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Dream Matches

Thumbing through your archives, I came across your post saying Cena/Rock is the only "Dream Match" left. I don't think I quite agree, though it's close. I'd argue all of the following count, though: 
CM Punk vs. Austin (apparently going to happen)

Rock vs. Cena (definitely going to happen)
Sting vs. Taker (not going to happen and would probably suck if it did)
Shawn Michaels vs. Rock (snowball's chance of it happening, but both guys can still go and both guys still take money from WWE so never say never...)
Did I miss any? I mean, plugging Rock/Shawn/Austin in against your favorite modern superstar doesn't really count, I think (mayyyyyyyybe Shawn/Bryan just for the whole teacher/student thing), but other than that... I dunno, is there anybody we never got to see Brock or Batista face?

Each other, I’m pretty sure. 

I’d also count Brock v. Cena, because the John Cena who got the PPV match in 2004 is not the same guy who was World champion a year later.  That match done today would be EPIC.  I don’t think we ever saw Cena-Flair, although at this point we wouldn’t want to.  You can play all kinds of time travel games as well, but if we’re sticking to matches that could realistically happen TODAY, I can’t think of many more.  Brock v. Joe?  D-Bry v. AJ Styles?  Oh!  Daniel Bryan v. Kurt Angle, that would rock it.