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Dealin' With Danimal

Hey everyone! It's your main manimal, the Danimal!
It is both an honor and a privilege to be posting here at the newly revamped Rantsylvania. It's been a life long dream to post on a Scott Keith related web site and today that dream comes true!

I've been reading Scott's blog for years. In fact nearly ten years ago on March 10th 2006, I sent Scott an email and he actually posted it on his site! The first email I ever sent to him! It was such a thrill. Here is that email in it's entirety.

If I don't get an answer my brain will melt...

I don't know who else to turn too and I'm scared. I'm afraid Scott, I'm watching Wrestlemania VII and Virgil is wearing a face mask Scott. Now, is there anyway you might remember WHY THE FUCK HE'S WEARING THAT DUMB LOOKING MASK! It's driving me nuts. I feel like an important puzzle of my life is missing. I also want to mention the reasoning behind it to Virgil in person when I give him 15 bucks to sign my shit stained underpants when I see him at the next comic convention.

I can't find the actual post to let you all know how he responded, but he responded. I felt like a superstar. Needless to say, I was eventually banned from that site. The who, what, where, or why isn't important. It was a long time ago.

Scott would move on to bigger and better sites and eventually I would begin posting here in my current incarnation, danimalcrossing. Alot of people have asked why I chose that name and I usually give a long winded answer about how danimalcrossing is a place where bros meet up to cross each other's paths and bro down. Just a bunch of danimal's crossing, BEWARE! The real reason is because I enjoy the nickname Danimal for former Chicago Bear Dan Hampton and wanted a name that couldn't be traced back to any other internet characters I have ever created. One thing led to another, I stepped on the wrong toes and I was banned from posting here as well. In fact, I'm still banned. Here I am trying to comment on the, 10 Reasons Why I Love DDP Yoga article.

Crazy stuff! After my banning I finally decided to do something I had wanted to do for years and I started my own site dedicated to writing reviews of fast food. I had so much fun writing reviews that eventually I wanted to review everything I came across; Gas Stations, Farmer's Markets, Credit Unions, even various things around my workplace. Being banned from here caused me to follow my dreams and for that I will be forever grateful to the sociopath I enraged by existing.

Here we are less than a full year later and I'm writing for the very blog I'm banned from. It's funny how the world works. I plan to post links to my food reviews here for you all to enjoy, but I also plan to add further insight as well. It won't just be a link and that's it. I plan to post exclusive content much like I have here in this first post. I've got more tales of being banned from places to come in the future. I hope you all have as much fun reading them as I have writing them.

Please enjoy this review of my hacks to the new McPick 2 value meal from McDonald's. I combined a McChicken and mozzarella sticks to create a custom McChicken Parmigiana. I also combined a McDouble and mozzarella sticks to create a McDouble Pizza Burger. Sound gross? Come find out just how gross it is!

McPick 2 Creations: McChicken Parmigiana and McDouble Pizza Burger

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