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Podcast Plug


Hey. Want to listen to a group of tired old wrestling fans talk about the past? A few of the writers for the videogame / "geek culture" site Unwinnable recorded a wrestling-themed podcast called Unpinnable. Among the participants is former WrestleLine and Smarks contributor Don Becker. I thought your readers might want to hear us rhapsodize about the 1980s, ECW, and our favorite taglines. If you're interested you can stream it here:

Thanks! I've been a fan since the RSPW days and I still read your blog every day, even when I'm not actively following any promotions.

Haven't heard from Don in a while.  I actually was going to buy domain and redirect it to the blog when it came free last month, but it got snatched up on me.  Oh well.  Enjoy the plug!