's sad that the solution to this problem is to have Cole as announcer instead of simply telling Vince to settle down

  65. Then we can have a Money in the Bank bubble watch.

  66. It seems they've been grooming Tom Phillips (Todd Phillips?) to be the guy to eventually take over for Cole. I'm guessing he'll do RAW.

  67. "instead of simply telling Vince to settle down"

    Who exactly will tell him that? He's the man in charge

  68. maybe the WWE feels exactly the same. "wait, what? Fandango is undefeated?"

  69. Who? The black guy?

  70. I would watch Raw on 11! if they get Schiavone in for a week

  71. If you had to list the top 10 full-time current WWE wrestlers in terms of position on the card, I'd say six of the names would be the same as the top 10 records as listed here (Reigns, Wyatt, Bryan, Rusev, Ryback, Ambrose). I'd also say that six out of 10 is a decent amount of correlation, if not causation.

  72. I cannot imagine the shit he endures. Seriously his work sucks but I really blame that on all the over management at WWE. Nobody can do a better job in that situation than Cole especially when you consider who the voices are and that each wants different things.

  73. The guy who interviewed Lita at WrestleMania. I wanna say he's done play-by-play on Smackdown before.

  74. I'm really amazed that he is as coherent as he is. His absence Monday proved how hard that job really is now.

  75. As much as I usually hate when wrestling tries to do standings/statistics/etc, like that incredibly stupid Bound for Glory points system TNA used to do, something like this would actually be kinda cool for determining the MITB field.

  76. I'd argue, though, that looking at it simply like that is backwards, because it's not their win percentage that leads to them being featured, rather them being featured means more matches, thus a slightly better win percentage. It also ignores my original point about the titleholders. Out of the overall top 10, the current IC champ is #4, and most recent US Champ is #6. The current US champ is all the way down at #14, current World champ is #27, and the previous champ at the bottom because of so few matches.

    Not that we're arguing here--these stats don't really mean anything--I just think it'd be better for business if the guys who are being featured on TV (particularly the babyfaces) actually won more matches. Of course 5 hours of TV each week is the biggest obstacle. Everyone gets overused, and 50/50 booking becomes a necessary evil. That said I think they could do a better job of having stronger champions and featured wrestlers that actually attract stronger fan support because they actually win most of the time.

  77. There are too many spots and not enough guys to do this with the Rumble but as important as MitB is, it should be a little harder to get in the match.

  78. Let me get back with you on that....



  79. With Tazz around 2004-2006 maybe? Other than that, no clue

  80. Because Piper was a big draw and an attraction almost on a par with Hogan back in those days.

  81. They need to bring back the glass Cole mine, to protect him. ;)


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