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Well here's something Brock Lesnar and Britney Spears have in common

You could also go for the boob joke, I suppose, but yeah, much like Brock I'd put the over/under on Britney's judging debut at less than  the full season. 


  1. The sad part is that Britney's ex has more victories over John Cena than Brock does.

  2.  Nope, Lesnar beat Cena quite a few times in his original WWE run.

  3. Scott Hall thinks she's not committed enough to show up.

  4. Ah yes, I forgot, but K-Fed is still undefeated and at least wasn't paid $5 million.

  5. Sid has his doubts too.

  6. Tammy Sytch called Britney Spears unreliable.

  7. Are we still going on about who beat who in a worked sport, from a month and a half ago?

    Not sure why it irritates me, but it does. Perhaps because I don't understand the efficacy of moaning about it. You either liked the match (along with it's ending) or you didn't (ending ruined it for you.) If you liked it, cool, carry on. If you didn't like something about it. Stop watching. I did. A few years now. I find I get worked about about this sort of thing much, much less. I'm a bit happier now too. Not sure if there is a correlation there, though.

    But moaning about it on a blog months later? I mean, I guess. It's a free country, do what you want. Just think there are more constructive things you can do.

    Also...not a fan of people counting other people's money. What do you care how much Lesnar is being paid? It's not your money, less than 1% of it ever was your money, you were never going to see that money used for anything that benefits, directly, you. So what do you care if they paid him 5 mil or 5 grand? Should be all the same to you.

  8. This is pretty tenuous as far as being a wrestling news item. Britney Spears news? Is your wife booking the blog now Scott?

    I keed, I keed. Oddly enough I can see that working in X Factor's favor: Watch every week to see if this is the week Britney judges! 

  9.  I definitely see where you're coming from. I don't fault anyone for bitching about what they want to bitch about because I certainly wouldn't want anyone faulting me for what I want to bitch about, but some things I just don't get. My big thing I don't understand is why people "give up on watching wrestling" but still follow along with live reports and post comments on blogs and stuff. Going through the motions of being a fan without actually watching the thing you're a fan of makes zero sense to me.

  10. Dirty_Dave_DelaneyMay 29, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    X-Factor would be a lot better if they replaced Britney with Brock as one of the judges. Not for his comments but rather when a wannabe sings really badly or overly annoying or starts disagreeing with the judges Brock could run over and beat the absolute crap out of them before F-5ing them through the stage!

  11. A whole month and a half ago? We're still going on about matches and angles that happened in this worked sport 20 years ago.

    I'm more irritated by posts on a blog about how there are more constructive things to do than post on a blog.

  12. I know its so lame when people discuss events that happened in wrestling on a wrestling blog. How dare they.

    I do agree with you on counting other peoples money, but I think most of us are 1) still shocked after all these years of vince that he would pay 5 million dollars to bury lesnar 2) happy for brock that he scored a huge pay day to put over guys making less money than him

  13. Not moaning. Just questioning the logic of booking your top star to lay down for a D-list celebrity who never wrestled again, but not doing the same thing for a $5 million badass who could draw money in multiple rematches.

  14. more like owned him back in 03. thats why i found the matchup so intriguing.

    super cena vs ufc lesnar.

    and they fucked it up.

    now i wanna see if they fuck up super cena vs taker at mania.


    fucking. insane.

  16. No, no, post away. Like I said, he might be completely right. But you tell it healthy to dwell on decisions that you had no part in, had no relevance to your life and ultimately, is pretty inconsequential by almost anyone's definition?

    Again, maybe I'm wrong...

    But when it comes to the money part...pretty sure I'm right.

  17. And what? What has your questioning led you to? Has it made the situation, which wasn't that bad to begin with, any better? Has it led you to any action? Or just some disappointment?

  18. Is that what we were doing? Discussing? Oh. I thought we were bitching and moaning about things we have no control over. Boy, is there egg on MY face!

  19. ...I had something pithy lined up and I totally forgot it. Balls. See the posts above.

    Note - you guys are the ones that keep bringing up "posting." I didn't. I'm much more interested in thoughts and their origins. I don't care what you're writing, usually...I'm interested in why. Entertainment? Venting? (Which, in this case, is what I suspect it was...and my point is why are we venting over something that is SUPPOSED to bring us joy? If it's not bringing us joy, WHY are we still feeding the machine?? That was my point...) I know I post here for many reasons. Which leads me to...Ryan...

