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Dan Gheesling's biggest mistake

Well, no real shock that Dan was annihilated by Ian in the final two.  But I don't really think it was a massive dropping of the ball as much as his biggest mistake has to go back to the final 4.  I think he really over thought the Shane is a threat deal - He had his shot to take out Ian but chose to take out Shane instead.  With a final 3 of Shane and Danielle, I think he has a higher probability of winning the HOH.  However, he still might end up being the victim of the bitter jury.  All in all you can't play the game that Dan played and end up against a player like Ian, you will just get crushed every time.  Frustrating end to an amazing season, but it is what it is.  I was more shocked that Frank won the America's vote.

Big Brother isn't bound by game show regulations, so I'm thinking Frank "won" America's vote to justify his position in All-Stars 2 when it happens.  

And I think the jury will look back in a week and agree with Janelle's summation of the situation once they're not under the backlash of the Dan Mist and the stir crazy of the house. I'm just glad now that Dan wasn't up against Danielle, because the bitter jury might have given it to her to punish him, and that would be an even bigger travesty.  Not that I'm particularly mad about Ian winning, because clearly he deserved the money over everyone else in the house BUT Dan and he was a great player. But C'MON.  That was some Dr. Will-level awesomeness from Dan all season long.  Clearly he's the greatest player ever and should have won that thing.  


  1. I agree with Scott's overall assessment.  I think if the six non-jury houseguests who had the opportunity to actually watch the show were voting, almost (if not all) of them would've voted for Dan because watching the season play out was the only way to fully appreciate how amazing Dan's moves were.  Plus, they were less directly burned by Dan, so there was no emotional reason to vote against them. 

    Along those lines, I was shocked at how emotionally the jury voted.  I don't think anyone could make a legitimate argument that Ian played a better game than Dan, but Shane, Frank, and Joe all seemed to vote more with their hearts than with their heads, which is ultimately what cost Dan the $500K.  I've been watching BB since season 7 (the first All-Stars season) and this is the most emotional, personal jury vote I can ever recall.

    I also think Dan didn't do himself any favors with his answers to the jury interrogation questions last night.  He took a very pandering line ("I couldn't beat any of you in physical competitions"; "This is the strongest cast of houseguests in the history of the show.") that came off as very phony and transparent to the jury.  He should've taken the approach of, "Look, once the game was reset, I knew I would be the biggest target/threat because I won the game before, and the only way I could survive week after week was to lie, backstab, and blindside.  I've now proven that I can get to the final two by playing two completely different game styles, and if you look at the season objectively, I deserve to win."  I think if there were any jury members on the fence heading into the live finale, they swung toward Ian when it came time to vote.

    Obviously, it was a great season and if they do, in fact, do All-Stars next year, I'll be long as Rachel isn't there.  She sucks at life.

  2. Ian had the likability factor for sure. I actually think what hurt Dan was maybe doing too much. You could feel the shift especially when Ian mentioned that Dan gave him his Grandfather's gold necklace as collateral for their final two deal. 

    I hope people look back at Dan as the greatest player ever. I just wish the jury would have him given him credit instead of 2nd place. 

  3. I agree with the comments, but I think their respective speeches sealed their fate - Dan spelled out all the reasons they SHOULDN'T vote for him, while kissing ass the whole time, meanwhile, Ian pointed out his wins in competitions, and how despicable he thought Dan was (which probably won points with the jury as well). I also agree: Rachel sucks at life, and probably wont watch all-stars if she and Brennan are there. Evil Dick sucks also, but at least hes reasonably entertaining.

  4. Agreed.  I hate that whiny c*nt.

  5. I read an interesting theory on how things ended up like they did, and it doesn't sound so far-fetched

    The jury knows that Dan was the best player, and most deserving of the money based on his gameplay.  However, they also realized that he's won before, and poor little Ian had nothing (think back to when Boogie gave him that $3,000, and how he didn't even know how much money that really was).  So, the jury gets together, sans Danielle cause she wasn't there, and they all secretly decide to just let Ian win, regardless.

    The way things were heading, Britney and Jenn were huge Dan advocates, and I was sure they would have each thrown him a vote.  But in the end, everyone except for Danielle voted for Ian.  Danielle even said that she was doing it to keep a promise she made from the beginning, because Shane could have told her during one of the commericals that they were doing the Ian swerve.  That may have been her way of telling everyone else that she was sticking to her guns.

    I'm sure not one would ever admit it, but things were never presented as so "pro-Ian" until the votes were read, which is why it seemed a bit odd.  Anyways, I welcome having Ian and Frank both on the next version of All-Stars, cause Frank's awesomeness and Ian's awkward-ness make for great BB TV.

    (And please leave Rachel, Brendon, and Danielle Donato off this list this time.  But please bring Evil Dick back on for one last time)

  6. This was my first time watching BB from start to finish. I orginally started watching to see how Sid Vicious' kid was going to do but got hooked on watching Britney and Danielle. Dan should have won but had way too much blood on his hands. I watched the Live Feeds Aftershow and they all said they didn't like how Dan swore on a stack of Bibles and still voted Frank out. That seemed to seal Dan's fate. I thought going in it was going to be 4-3 either way. I'm still shocked that Jenn (who was tied with Joe as being someone to didn't do shit on the show) voted for Ian. And of course I will miss BB Afterdark. What else am I going to do for 3 hours every night??

  7. I really thought they'd bring up the "my father is a wrestler" angle when Jesse dropped by. That would of been pretty cool to see Jesse bad mouth big old Sid and see what Franks response would of been. Even Zingbot could of mentioned Sid (side note, zingbot calling out Daniele for her stalker like nature of Shane was highlight of season for me)


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