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Best Feud Ever?

Sting and Ric Flair had what could charitably be called a match on the
last Impact show.  To my knowledge, they are the only two guys to
wrestle each other in a major promotion (if the AWA in it's death
throws was still a "major organization", then TNA deserves that title
too!) in four different decades.  Does it deserve to be known as the
greatest wrestling feud of all time?

Ninja please.  There’s been far more epic and fruitful long-term feuds in wrestling over the years.  Such as:

- Paul Heyman v. His Creditors

- Vince McMahon v. Sanity

- Kevin Nash v. Grey Hair

- HHH v. that cart on Monday

OK, that’s all my joke answers for now.  Anyway, the Sting-Flair feud was pretty great up until 2001.  Actually I think about the 1995 Flair turn way too much, because I hated it so much back then but it was kind of secretly brilliant. 

I think that Hogan v. Flair is another contender because they were mostly incapable of having a bad match together and some were even really good, plus it played out over 20 years as well.  Probably Undertaker v. Kane too.