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Greatest Rivalries II

From the Masked Man dude who used to write for deadspin.  Pretty thorough piece.  I was just wondering your take on it.  Thanks.  Enjoy the blog.  -Cory

An e-mail I got soon after yours sums up my feelings, actually:

I assume you've read the Grantland article on the Bret / Shawn DVD?
The slant is... interesting.  The writer's still stuck in that insane
"reality era" theory of his, and at this point he's basically a high
school essay writer who can't accept that he went in the wrong
direction ten pages ago and that starting over would be the best bet.

Yeah, I wasn’t feeling the whole “It was never real to Shawn” stuff.  I think he was an ass at the time and now he legitimately feels bad for his role and wants to make amends.