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   Hey Scott,
     Two part question, both involving Brutus the Barber Beefcake. Back in 88 he was gaining momentum as a face and was pretty much scheduled to win the IC title from the Honky Tonk man at Summer Slam. As we know he was pulled out , replaced with the Warrior and history was made. Was this just a case of wanting to put the title on Warrior instead or were there other factors at work.
   Two in 1990, before the accident there was no question that he was going to win the title from Mr Perfect. My question is, what were the plans for him after that? The most obvious would be that he became yet another one of Hogan's "best friends" to turn on him but he was so over as a face at that point that the was no sense in killing the momentum.

He was never scheduled to win the title in 88.  He was always just the guy to give Honky someone to beat without wasting any of the real stars.  It was all, as the kids say, an angle.  Beefcake was doing jobs for Honky at the house shows every night that summer and was already married to Ron Bass for the shows after Summerslam.

The 90 one is tougher,  because it’s really hard to say what would have happened and how his career would have developed.  He was certainly much better at that point, but it’s not like he was a great worker at any point in his career and after he came back he was downright awful.  I think that Beefcake-Hogan might have done business, but really Sgt. Slaughter overshadowed everything else anyway.