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Click on the link below to view the article but my question to everyone here is how would you feel if everything here actually happened on the show?


  1. So they're making predictions on what they're going to book now?

    Things are a mess in Stanford

  2. From what I gather the website articles are completely separate from what the creative teams does and that Vince is pretty much hands-off

  3. Sting Vs Taker: Sting already debuted and lost + No streak = who cares?

    SHIELD triple threat: interesting but Dean and Reigns need some repair work done otherwise Seth is slumming it.

    Battle of the Billionaires 2: Vince is no longer a Billionaire so he's not eligible to compete.

    Stone Cold one more match: nobody has a big enough name to make me want to see Austin wrestle them, not even Lesnar.

    Everything Else: indifferent.

  4. Probably putting this article up to try and Russo their way into creative.

  5. Most negative post of 2015 goes to you.

  6. You obviously need to read some posts on the Raw live thread some nights ;)

  7. Battle of the Billionaires 2 is dumb but I like everything else. Mania 32, no matter wha is booked, is gonna be great.

  8. No thanks. I'm thinking positive this year.

  9. Austin isn't wrestling again. He didn't wrestle in his forties, there's no reason for him to get in the ring in his fifties. Based on their past disagreements -- heck, even the rumors of one now -- Austin and Vince would never be able to come with a plan that they both would agree with.

  10. Plus he's one of the few guys that went out the right way: jobbing clean to his arch rival (that's he's beaten a million times prior) and then never wrestling again. There's dignity in that. Unlike the Flairs and Foleys of the world.

  11. Me too. Just like I did with my HIV test.. I'm thinking positive!

  12. Jones/McMahon: JERRUH loves publicity, so I could easily see this happening. I just don't think it will.

    NXT diva defending the Divas' title: Seems inevitable.

    Ronda Rousey wrestles: lol no

    Kalisto wins the Andre Battle Royal: Sure, why not?

    Shield triple threat for the title: I doubt it. Would be cool, but I doubt it.

    Austin returns for one more match: Nah. The man doesn't need to wrestle, doesn't want to wrestle and has made it clear he won't just do some jerkoff bullshit to help the WWE pop an attendance record.

    Tag team tournament: Unless they're gonna have another 10-hour WM, there's no way they dedicate this much time to a one night tag team tournament.

    Sting/Taker: Probably. Neither guy has anything better to do nor anywhere else to go, so why not?

  13. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 10, 2015 at 12:49 PM

    Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

    Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho for Intercontinental Championship

    Money in the bank ladder match:
    Neville vs Sami Zayn vs Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus vs Wade Barrett vs Tyson Kidd vs Cesaro vs Cody Rhodes

    Hulk Hogan w/Dallas Cowboys vs Rusev

    Randy Orton vs Finn Balor

    Undertaker, Sting, and Kane vs The Wyatt Family. No holds barred.

    Batista vs Brock Lesnar

    WWE Championship: (C) Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose

    Rock and Rousey vs The Authority

    John Cena vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

    That is my way to early prediction at a wrestlemania card. That card is a little ridiculous but might be able to fit 100k plus.

  14. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 10, 2015 at 12:50 PM

    Assuming a lot here. I'm also doubtful austin ever wrestles again.

  15. They could have a 3 hour preshow

  16. No, they always do this fantasy booking thing. It has nothing to do with the company's creative direction. Vince probably thinks they shut down years ago and the WWE's online home is on Twitter now.

  17. True, true.

    But when will they fit in all the Alex Riley hosted panels?

  18. Sadly, we're proably only a few years away from "24 hours Of Wrestlemania"

  19. I agree with everything you have said above.

  20. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 10, 2015 at 12:54 PM

    It is funny how everyone assumes he will wrestle cause it is in Texas. I would love to see it but he doesn't at all fit the current product. In my fantasy scenario below I have him facing Cena but not even sure what story they would go for their.

  21. No way Austin would be healthy enough to handle Lesnar's brutally physical style.

  22. Mania 27 and 29 weren't particularly great...

  23. I know, but that's the only "money" match I see with Austin to do. There's no point in him wrestling Daniel Bryan or Ziggler or someone like that, and even less of a point to do yet another Triple H or Rock match.

  24. I think Austin would have done the match to wrestle Punk.

  25. Maybe, but at this point that's pretty much not a possibility, right?

  26. At WM 32 Roman Reigns will win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and it will be glorious.

  27. Pretty much. You're right as nothing else seems to fit.

  28. Booker T, Undertaker, Mark Henry, JBL, Jake Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, and Kevin Von Erich are all from Texas too, but you don't hear too many people say "All those guys will compete at Mania 32 because it's in Texas!"

