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This Week With Caliber Winfield

What's the good word, friends. Wrapping up what has apparently not only been WCW month OnDemand, and but as well as here at the ol' Blog of Dune. This time around, I thought I'd do a bit of a lighting round, and then you fine chaps can also throw in your thoughts.

Of course, that sly bastard Scott made sure to post a similar thread right before this one. He's always trying to undermine me ever since my posts have been getting 1/1000th the attention of his! Well, you have won the battle this time, Mr. Scott, but soon, it'll be Caliber Winfield Presents The Block of Doom!

Top 3 Greatest WCW:

3 - nWo - Not my dog spot, not a liver spot, MY SPOT!
One of the funniest things I've ever seen in wrestling. Of course, it would have been better with Arn getting his revenge at the end, but at least he got his apology from Nash. Twice.
2 - Ric Flair - Fire him? HE'S ALREADY FIRED!
There will probably never be a promo done with more passion, or more of a real story behind it. Ric Flair heard that the Horsemen were having a party!
1 - Hulk Hogan - We the fans, we can stick it. 
This and Steve Austin's promo, one month prior, lit the fuse to the biggest boom period in pro-wrestling history. Even though he called the nWo the New World Organization twice, everything else was gold. Talking about big movie roles, world caliber matches, and how he was bored with it. In the word's of Dusty, after this promo they could go to the PAY WIN-DUH!

TV Matches:
3 - Ric Flair vs Sting - Clash of the Champions 1 - ***3/4
It made Sting, and gave WCW their answer to Hulk Hogan. Although for me, it's too long, and they repeat the same sequence like, 3 or 4 times. So I can't praise it as much as others.
2 - Stunning Steve Austin & Ric Flair vs Sting & Ricky Steamboat - WCW Saturday Night – 7/30/1994 - ****1/2
Just look at that match-up, how could it not kick ass? They almost went for a full half n hour, and gave us one hell of a bout. 
1 - DDP vs Sting - WCW Monday Nitro - 4/26/1999 - ****1/2
Man, oh man. Everytime I watch this match, it gets better. Of course, after this masterpiece, they went and had a 4-man crap fest later that night in which DDP got his strap back.

PPV Matches:
3 - Cactus Jack vs Maxx Payne vs The Nasty Boys - Spring Stampede 1994 - ****1/4
The match that set the stage for every ECW tag-match. Some people prefer the one with Sullivan, but I don't think it holds a candle to this one. I mean, the fake merch stand, c'mon! Awesomeness.
2 - Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair - Bash at the Beach 1994 - ****1/4
WCW wasn't stupid. The second they signed Hogan, they gave everyone what they wanted, on the big stage. Arguably Hogan's greatest match.
1 - Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat - Wrestle War 1989 - ****1/2
My favorite of the three. It was quicker, faster paced, and didn't stretch on for an hour. At the end of the day, it's part of wrestling history as what the majority views as the greatest matches of all time.

Worst Matches:
3 - Barry Windham vs Dusty Rhodes - US Championship Match - Great American Bash 1988 - *
Dear God. This match goes almost 16 minutes, and 20 minutes of the thing are with Barry placing his hand on Dusty's head.
2 - Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Sting - Starrcade 1997 - WCW Championship Match - DUD
I had a poster on my wall that I tore out from PWI. It was Hollywood vs Sting, tale of the tape sort of poster. This PPV was the ONLY one from WCW that I ever ordered, because I had to see the match. 16 months worth of build-up, and it couldn't have been worse.
1 - Hollywood & Rodman vs DDP & Malone - Bash at the Beach 1998 -  -*****
45 minutes of Rodman falling, stumbling, botching, and sleeping. In between all that, we got a great helping of bore. It was an absolute embarrassment, and dull beyond belief.

Greatest Moments:
3 - "Tully Blanchard, he don't like Dusty Rhodes! Arn Anderson, he don't like Dusty Rhodes! Ric Flair doesn't like Dusty Rhodes!" - The 4 Horsemen break Dusty's leg - October 1985 - The Omni
One of the best rivalries of all time was Dusty vs The Horsemen. One of the best moments was when Dusty saved Ric from the Russians while in a steel cage, and to repay him for a kindness, The Horsemen broke Dusty's leg. Awesome stuff, really.
2 -  "Cuz the Big Mang, and the Medium-Sized Mang, and our surprise buddy, are gonna carve. you. up"
The Outsiders get what they want - Great American Bash 1996
This type of thing DID NOT HAPPEN. I watched this on ScrambleVision and was yelling at the TV because of how excited I was. Hogan's turn was bigger, but this was the pivtol moment that let you know the nWo was unlike anything else. An incredible segment.
1 - "He's pointing at me! He's pointing at me!" Sting chooses a side - Uncensored 1997
My favorite angle of all time, and my favorite moment. After over half a year of guessing, we finally knew where Sting stood. The heat and response for this is absolutely incredible, and gives me chills every time. Sting looked like a true superhero in this moment, while Hogan looked terrified.

I would have included PPVs in this, but that's already been taken care of. So, let's hear what you guys have to say regarding these categories.

Now, before I go, last week someone said they'd like to hear what I thought of the barbwire cage match between Ric Flair & Hollywood Hogan. I'm always happy to oblige, so let's take a look...

