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Sting: The DVD


Do you think the WWE will make a Sting DVD? It seems like such an obvious thing and yet 10 years after acquiring the WCW archives they've yet to produce one.

Are they waiting for Sting's involvement? Clearly there must be some modicum of respect there; for them to not just go ahead and do it without him. Or maybe they think it'll sell better with his input?

What should be on *the* Sting DVD?

I think it has to do with not wanting to pay him royalties without having him under a Legends contract, but really it’s hard to do a compelling DVD about someone without any demons. 

It’d be a pretty easy DVD to compile, as you’d have his different phases to divide the discs.  For The Early Years, you’d have to have the Flair draw from Clash I, Sting winning the TV title from Mike Rotundo, the Sting & Luger Crockett Cup win, Sting v. Muta from Bash 89, Sting winning the World title from Flair, Sting & Luger v. The Steiners, winning the World title from Luger, a couple of random Vader matches, and probably a match with Rude in there somewhere.  Then with a neat break at the Crow Sting point, you can do the nWo years with the Hogan matches, losing the title to Savage, the DDP match from the Nitro DVD, some of the crap from the Russo era, and the last Flair match from Nitro to close things out.  Pretty easy set to put together, really.  Plus whatever they get from TNA’s library once they do under and sell out to WWE for $5.