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RVD in 2006

Hi Scott,

If RVD and Sabu hadn’t got pulled over in 2006, what were the plans for RVD and the titles?  I assume he would probably still have lost the WWE Title fairly soon to transition into Cena/Edge over the summer but what about the ECW belt?  Would he have kept it until December To Dismember? Were there any plans for either title or was he just a transitional champ in both cases?

Welcome to the afternoon session of post-dated madness! 

Yeah, there was no chance RVD was keeping that WWE title longer than he did.  They didn’t trust him and didn’t want him as champion and I think he was losing it anyway, but it just got moved up a couple of weeks from “soon” to “right fucking now”.  They barely even trusted Edge with that thing, so I doubt RVD would have been given the ball.  The ECW title loss was the one where it was a more direct result of the pot bust if I’m remembering correctly.    All indications seemed to be that he was going to get it for the long haul and screwed it up.  It wouldn’t have mattered because once Heyman left they were gonna go with their own pet projects like Lashley anyway.