    EDIT - Why moan when you CAN do something about it. That's all I said. Verbosely.

  20. It's funny...because in my industry, a certain...cantankerousness...helps. I tend to bitch, by nature and by business, alot...and about alot of different things. It's all gravy when it's part of the act...but when it creeps with the loved ones, it's kinda cancerous. My point much as I like to bitch and reserve that right myself, I'm infinitely thankful whenever someone tells me "Hey, Dan...take it easy. It's outta your hands. Have a beer or smoke something or whatever." It tends to remind me of what's important.

    As for your second point, I come here for many reasons. One of them is community. I'm a creature of habit (we all are) and I've been coming to this site, in it's various iterations, since 2000. (Maybe 2001.) Before that, Wrestleline. And DDTDigest. That's not to establish OG Cred, but it's to say that I've grown with this site in my own way. I've followed Keith's writing for a long time. So, that familiarity is comforting to me and after a day on the road, yeah - I like to come here. It's kinda like my wife watches Real Housewives, without giving a shit about any real housewives. And if DDTDigest were still around, I'd be posting there too.

    But I'm not alone here on that...we've all been coming here for a while. Would leaving here be as simple as turning off the TV?

    But this comfort, this community, also gives me a place to experimentally write. In different voices, using different techniques, in a LIVE setting. That's invaluable to me. I don't get that anywhere else (comics' boards tend to be too insular and SUCK.) For whatever stupid, superstitious reason, coming here kickstarts my brain into writing.

    Also, just because I don't watch it, doesn't mean I have no interest in the artform. There's just nothing out there that satisfies me. (Liked the Brock match. Liked Taker - H part 3. I tried with ROH, but those guys work waaaay too loose for me to take them seriously. I know concussions suck, but maybe a middle ground? Just a little stiffer, is all I ask...make it believable.) But wrestling is the kind of thing where you can miss something big if you're not paying some attention. Like BROCK!

    Ultimately, I think I see similar traits with you guys, just without putting a name to it. Let's face it...the product passed us by. It's not for us anymore. Maybe it shouldn't certainly doesn't have to be. Bemoaning this change is like getting pissed that Bambi didn't cater to the adult fan enough. It might just not be for you anymore. That's ok. It might come around again. And again, I come back to the "why." Are we so frustrated because the product sucks? I dunno, I see plenty of 6 year olds who love it... Are we frustrated because it doesn't cater to us, the "true fans?" Or know, ours is a generation that has never had to grow up. Previous generations had a period in their lives when they put away their childhood things and marched into adulthood. Not us. My parents had me when they were did all my friends. Nowadays? We're having kids in our late 30s. I'm not saying we're infantile...I'm saying we haven't embraced adulthood like previous generations. There are many reasons for this, but I wonder, my personal theory is that unlike our forebears, we have ready access to our childhoods. Toys, shows, comics, games...we can get it all like it was when we were kids. Not for my folks. When Howdy Doody time was over, that was that. There was no going back to see those old episodes. Whereas here we are (as a generation) getting upset when Michael Bay doesn't follow the cartoon's mythology for Transformers. It's a little silly. Don't you think?

    Whatever, I'm tired, been a long weekend. I could be completely off base on all of this.

  21. Nope. You brought up posting. Unless I'm misreading "moaning about it on a blog months later" and "there are more constructive things you can do."

    Regardless, it's all in good fun, man.

    I'll complain because I want the things I like to be worth liking. And when those great moments do happen, you remember why you're a fan in the first place.

    For me, Brock Lesnar's return the night after Wrestlemania was one of those moments. I must have watched that sucker 6 times on DVR.

    Then he lost. And I think that's lame.

    But I'll keep feeding the machine, because the memorable moments always make everything lousy in-between seem worth it.

    Sort of like how I'll always support the same sports teams I've rooted for since childhood -- even though not a single damn one of them has won a championship in my lifetime.

    Thanks a lot, Trail Blazers.

  22. "
    Nope. You brought up posting. Unless I'm misreading "moaning about it on a blog months later" and "there are more constructive things you can do.""

    No...not to nitpick, but I was talking about bitching. You can bitch in many forms, in many forums, in many mediums. And holy shit, do people bitch ALOT! I just thought it was unhealthy. On the other hand, no one hired Dr. Dan. So that point goes to you.

