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Austin, Post-Wrestling

Why do you think that Austin hasn't had the same level of success as The Rock in his post-wrestling career?  I remember a time where it seemed that Austin was gonna become the big star, not the Rock.  Those appearences on the old "Nash Bridges" tv show were so popular that CBS was seriously considering spinning Austin's character off in his own show at one time, but that didn't happen for some reason.  Now Rock is the big movie star, while Austin is making direct-to-DVD stuff.  Heck, Austin is also a well-known hunter, yet HBK gets his own hunting show.  Is Austin just content in doing WWE appearences/dvd movies?  Yea, Austin hosted the newest "Tough Enough" show, but surely the USA Network could come up with another one of their shows to put Austin in.

Well, Austin is super duper mega rich thanks to years of merchandise sales and ridiculous DVD royalties, so I think he’s probably content to pick and choose his projects.  Plus he’s never struck me as the type who puts up with Hollywood bullshit, whereas Rock is much more of the diplomatic type.  And hey, Austin was in the Expendables and that was a pretty badass movie.