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Review Stuff

Hey dude, I've been reading your stuff since the days.  Glad you're doing some reviewing again.
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your NoC review.  Despite being a fan of your writing, I'm not a huge fan of move-by-move reviews.  A few sentences to describe the match and major spots are all I really need.
That's all and do with this information what you will.  Keep up the good work.

I tried that approach on a full-time basis with RAW back in 2006 before I gave up for good, but I found that I drifted back to doing play-by-play once I got a netbook and could do reviews on the fly again.   I honestly don’t care about PBP, but the impression I always got was that people wanted it.  So what does everyone else think?  Short-form reviews that I can post quicker, or the long-form ones that generally take me longer to crank out?  Not as short-form as the disaster that was the Ricky Steamboat DVD review, but I really enjoyed the NOC one as far as ease of writing and conveying my feelings.