    People only keep saying that for Michaels and Austin.

  29. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 10, 2015 at 1:00 PM

    And it has to be undertakers retirement because it's in Texas!

  30. Oh yeah, that's another.

    Hey, Chavo Guererro is from Texas! He's got to come back for Mania 32 as well!

  31. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 10, 2015 at 1:03 PM

    Texas legends battle royal!

  32. With Cena incorporating a springboard Stunner into his repertoire, I could see a logical path for him to have a match with Austin. Built in hook for a feud, plus Cena works a pretty soft style that would probably be pretty safe for Austin. I'm not saying that i WANT Austin to come back, or particularly need him to, but it would be an interesting Attitude Era versus Modern Era match. I'd probably book it to end in a draw, they share a beer, feel good moment.

  33. One way or another, Vince will convince Steve Austin to have one more match. It's almost happened before, but this time we get Austin vs. Lesnar

  34. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 10, 2015 at 1:09 PM

    Ahhhhhhh I just don't see that. Austin can't hang with brock at this point. Cena is more likely.

  35. This is going to sound absolutely nuts, but Austin vs. Cena doesn't feel like a huge match to me.


  37. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 10, 2015 at 1:13 PM

    It doesn't really sound nuts. No idea how they would make sense of that match or how good the match would be. I just know Austin could work with Cena, he can't get roughed up by brock. Randy Orton or Seth Rollins would be good matches also. Rollins the only one who makes even a little sense. Anti-Authority Austin vs Rollins

  38. 8. But Vince isn't a billionaire doe.

    7. I could do without a divas anything.

    6. As long as she wrecks Steph's shit in like 30 seconds.

    5. Don't really care about the battle royal. But Cesaro's push was derailed and Mizdow should have won this year.

    4. I can get behind a Shield triple threat.

    3. FUCK. YES. vs. CM Punk please.

    2. Okay. *shrug*

    1. Should have been this year.

  39. 8. Oh hell no
    7. If they were women's wrestlers instead of "divas" then yeah. But marketing.
    6. If they overbook the hell out of it like Austin vs Dude Love, and Steph still gets murdered in 10 seconds, then go for it.
    5. ARMBAR won't even be a thing next year.
    4. That would be awesome actually....then reunite and run roughshot over the WWE for a year.
    3. Wont happen
    2. Tag Tournament: Eh.
    1. No

  40. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 10, 2015 at 1:21 PM

    Austin vs Rock vs Triple H w/Foley as ref would be fun. Put a bow on the attitude era for the 10th time!

  41. I think a former manager of Austin's may have had a catchphrase that would suggest there's always a possibility.

  42. 1) Jerry Jones: Um, ok, whatever. Depends on who the wrestlers are.
    2) NXT Diva: Cool.
    3) Ronda: Hell yeah, as long as it isn't something dumb like her losing to Steph. Combine it with #2 and have her walk out as champ. Let her be Brock for a while. What's to lose?
    4) Kalisto: Weird but neat.
    5) Shield triple-threat: Could be good. I still wouldn't want Reigns to win.
    6) Austin: Don't see it, but that'd be great.
    7) DEFEND the tag titles in a tournament? Seems unfair, unless it's a tournament for a shot at the titles.
    8) Sting vs Taker: Sure, ok.

  43. Austin vs. Orton, Rattlesnake vs. Viper.

    I like the Shield triple threat idea.

  44. 1. Vince McMahon buying the Washington Redskins from Dan Synder would hear this feud up.

    3. Not a big UFC fan, but I hear she is a straight shooter.

    Hogan vs. Cena or we riot.

  45. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 10, 2015 at 1:37 PM

    Austin is a difficult guy to place in today's landscape but a match vs Orton would be nice and easy for him and Orton could adopt the legend killer persona for the program.

  46. 8. please no
    7. yes please
    6 Sounds gre....what's that Dana? No Fn way?....nevermind
    5. That would be great but we are more likely to get Big Show winning again
    4.would be awesome
    3. Vince is trying to find out how many zeros he needs to add to make this happen
    2. Because they care so much about the tag titles that they will give a large portion of the show to a tourney...
    1. Undertaker vs. the character Vince built from the ground up this point they might as well and be done with both of them

  47. Austin can referee the rumoured HHH/Rock match. Now that would make sense.

  48. YankeesHoganTripleHFanApril 10, 2015 at 1:52 PM

    If Jerry and Vince do a battle of the billionaires, I am SO
    rooting for Jerry Jackass to get his head shaved.

