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Chris Benoit Bio-Pic

Hot topic tonight…

What are your thoughts of the possibility of a bio-pic about Chris Benoit? Do you think it'll ever see the light of day? Would you go see it? In my opinion there's no way it'll ever be made, I think Vince will sue immediately and I'm on the fence about going to see it, I mean it sounds like it'll just be a pro-wrestling bash fest.

And also…

Didn't know if you saw this or not, but I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. I doubt there's any chance of it being tasteful or classy, but it could still be a good movie. Any thoughts on dream casting? If this were a bigger-budgeted movie I'd think Christian Bale would make a great Benoit, or maybe more realistically Liev Schrieber.

That’s a hell of a casting choice, actually.  I’d go with Julianne Moore as Nancy, just because.  And of course, Treat Williams as Vince McMahon.   I won’t rest until it happens!  We’d probably also need a Kevin Sullivan, although no one knows him outside of wrestling nerds so casting there is less of an issue.  Long as it’s someone short and muscular with a Boston accent, you’re set.   

Anyway, I doubt this will actually happen in any kind of form that will resemble the actual story, due to legal concerns.  Stuff less contentious than this story gets suspended in development hell for smaller reasons, and I just can’t see all the drugs and domestic abuse getting through the censors unless they do a “loosely based on” version with “Incapacitator” Ben Chrisoit and his wife Francy, who used to perform as Female.  Given the subject matter, though, I’d say there’s zero chance of it being classy.