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This match continues...

Remember a couple weeks back when we were talking about the staleness of WWE's presentation?

I'm watching Money in the Bank today and at one point Ambrose clotheslines Rollins over the announce table and Michael (MAGGLE) Cole goes, "This match continues!"

I swear to god I thought the pay-per-view was going to cut to a commercial right then and there. I was sort of surprised when it didn't.

Bad sign or good Pavlovian training by WWE?

​They already HAVE multiple commercials on their PPVs!  They just haven't taken to interrupting the matches for them yet.  But already we get multiple commercials for WWE Network shows, Mountain Dew, Total Divas, whatever shitty theme song they're shilling this week, DVD releases, trailers for their shitty movies, their website, Susan G. Komen, whoever their sponsor is for the show, and sometimes even random stuff like tax services​.  It's pretty brutal for a show that some people are still paying $60 to watch.  Makes Hulu look subtle by comparison.


  1. I switched cable providers a few weeks ago, and was utterly SHOCKED that they were promoting the upcoming WWE pay-per-view. I think I had forgotten/assumed that some people might still pay $60 for these shows I get for free every month. Even if you aren't technically savvy, don't you find a way to get the network on at least your phone to stop paying so much every month?

  2. They actually cut to a commercial mid match for the Truth/Barrett pre-show match.

  3. I have no issue with the "commercials" between matches such as they are. Sure I hate the commercials for the network shows. But most of the other stuff have been going on for years.

    I'm ok with them adding more commercials to the archive stuff so long as its not inserted mid-match. But I mean wrestling shows have natural breaks in between the matches, so why not take advantage of that and throw in a 45 second spot for Mountain Dew and Netflix?

  4. Not everyone has a smartphone

  5. I was prepared for a commercial after that line also.

  6. I don't even care about commercials during matches.

    But can they at least try and do it during a random or spontaneous moment and not predictably after a big dive spot/faces clear the ring/someone appears ringside; just some effort in not rubbing your face in how blatantly predetermined and repetitive the match layouts on TV actually are?

    Its pretty damn sad when watching old Nitro shows going to break in the middle of a move or move sequence feels so incredibly refreshing.

    Incidentally "Tape machines are rolling" >"This match continues as Raw rolls on".

  7. Virgin/Sky TV are still promoting them as well in the UK. I'd love to know how many people paid to see MitB in the UK on PPV.

  8. A decent number of people still don't have broadband access.

  9. Can you imagine the confused children everywhere if, next Monday, Coleslaw said "the tape machines are rolling?"

  10. And the commercial was more entertaining

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  12. Most with $60 to blow on wwe ppvs do.


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