  49. At least it's not full on Aids.

  50. The first Rock/Cena was one of the best matches ever. 27 no doubt was bad but after all the shit WWF took leading up to 31 and for them to hit a grand slam like they did, I have faith in good Manias going forward.

  51. And..of course...drop one of them on that stack of dimes they call a neck.

  52. They could call it the Super-Duper for Realzzz End of an Era.

  53. They're not turning around and offering a guy they're suing enough money to entice him to come back and work for a company he'd like to burn and piss on the ashes of within one year. That's also to say nothing of the guy being under UFC contract, as well.

    I mean, Punk's not coming back period, but certainly not within a year.

  54. One of the best matches EVER?!

    /rubs spectacles
    /bulges eyes

  55. All these things will tooootally happen.

    Just like last year's goofy WM 31 predictions:

    "John Cena will join the Wyatt Family"
    "The WWE Title will be split back in two."
    "Steph will challenge for the Divas Championship"
    "Zeb Colter will start another Real Americans stable."
    "Cody Rhodes will win and cash in the MITB briefcase."
    "Cesaro will break from Paul Heyman and challenge Brock Lesnar."
    "The Undertaker will retire."

    The ONLY one they managed to get right was Roman Reigns winning the Rumble. But, I'm sure that was probably planned far in advance.

  56. 8. No thanks, wasn't interested last time and wouldn't be interested in this.
    7. I think this is inevitable. I could see it being Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks actually
    6. I would love this as a Tag Match with Rock Steph/HHH, but not holding out hope. Don't see Dana White being down for this.
    5. I seriously hope he's doing something much more interesting like a Tag Title match or a ladder match.
    4. I can see this happening, whether it's for the Title or not. Ambrose needs some serious character rehab though.
    3. Not unless hell freezes over and they can get CM Punk in there with him. Not happening.
    2. Not happening. I wouldn't be shocked if it's another 4way match. Cesaro/Kidd, Usos, Lucha Dragons, and I'll go a little crazy and say Neville/Barrett because the English link.
    1. I see this happening. I don't know what else you do with these guys otherwise that makes sense.

  57. Now I want to see a Lesnar/Cesaro match. That'll never happen

  58. Creative: "We think Lesnar's next feud should be with Cesaro."

    Vince: "Scissors?! We have a wrestler named scissors now?! Oh, that must have been Paul's recent recruit. Man, that has potential..."

    Creative: "No, no...CESARO."

    Vince: "Who'd wanna see Cesar in a match with Scissors?!"

    Creative: "No...Vince...Cesaro. His name is Cesaro."

    Vince: "Wait...what if you GAVE CESAR??? Scissors will have finally met his match!"

    Creative: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  59. It would be cool to see Austin vs Cena to determine who does the better Stunner.

  60. They have tons of great matches to go for.
    Baylor vs sheamus
    Samoa Joe vs Lesnar
    Itami vs Heel Bryan
    Owens vs Wyatt
    Lesnar vs sheild
    Cena vs Zayne

    So of course we'll get Big Show vs Bryan, Taker/sting, Rock/HHH, Reigns/Cena, Brock vs Wyatt and all the Nxt guys still in Nxt for some reason.

  61. One...Two...Thr...Ahh just a cunt hair short of 3.

  62. 4. Put Brock in there and you got yourself a deal.

  63. You're going to be that guy? The match was the definition of a Mania main event, insane near falls, no one knows who was winning, yes one of the best matches ever.

  64. Dana White read that Rousey prediction and laughed his ass off, because there's no way he'll allow that to happen.

  65. It was a joke, but yes, I mostly agree. (I say "mostly" while one can safely rule out Punk at WM32, I wouldn't ever rule out him returning at some point.)

  66. And then R-Truth runs in and ends the match by laying them both out with his Stunner.

  67. I still don't think that card gets 100,000.

  68. Didn't they do that with WM 16?

  69. How is this Rousey stuff happening? Is Dana letting her tease a match or is she just doing it on her own?

  70. Cesaro carrying around a pair of scissors? Quite frankly that's just what he's been missing.

  71. Cena waving his hand in front of his face until Austin Stuns him and pours beer on him has my money.

  72. If Raw was a three hour procedural where someone pisses off Steve Austin and he Stuns them at the end I'd be more likely to watch it than I am now.

  73. I think all of those, except for the Jerry Jones one, are pretty likely.


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