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Dusty tribute idea for Raw

Cody returns (as Cody or Stardust, whichever) and answers Cena's open challenge. Considering the situation, Cody will be the biggest face in the building.

Now obviously, they're not going to have Cody win the title, Dusty dying or not. But why not have a ref bump or some other shenanigans (perhaps Owens is involved) and Cody pins Cena. Seemingly wins the US title....

....only to have the ultimate Dusty finish, another ref comes out and it's reversed and Cena retains.

Seems like it'd be a fitting way to honor Dusty.


I think Cody should definitely be in the John Cena challenge on Monday, although I don't know about doing another Dusty Finish.  That'd probably be way too inside for most people to understand.  It's too bad Goldust is injured because having the Dust Brothers win the tag titles would have been ideal.