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New 52 Week 3

Hey Scott, do you plan on reviewing any more of the New 52? I'd be interested to get your take on the new Superboy series and the debuting Red Lantern series.

But of course.  I’ve been working through the latest pile and I’ll see how many I want to keep on.  From what I’ve read so far this week:

- Superboy #1.  I’ve always liked Connor Kent, and I’ve followed him since the Death of Superman stuff (whatever happened to Tom Grummett anyway?  His artwork on Superboy and Robin was wonderfully clean and fun), and even after the radical change in character where he went to shirt and jeans.  This also is a fun Superboy book, with a lab-bred Superboy growing up in a virtual Smallville clone and having an internal monologue with himself.  I have no idea how this relates to the original character, but it’s a great jumping-on point and it’ll stay on my pull list. 

- Batwoman #1.  LOVED IT.  Not sure that we need both a Batgirl and a Batwoman, but the art here is crisp and beautiful and I can’t really tell the difference in writing between the departed Greg Rucka and JH Williams.  Plus he loves to draw the mostly lesbian cast in various states of undress, so there’s that.  Even though this is a leftover from the Old DC Universe that got ported here thanks to delays, it’s easy to pick up for new readers.  The storyline with the dead twin sister is intriguing, too.  I shall keep reading this one.

- Green Lantern #1.  This is the total opposite of the other books, as it’s picking up a story right from the old volume of the title with Sinestro as GL of Earth and Hal Jordan trying to avoid bankruptcy in his post-heroic life.  I was kind of over Green Lantern even before the reboot and this didn’t help.  Pass.

- Resurrection Man #1.  I had never heard of the character before the relaunch was announced, and this was a case where I gave it a chance I wouldn’t normally give.  And it was a fun book!  A hero who dies and then returns with a new power each time, running from the agents of the afterlife, is a great concept and it’s almost the kind of thing that could be ported to a TV series if the book does well.  I don’t think it well, but I’m on board for the moment.

Still to come:  Legion Lost, Red Lanterns, Grifter, Batman and Robin.