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Thus Endeth The Streak

Heya Scott,
I've caught a few episodes of TNA lately and from the sound of it, that
Crimson guy has a pretty decent win streak. Knowing Bischoff, it'll come
to an unsatisfying end.
Has there ever been a satisfying end of a winning streak? What are your
thoughts on a good way to wrap one up?

I thought that Andre’s came to a pretty satisfying end.  So did Mr. Perfect’s, actually, aside from being on a house show.  But if you could Wrestlemania VI as the ending, it was pretty good too. 

The key, which I think is an obvious point, is that you should end the streak when the guy is a heel, so that people will WANT to see him lose.  If the Goldberg-Nash feud had more lead time, they could have turned Goldberg a couple of months in advance and made the fans actually want to see Nash be the one to end it.  Probably would have been easy to turn the fans on him, too:  Just have him do the opposite of what he was doing.  Instead of having him physically impressive feats against monsters, just keep having him defend the title against luchadors and then brag about how he only faces top competition.  Kind of like how Perfect was undefeated for a year, but he only fought scrubs and midcarders, so no one took him seriously as a threat and Hogan was able to convincingly beat him at the top.  Using a win streak to get a babyface over is great, but you need an endgame.