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WCW Road Wild 1999 Review

Hi Scott

I hope you and the family are doing well

I must be honest and say that I kind of wanted The Cav's to win the series,
as I liked the story of LeBron coming home and carrying an average team to
the title, but I enjoyed your goading in the recent Nitro thread ;)

LeBron's a bad Kopite anyway

My search to try and find a review style that works has led me to trying
this one out

I think this works a bit better than the previous style I used for New
Years Revolution 2005

Could I please ask you to post this to the blog so I can get some feedback
from the Doomers?

They really helped me out last time and I tried to take some of their
feedback on board and put it into practice

Not much of a show this one of course, but then WCW wasn't much of a
company by this point either. The writing was probably already on the wall

The first bit is me complaining about how rubbish WCW was at releasing
Videos in the UK (WCW being run ineptly
in a commercial way? Perish the
thought!) but the rest I think is alright

Take care anyway mate


​God I hated the buildup to that show so much.  Nash loses the title and THEN puts his career on the line against Hogan, who's already won the title back?  Just so bad.  ​


  1. The fact that Nash and Hogan were fighting for title in 1999 was pathetic.

  2. Oy,'ve gotta do some formatting with your review, even just the basics of bolding some lines and italicizing others. My suggestion? Bookend the match run-down by putting your rating and the competitors/match outcome in a bolded font. It will segment the piece nicely and break up those rather large chunks of similarly emphasized text.

  3. You highlight something very interesting - you couldn't get WCW PPVs in the UK, not really. ECW tapes were prevalent, WWF massively so (stock varied from shop to shop, but you could theoretically buy any WWF PPV on tape/DVD). I'm shocked you could even find BATB 99. Just a testament to how fucking backward that company was - the UK, as you say, was a sizeable overseas market for them. WCW Worldwide was the only US wrestling on terrestrial television for some time. No effort to engage those fans, or capitalise on an easily graspable revenue stream. Open fucking goal left unscored. Because WCW. FFS.

  4. I wanted the Cavs to win too, better story and LeBron is the best player in the world. However, no single player is good enough to carry a bunch of scrubs to a title. Had Love and Irving been healthy, maybe the Cavs win, but without them, nope.

  5. Fat, Ugly Inner-City SweathogJune 20, 2015 at 1:27 PM

    Hogan vs Nash still would have been big at Starrcade 98, but by summer who cared?

  6. Fat, Ugly Inner-City SweathogJune 20, 2015 at 1:28 PM

    I wanted badly to be excited about Hulkamania in 99. But it was just a guy changing clothes. In 2002 it was awesome, if only for 30 minutes

  7. You lost me at "rubbish" mate.

  8. The 2002 run was fantastic, he worked really hard, put a bunch of people over including Rock and Lesnar in a huge way. He didn't wear out his welcome either.

  9. How old were undertaker and hbk when they had their last match?

  10. Both men were 45 years old. In comparison Nash was 40 in 1999 and Hogan was 46.

    But if you're comparing Mania Taker and HBK to Road Wild 99 you're a severely ill man.

  11. Down Under Aussie (in Japan)June 20, 2015 at 4:11 PM

    They weren't fighting for the title.

  12. I think this illustrates another point though -- the slickness of the WWE's presentation of big matches with bad workers does cover a multitude of sins.

  13. See, I kinda agree and kinda disagree. Saying that Hogan is a "bad" worker is understandable because his crap match percentage is definitely high but Hulk sure did know how to put on a great spectacle and put on the best past possible match he could when he knew he needed too such as Mania 3, 6, 18 and if hazard to say Bash at the Beach 94.

    Hogan and Nash in WCW were never but one or two times each ever in a position to have to put on a great match, and their work reflected that.

  14. That is a good point and I do agree with that.

    I think a lot of it just comes down to laying out the match too -- pretty much all of those early Hogan/Flair matches and the Hogan/Vader match at Superbrawl are really well laid out and play to his strengths (good worker to bump around for him or monster for him to really play up the comic book thing).

    Nash really wasn't a monster the way someone like Sid was, but he was certainly no Flair either.

  15. TheOriginalDonaldJune 20, 2015 at 7:13 PM

    Not me. After Luther James wasted Cyrus Wade and the Heat, I was rooting for the Warriors the whole movie. #canyoudigit? #CanYouDigIt? #CAN YOOOOOOOOOOOUDIOGIT????????????????????????

  16. Yeah, they were only in the main event at wrestlemania.

  17. It's weird because this could have been WCW's big money match had it happened sooner, but by the time they did pull the trigger on the match both guy's credibility had been shot.

  18. I agree WCW could have done a lot more to make money in the UK since if TNA can make money here, then ANYBODY can make money here, though if you were like me, you should have gotten a tape trader to watch WCW PPV's and all sorts of obscure stuff.

  19. I think it was patheric not because both were older but because they were there on top for 3-5 years while WWF hat fresh main eventers with Austin and Rock and Mankind.

  20. Down Under Aussie (in Japan)June 21, 2015 at 5:51 AM

    John Cena is the main event of Wrestlemania, even when he doesn't go on last.

  21. You are a very silly person.


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