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Blog question


Although I've drifted away from the product in the last few years, I
do follow through through your blog mostly (over 15 years of
continuous reading), which brings me to a question. I've noticed most
"talents" are going through the FCW and NXT to make it to the main
roster. And I realize the old days or jumping ship and showing up in
prime time (Lex Luger, Rick Rude, X-Pac) are mostly over. My question
is, is there a star, or stars, that could/would debut on the WWE main
roster and skip the gimmick makeover? Have we reached the point where
there is no excitement of ever watching someone like Scott Hall, Chris
Jericho, Randy Savage, or Bill Goldberg show up and shock us all?


​Well, Samoa Joe came closest, but even though they neutered him somewhat by having him appear on developmental instead of the main roster.  The main problem is that pretty much everyone with star power has already been absorbed by the WWE system, or else had that star power killed off by TNA.  There was a point where, say, America's Most Wanted or AJ Styles could have jumped in the TNA glory days of 05-06, but that time has long passed.  ​