Hollywood Hulk Hogan [C] vs Ric Flair - First Blood Barbwire Steel Cage Match for the WCW World Championship - Uncensored 1999 - (14:19)
Ric tells the ref he doesn't want them to stop for a little nic or anything. He wants the ref to use his judgment. They start out, and right away you know something is up, because Hogan is fighting as if he's in full face mode. Once he does the ear call, you know they're going for the switch. Hogan gets Ric in a figure 4, and once he reaches the ropes he's forced to break. Look, you can rub your opponent's face in barbwire, or use it as a catheter if you so desire, but when he reaches the ropes, you gosh darn better well break. A fan throws a roll of toilet paper into the cage, but I'm thinking this'll need at least a bidet. Hogan opens up Flair's head, then rips down the barbwire and keeps it going. The blood is pouring down Ric's face, and the announcers are at a loss of words. Seriously, the only way this would make sense is if Muta were the ref and he only considered it blood loss if you resembled Alex Murphy. David comes down to the ring, as Ric shows why he's the man as he spits at his son and yells "I'm gonna be 14 times! 14 times!". Ric then girates at Torrie, very awesome. The switch is in full mode as the crowd starts chanting for him. Oh, and they're both bloody as all get out at this point. Hogan goes for the big boot and leg drop, and demands that the ref count. It only gets a 1 anyway. The ref is knocked out, which is a very needed spot since the match has no rules. David gives Hulk a key piece of advice as he tells him to "Hulk Up!". Arn Anderson comes down to the ring, dressed like he's going to the Denim Ball. He beats down David, and hands Flair a tire-iron who uses it to knock out the Hulkster. He slaps him in the figure 4, as the ref counts to 3. The crowd does cheer, and it would have been a bigger moment had it not been such a mess, refusing to allow any sense  to be made.
Rating: **3/4

If anyone has any further requests for future articles, let me know at, or the comment section.

Alright, that's it for this week, hope you enjoyed all the splender. Before I go I'd like to ask you guys if you prefer my articles to stay on the topic of wrestling, or would you dig it if I ventured into movies & television from time to time? Lemme know.

- Caliber Winfield
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  1. I dont care what anyone says, for my entertainment nothing beats Goldberg vs Raven for the US Strap.

    You also need to check out Misterio/Guerrero Havoc 97. flawless. *****

    Oh and FUCK "Hard times" Never cared for it. Best promo ever is this one.

  2. Seriously.

    Best. WCW. Promo. Ever.

    New Breed is 2nd.

  3.  Yeah, a lot of people think him winning the world title was his peak, but I dare say it's when he won the US strap. Because he was still that sort of underground kinda cool, you know? I mean, the crowd EXPLODED. I hate Goldberg, but I do enjoy that match.

    And yeah, I've seen Mysterio v Guerrero, it just didn't register to me as a classic. That was years ago though, so I'll have to watch it again.

    I wasn't a huge fan of Hard Times either. Basically, the only hard times he talks about is people losing their jobs.

    Completely off topic, but I'm watching Easy A, and good golly, Amanda Bynes is just about the hottest thing ever.

  4. First off, wow, was he skinny.

    2nd, yeah, that's one of the best I've ever seen. That WWN bit was absolutely classic. I loved those news papers. 

  5. I love me some Amanda Bynes as well. You should see her in Sydney White

  6. The NWO Horseman parody was all kinds of awsome.

          You know I watched that first Clash of Champions basically by mistake. Being 9 and not understanding the concept of PPV I flipped through all the channels looking for Wrestlemania IV. Instead I found the Clash

  7.  As a kid, I knew wrestling was becoming my number one passion, well, besides drawing. Anyway, Mortal Kombat was my obsession for years, and I realized that wrestling had trumped it when my Goro figure was giving Johnny Cage pile-drivers and such. 1995 was a tough time to be a fan, because you couldn't find any figures anywhere. Once 96 came, they finally started their line of 6 inch figures, and all was well.

  8. Losing your job is a pretty hard time.

  9.  Dude, for real. My aunt managed a Kay Bee Toys at the time and I'd have her scouring the distributors trying to find wrestling figures, all she could get were discounted ones from the second to last set they did, with the Steiners & Doink. Never did get any from the 123 Kid/Yokozuna/Smoking Gunns/Ludvig Borga/Narcissist set, by then they knew they just couldn't sell them.

    Some really underrated figures were the WCW figures from, I think, 1990 or 91. They weren't "action" figures persay because they didn't move at all but they were really well sculpted hard plastic that looked extremely realistic in the faces and details. I remember having a great Luger and Sting from that set, although they weren't that fun to play with since they didn't actually move. By the time they moved on to those huge 8 inch figures that rivaled the LJN figures for weight, I was actually kind of bummed because I couldn't play those guys against anyone other than themselves. I had almost all of them though, even the Nasty Boys and Harlem Heat tag team packs and the shorter-than-the-rest Kevin Sullivan. And the Vader that could give your friend a legit concussion if you threw it at them.

  10.  Yeah, I had a friend who had them ALL. I mean, them ALL. He was nice enough to give me some duplicates, so I had Razor, Undertaker, and Bret. Then one day at Toys R Us they had The Rockers, which was sort of neat because that meant I had Shawn.

    You're right about the WCW figures, I bought a few. Then they had those ones that would vibrate.

    WWE hadn't put out a ring, but WCW did. Of course, it was for their huge figures, so the ring wasn't even close to right for mine.

    Then that glorious day when I hit up Toys R Us and they had'em. Razor Ramon, Diesel, Bret, Undertaker. Fully mobile, with bone breaking action!  I lost my fucking mind with excitement. My mom was cool enough to buy me 4 of'em. God, that was awesome.

    Kids these days don't know how good they have it.

  11. Its a good thing that David gave Hogan that advice, he might've been in some trouble without it. 

  12. I LOVED those 90-91 era WCW figures. Had a whole bunch of 'em: Sting, Luger, both Steiners, Doom, Zenk, Sid. They also had a flexible/rubber line that were larger. I recall having Windham and Arn from that line.


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