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Wresltemania Specialty Matches: Wrestlemania IV

Yay Wrestlemania IV

No need go into detail because none of you are going to comment anyway :)


Wrestlemania IV: What the World is Watching (and certainly regretted it later)
From Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey
Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura

WWF Heavyweight Championship Tournament: One Man Gang vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Why you ask? Lack of options. Already done the Battle Royale and the Warrior match. Plus I like Bam Bam’s funky entrance music.

This is the first round of the tournament, which was not only a bad decision but featured a series of bad decisions in the process. Bam Bam is over. Not Hogan level or Savage level over but certainly very over. So naturally they buried him. OMG is listed at around for 450 pounds and Bigelow is listed at 393 despite looking about 125 pounds lighter than OMG. Oliver Humperdink is Bigelow’s manager. He was also Paul Orndorff’s manager in the WWF during his second or third face turn. They all got buried naturally.

The Gang jumps Bigelow while he’s doing his warm ups and pounds away. He grunts a lot too. He’s like a fatter, less talented Iron Mike Sharpe. Gang sends Bam Bam in the corner and avalanches him (slowly) as Gorilla and Jesse discuss Gorilla’s wrestling weight, which shows you how seriously they are taking this match. Bigelow moves out of a second avalanche and knocks Gang over for a two count. Bigelow with a high cross body for two and a diving headbutt for another two count. Bigelow puts on the power moves and adds a headbutt and a clothesline to knock him down. Another headbutt and more punching and more power stuff from Bigelow at a much faster pace. Another diving headbutt and he goes for the big…something but Slick pulls down the ropes and Bigelow goes flying over the the top. Now Bigelow is on the ring apron at the count of five but the dumbass referee keeps counting and Bigelow is halfway in the fucking ring when his slow ass gets to 10 and they ring the bell. This HAD to be a double cross of some sort. Anyway Bigelow was one of the few people the crap-assed crowd came to see so you can imagine their excitement that Gang advanced despite not having won a noteworthy match in like two years. What a big pile of bullshit. And naturally Bigelow is dead. You know why he’s dead? Because the good workers always die (example: The Radicalz, no offense Dean, you were awesome), I bet you Oliver Humperdink is dead too (checking Wikipedia), yup died last year.

(One Man Gang def. Bigelow, referee incompetence, *1/2 for Bigelow’s work since One Man Gang is a walking negative star machine.)