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More Sporcle-y Goodness

as an early Sporcle adopter, I thought you might like my first stab at one - basically, who are the most overworked wrestlers in WWF/E history? We're looking for anyone who wrestled more than 200 matches in one calendar year, since 1980. A lot of what you'd expect, but I was surprised at #1. No one's done it in over a decade, incidentally.
Enjoy the quiz, and a plug wouldn't hurt none, either.

I don’t know about the numbers, since a lot of guys lied, but if people are actually going through and counting matches and such, good on them.  I ended up with 31/58, and I only got #1 because I was guessing at people who I knew were around at the time.  Otherwise I would have been totally shocked by it as well.