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The man who beat the man who beat the man


Between Brock Lesnar's

a) monumental surge in popularity

b) re-signing with WWE

c) irregular schedule

...coupled with creative's serial ADD and the high-octane church fart that was the Great Roman Reigns Experiment of '14/'15, do you believe the window of opportunity to effectively milk the "guy who conquered the guy who conquered the Streak" angle has officially closed? 

​Yeah, that's kind of a point that got lost amidst the goodwill for this year's Wrestlemania, isn't it?  That whole storyline was pretty much wasted.  And while we're at it, I would also submit that all the good that keeping the WWE title off TV for weeks at a time did has also been flushed by Seth Rollins being a chicken champion who is on TV 5 segments per show.  ​And now they barely even mention Brock Lesnar at all, after signing him to a new long-term deal for tons of money when he was at his hottest!

So weird all around.