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WWF Superstars of Wrestling July 11th, 1987

July 11, 1987

From the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, IN

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Ken Patera, Hercules & King Kong Bundy & King Harley Race, Honky Tonk Man, Can-Am Connection, and Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Ken Patera

Vince puts over Patera's strength as he works the arm of Sharpe. Patera then hits a clothesline and slams Sharpe as Vince tells Jesse that Patera has already paid his debt to society when he referred to him as a jailbird then shortly after that, Patera got the win with a bearhug (2:46).

Thoughts: Vince was really pushing Patera hard here but the fans just weren't buying.

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week's subject is the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase as we see him tossing money out to the fans as he is heard in a voiceover saying he gives his money away because he enjoys watching "swine" fight over it as he proclaims that everyone has a price. This was such an interesting character and it instantly clicked as a top heel act. You can tell Vince was heavily invested in the gimmick too, which helped a lot.

Vince plugs the WWF Magazine "Win Lunch With Hulk" contest as Jesse cracks jokes about that.

Mario Mancini & Jim Evans & Paul Roma vs. Hercules & King Kong Bundy & King Harley Race w/ Bobby Heenan

Before the match, Heenan yells at the crowd to bow as they boo. Match starts with Hercules destroying Mancini then we get an insert promo from Heenan, who states that he has signed Bam Bam Bigelow. Back to the match as Bundy is now destoying Mancini. Evans tags as Bundy hits the Avalanche then drops an elbow then demands a five count and that gets the win (2:23).

Thoughts: The action was forgettable but the biggest takeaway again was the intrigue about Bam Bam Bigelow and the multiple claims by various matches that they have signed him. It was a good way to build for the debut of Bam Bam.

Gene Okerlund is with Brutus Beefcake, who will be facing Greg Valentine at Madison Square Garden. Beefcake talked about the rush he gets from cutting hair.

Can-Am Connection vs. Terry Gibbs & Dusty Wolfe

The Can-Ams take control early, hitting stereo monkey flips and atomic drops then partake in a lame celebration. The match settles down as they use their high flying offense while we get an insert promo from the Islanders as they promise to destroy the Can-Ams. Back to the match as Gibbs pulls the ropes on Martel as he dumps to the floor. However, Martel fights back shortly after that then holds up Wolfe as Zenk comes off the op with a missile dropkick as the Can-Ams get the win (2:56).

Thoughts: Zenk had actually quit the WWF by the time this made it to air, making this is last appearance on "Superstars of Wrestling." They seemed to have big plans for this feud too.

Okerlund is now with Hulk Hogan, who will face Killer Khan at the August 1st show at the Meadowlands arena. Hogan promises to eat Khan alive and warns him and Mr. Fuji that Hulkamania is coming. After several weeks of strong build on TV, Khan is now facing Hogan for the title at house shows across the country.

A replay of last week where Khan sprayed mist into the face of Outback Jack as they build up Khan as a serious threat to Hogan in their upcoming matches.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Brian Costello

Jake beats on Costello in and out of the ring. Back inside, he hits the short-armed clothesline then follows with the DDT for the win (1:45). After the match, Jake dumps the snake on Costello, who freaks out and leaves the ring.

Thoughts: Not a whole lot of talk about Jake and his feud with Honky here as it was merely a showcase for Jake to get a quick win and for the fans to see him use the snake.

WWF Special Report with Craig DeGeorge. This is about Danny Davis as they show clips of him that led to Jack Tunney suspending him for life as a referee. Then, DeGeorge shows us the clip of Mr. T being named the new "Special Enforcer" of the WWF as we hear from Davis, who says that he is a good wrestler.

A small clip of Jesse Ventura from the film "Predator."

New Dream Team w/ Johnny V. vs. Sivi Afi & "Leaping" Lanny Poffo

Poffo's pre-match promo was poking fun at Johnny V's haircut courtesy of Beefcake. The New Dream Team beat on Afi as we see Johnny V. in an insert promo saying that he has signed Bam Bam Bigelow. Beefcake joins the announcers table as Bravo hits Afi with a dropkick. Beefcake says that he has something special for the New Dream Team. Bravo misses a top rope senton as Poffo tags in and cleans hammers away. Valentine breaks up a pin after a moonsault then the New Dream Team take control of the match. Valentine stares down Beefcake then puts on the Figure Four as Poffo submits (3:32). Valentine keeps the hold on after the bell then Beefcake runs down to the ring and cuts off a piece of Valentine's hair as the crowd goes nuts. The New Dream are flipping out as they are outside of the ring while Beefcake is playing with his hair.

Thoughts: They continued the Beefcake vs. Dream Team feud here as it was at least helping Beefcake get over. Bravo & Valentine sucked as a team but the important thing was getting over the guy with the new push and it worked in that aspect.

DeGeorge is with Slick and Butch Reed, who are not impressed with the latest Superstar Billy Graham video, which shows him in various poses. Reed then promises to show us a posedown next week.

Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Omar Atlas

Atlas reverses an Irish whip then gets two with a sunset flip. However, he ducks his head on a backdrop attempt and gets kicked in the face as we see an insert promo from Jimmy Hart as he tells us that is the one who signed Bam Bam Bigelow, even promising us exclusive footage next week. Back to the match as Honky catches Atlas with a clothesline then puts him away with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (1:41). After the match, Honky poses for his fans.

Thoughts: Match was nothing but this segment sure made Hart seem like the favorite to land Bigelow.

