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BoD Daily Update

RAW Ratings

RAW had 3.57 million viewers this past Monday night, the lowest viewing audience for a non-holiday or NFL season show since 1997. The NBA Playoffs were likely the main culprit as they drew 4.59 and 4.66 million viewers respectively. Here are the hourly breakdowns:

8pm: 3.42 million viewers
9pm: 3.71 million viewers
10pm: 3.59 million viewers

Goldust Update

Goldust will be undergoing shoulder surgery soon after undergoing an MRI to check out some issues. He is expected to miss between 2-4 months.

Former WWE Wrestler Releasing a Book Tomorrow

JTG's book titled "Damn! Why Did I Write This Book?" will be available tomorrow. The book itself is a compilation of short stories that detail how JTG got heat on himself in the WWE and OVW locker rooms.


  1. :: tosses Mister Thirteen into BoD approved wood chipper ::

  2. I'm curious if nba ratings are down because they is no traditional great team (minus Spurs) in the playoffs. All of the lebron-less teams that have a shot at the title (clips, Warriors, Houston, Memphis Atlanta) have only been good for the last few years and none of them have even been in the finals in the last 20 years.

  3. Mister ThirteenMay 6, 2015 at 7:38 AM

    Nobody puts Benjy on the cover...

  4. Vader was also fat, stiff and a WCW character Vince didn't fully get behind.

  5. Right. I mean, I don't even get why ECW fans were pissed at Mike Awesome for jumping to WCW as champion. He wasn't getting paid!

    Why would he sign a new deal with ECW when they already owed him thousands?

  6. A "big fat piece of shit" if I recall correctly.

  7. God I remember that Germany RAW. Even 14-year-old me (who pretty much liked what I was told to like as a fan and was a good little soldier) was bored. I even seem to recall talking to my friend on the phone during the show and saying something to the effect of "This is why Nitro is beating RAW. They don't put on boring-ass shows like this."

  8. Although August is decent, September and the first half of October are still pretty stale. I would say that it isn't until the latter part of October (aka. when Bret came back) that things started to get back on the upswing, albeit slowly. Not being a "Bret is God" sort, but they desperately needed another top guy at that point, and Bret definitely qualified. And as an added bonus, he immediately helped another guy get to main event level. But that's few months off, so I'd say we have a ways to go.

  9. Kinda reminds me of how they screwed up the Undertaker vs. Undertaker storyline. A simple story (in this case, Sunny is a bitch and dumps the Bodydonnas and they want revenge) made confusing/horrible by bad storytelling.

  10. Don't you know you're supposed to be wrestling for the love of it? How dare Mike Awesome want to actually get paid for his work! Joey Styles' attitude towards Awesome on the One Night Only PPV was disgusting even taking away the death thing. Like ok, Joey you want to be an idiot and work for free or wait for back wages fine, but to slam Awesome for not agreeing to do that is ridiculous. Maybe Joey was playing it up though on that show.


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