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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Waiting for the Trade - Young Allies


Waiting for the Trade

by Bill Miller

Young Allies
by Sean McKeever, David Baldeon and Emma Rios
collects Young Allies #1-6, Age of Heroes #2 and Firestar one shot

Why I Bought This: Firestar and the Rikki Barnes Nomad are both favorites of mine and they are featured in this. Also McKeever wrote the Nomad: Girl Without A World series I previously reviewed as well as a Gravity digest I picked up for $3 and the quality of those two made me think this would be worth checking out.

The Plot: A group of young superheroes are drawn together by the actions of a new group of super-villains, who claim to be the children of some major baddies. Best of all they are calling themselves the Bastards of Evil.

Heavy spoilers follow after the break