In action next week will be Brutus Beefcake, Demolition, One Man Gang and the featured match of Junkyard Dog & Billy Jack Haynes & Hillbilly Jim vs. Don Muraco & Bob Orton & Ron Bass. Plus, Mr. T will be the guest on the "Snake Pit."

Final Thoughts: The show was fine this week in pushing newer acts. They put over DiBiase's gimmick a lot and are hyping up Bam Bam as good as you can without having him actually appear on TV. They also are getting Beefcake's barber gimmick over with the crowds as well. Hogan has a new opponent for house show matches in Khan, who they are making an attempt to get over by having him spew mist. Still, they need stronger feuds at the top of the cards and Patera vs. the Heenan Family is not working.

Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Thursday: RF Video Shoot & Undercover with New Jack (2004)
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/12/87
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/18/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge7/19/87


  1. Fat, Ugly Inner-City SweathogJune 2, 2015 at 6:33 PM

    - Hitman vs. Macho Man, WWF Title
    - Hogan vs. Yokozuna (special attraction co-main event)
    - Razor vs. Perfect
    - Crush vs. BamBam
    - Tatanka vs. Luger ("undefeated vs. undefeated")
    - Money Inc. vs. Steiners, Tag Titles
    - HBK vs. Jannetty, IC Title (who cares if Marty was fucked up.Job him, then fire him)
    - Undertaker vs. Gonzalez
    - Backlund vs. Doink (novelty to give Bob a nostalgia win)

  2. Fat, Ugly Inner-City SweathogJune 2, 2015 at 6:36 PM

    Both guys (kayfabe) wanting to deliver a "dream match" and prove that they are the #1 contender to the title once again. Flair needs to prove himself after the Mania loss. Hogan wants the belt one more time. Spend a bunch of time hyping the different Title match possibilities coming from the SummerSlam results: Savage-Hogan II, Savage-Flair II, Warrior-Hogan II, Warrior-Flair. It's a non-title match with world title implications after being named a "#1 contender" match

  3. I'd make a slite alteration: Pay Flair to stay through Mania and blow-off him and Perfect there. With the rest of the card as is, keeping low-card stuff like Razor going over Backlund and Doink/Crush (which was a surprisingly hard pushed match) wouldn't hurt. Build up Yokozuna by destroying Duggan, then the returning Beefcake, and give Hogan his motivation that way. He destroyed his best friend and the man who presents the country he loves. Insta-feud.

  4. "Mario Mancini & Jim Evans & Paul Roma vs. Hercules & King Kong Bundy & King Harley Race w/ Bobby Heenan"

    Pretty rare seeing a six man tag match with jobbers as one of the teams.

  5. They did it infrequently.

  6. Nothing wrong with that. Taker apparently called Foley "Cactus" for years. I'm sure nobody took issue with that.

  7. Add me to the 1999 crowd.

  8. Omar Atlas is one of the memorable jobbers from this era.

  9. I saw that match main event a "B" house show in 92, a little after Survivor Series when Undertaker was between Kamala and Giant Gonzalez feuds.

  10. Paul Roma is no jobber! That's a Horseman damn it!

  11. 1999 Raws, when I finally came back to wrestling.

  12. Me 2 I thought he was evil

  13. Strange angle the Michaels one to the finish show. It certainly popped the crowd and provided a cool moment but really didn't go anywhere in the long run. Was it just done as a way to get them out of the Rumble finish? Or am I giving them too much credit for longer term booking?

    As a non internet fan at the time I presumed this was the angle they were using to bring him back as a full time competitor but instead he just went part time commissioner again, going back and forth between face and heel all the time. I was never especially a fan of the drugged up commissioner era Shawn Michaels to be honest. He just doesn't work as a regular character if he isn't wrestling imo.

  14. Battle Kat LitterJune 3, 2015 at 5:37 AM

    Would have made an incredible Survivor Series team at SS92 (if they hadn't ditched the concept that year)

  15. Raw 1999 - there's a plethora of classic moments (Mankind winning the title, Jericho's debut, "It's me Austin!" to name but a few) that it would great to see re-capped

  16. I had that Trivia Card game! Remember being confused at the time about some lame character who disappeared three years earlier being in there - but not as confused as I was by the presence of "Brakkus"...

  17. Belee_Matt!_INDEED!!!June 3, 2015 at 6:33 AM

    Ken Patera vs. Iron Mike Sharpe??!! My god, think of the body hair!!!

  18. I thought Shango was a pretty decent scary heel who got pushed too fast, too soon. If Sid had stuck around, they could have taken their time with Shango rather than immediately inserting him into the Warrior feud. Plus, the Warrior puking angle was a little too cartoonish. When I got into the sheets (Wrestling Tribune) in 1995, they were still talking about how that angle started the long, slow demise of WWF syndicated ratings. Also, as several posters above have noted, the Warrior-Shango matches bombed as B-show main events. Obviously, Shango took the blame for this, as he was held off the Summerslam PPV broadcast and pushed down the card immediately thereafter.

  19. Hey - Valentine and Beefcake did not suck at as a team! They were awesome - their series with the Bulldogs, the USA Express, that amazing match with Tito/Steamboat! If anything, they were super-underrated.

  20. Fat, Ugly Inner-City SweathogJune 3, 2015 at 12:37 PM

    Yep. Those guys vs Undertaker's team

  21. I agree. Michaels would stick around for a few more week as a face authority figure IIRC, but then would disappear for a while. The guy was still battling his demons and if not for screwing his back up in January 1998 he may not even be alive today.

  22. I was talking about the Valentine/Bravo version of the Dream Team

  23. Ah - in retrospect, that was obvious, Sorry bout that, keep up the great work, Bayless!


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