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Lucas Plug

Hello Scott,

Longtime fan who’s read practically everything you’ve ever written (including World Hero Federation). I’ve followed you via Rantsylvania, Wrestleline, 411, Inside Pulse, et al. Heck, I even got a sign with your name on it on TV for like 30 seconds at a RAW taping.

I’m a writer myself and also a lifelong Star Wars fan (as I know you are as well). I was hoping you could give a plug for a blog I wrote recently for on the worst changes that George Lucas has ever made to the original trilogy, and there have been plenty. The list includes Darth Vader’s new “Nooo!” from the Blu-Ray edition that came out this week.

Plus, it would be awesome to see something that I wrote mentioned on a blog that I check daily.

Thanks man.

I want that Blu-Ray so bad and yet hate it so much.  It’s a complex relationship I have with George Lucas.  Although I got to watch Episode IV on a gigantic plasma tonight, and hi def is not kind to the effects or Vader’s mask.  The costumes look CHEAP, man.