  23.  Far from trolling in my opinion, but that's because I totally agree with you.

  24. Im not gay, but i think its healthy to talk about gay marriage. Its pretty inconsequential to my life and has no relevance, but it does have all those effects to somebody elses.

    I grew up with wrestling like everyone here. This is what we talk about and it binds us as superfans together. Through the FACKING BULLSHIT and the good times when we battered wives thinks its gonna get better. When it was THE defining thing of our lives we lived breathed and would have given plasma or testes for it. Now not so much as 20-30 somethings with kids jobs and snizz on the reg.

    But nostalgia is a good thing sometimes and it gives you a warm fuzzy sometimes. Go up in your moms attic or go in your garage and open that old box and find some upper deck baseball cards or that 1991 X-Men/X-Force #1 STILL IN THE BAG.

    For some people, thats what this blog is about. I know it is for me.

    You dont have write an equally long retort Dan, cuz it passed you by, thats fine. Its past me by as well, I just keep coming back to LET ME SPEAK ON THIS!

  25. "
    Im not gay, but i think its healthy to talk about gay marriage. Its pretty inconsequential to my life and has no relevance, but it does have all those effects to somebody elses."

    I'm glad you brought this up...tell me, is it better to talk about it? Or to do something about it? That's what I was saying, in a nutshell. And everyone is replying with "Well, it's ok to just talk." Yes, yes it is. But talk is empty without action.

    Civil Rights Act of 65 wasn't passed through talking.

  26. Re: Dan Edit 3.

    All Im saying is that whining about a bad wrestling ending doesnt matter to you, like gay marriage doesnt matter to me.

    But it does matter to someone. and this a forum on where it matters.

    I dont post about shit i could care less about. I leave it alone. (And im about to sound like Elvy here) If you feel the need to post about the bitching then obviously you care on some sort of level. whether the outcome was something you liked or not. The reaction to it made you care enough so much that you felt the need to bitch about bitching.

    Me? I just read chuckle and move right along... unless i feel compelled to comment. The gay marriage thing was a lil extreme but it was a spur of the moment example that i could think of that direct correlated to you. Might not be the best example but it works for me.

  27. Fuj...I've been reading your posts for a long time. Please, don't take this as a disrespect to your personal/political/maybe religious views. Let's just look at this practically and may not care about gay rights (which is totally cool. You don't have to.) but it has some very real, very tangible and very quantifiable impact on some people's lives. If you're suggesting that the ending of Brock-Cena had that kind of impact on robinwarder's life...well, shit, he's got many bigger problems than just the finish of a wrestling match. He's going to come up against some real obstacles, if as a fan, wrestling had that kind of effect on him. (Shit, maybe her. I dunno.)

    And that's part of what I'm trying to say. (I'm trying to say many things, but they all have a common theme. You can see how writing here can be very beneficial to me.) By taking it so seriously, you're sucking the fucking fun out of it. I seriously couldn't remember that K-Fed (I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER THE DUDE'S REAL NAME!) beat Cena, until it was brought up. That's my way of saying I don't think anyone remembers or even cares about that match. (Was it on Raw, or PPV? I think I'd remember if it was PPV.) Why? Because like you said, most people just say "eh, that was dumb." and forget about it...move on. Do you think anyone cares, in 5 years, if Brock or Cena won after a match that good? That Brock is being paid obscene amounts of money? (but not Hollywood obscene...) (And if this is indeed the move that tanks the company, I will gladly eat my words. And feel more than a little stupid.)

    In a nutshell:

    1) It's just wrestling. (This is NOT a bad thing.) For most of us, this is a hobby, not a lifestyle or career.
    2) Don't let things that you're supposed to love get you so down.
    3) If you do feel upset...don't something about it.
    4) It has more efficacy in pretty much every area, most importantly - you enjoy more.
    5) You're minimizing the things that are pissing you off.
    6) If you don't do something about badly did it really bother you? Unless you're into that sort of thing.

    Is what I'm saying less controversial now? I'm not taking away anyone's right or ability to bitch. I'm not the blogmaster. (Who, graciously, hasn't booted me yet.) I'm just trying to suggest...a better way. And quite honestly, I personally appreciate that kind of shit when someone does it to me.


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