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I rarely look at these lists but these have the potential for some funny entries.

1. Bruno Sammartino
2. Hulk Hogan
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
4. John Cena
5. Sting
6. Bret Hitman Hart
7. Dusty Rhodes
8. Dwayne the Rock Johnson
9. Ricky Steamboat
10. Rey Mysterio
11. The Von Erichs
12. The Undertaker
13. The Junkyard Dog
14. The Rock 'n' Roll Express
15. Andre the Giant
16. Jeff Hardy
17. The Ultimate Warrior
18. Magnum T.A.
19. Macho Man Randy Savage
20. Mankind
21. Goldberg
22. Jimmy Snuka
23. The Bruiser & The Crusher
24. Shawn Michaels
25. Bobo Brazil
26. The Road Warriors
27. Mil Mascaras
28. Bob Backlund
29. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
30. Jack Brisco
31. Chief Jay Strongbow
32. Rob Van Dam
33. Verne Gagne
34. Tito Santana
35. Jerry the King Lawler
36. Mr Wrestling II
37. Antonino Rocca
38. Eddie Guerrero
39. Wahoo McDaniel
40. Lex Luger
41. Tommy Rich
42. Ivan Putski
43. Kofi Kingston
44. Pedro Morales
45. Tommy Dreamer
46. Danny Hodge
47. Trish Stratus
48. Bob Armstrong
49. Rocky Johnson
50. Diamond Dallas Page

The Villains:

50. Batista
49. Randy Savage
48. Vickie Guerrero
47. Mark Henry
46. The Iron Shiek
45. Andre the Giant
44. Eric Bischoff
43. Eddie Guerrero
42. Brock Lesnar
41. Kane
40. Don Muraco
39. The Dudley Boyz
38. CM Punk
37. Ernie Ladd
36. Ivan Koloff
35. Paul Heyman
34. Abdullah the Butcher
33. Terry Funk
32. Randy Orton
31. Kevin Sullivan
30. Jerry Lawler
29. Raven
28. The Fabulous Moolah
27. Paul Orndorff
26. Nick Bockwinkel
25. Vader
24. Harley Race
23. Sgt. Slaughter
22. Undertaker
21. Freddie Blassie
20. Edge
19. Jim Cornette
18. Killer Kowalski
17. Mr. Perfect
16. Sherri Martel
15. Chris Jericho
14. The Original Sheik
13. The Fabulous Freebirds
12. JBL
11. Rick Rude
10. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
9. Gorgeous George
8. Bobby Heenan
7. "Superstar" Billy Graham
6. Triple H
5. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
4. "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
3. Mr. McMahon
2. Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen
1. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper


  1. For babyfaces, I'd go Bret, Sting, Steamboat, Hogan, Dusty. In that order. Savage at 49 for the heel side is such a joke.

  2. Something else I noticed: no Angle on either list.

  3. These lists that they do are so redundant. At this point I think they've found a different way to list the same 50 people dozens of times. Honestly the only interesting parts are the people at the low end of the list where there might be some flux; the people at the top are usually the same or almost always. 

  4. Oh, look, McMahon humbly ceded the top two villain spots.

  5. The Rock isn't on  the villain list at all?  that's odd.  his 98/9 and 03 Heel runs were great.

  6. I'm kind of surprised Piper isn't on the heroes list, he's been a face since the early 90's. Also surprised that Punk isn't higher on the villains list, given how hard they're trying to get him over as a heel.

  7. Jim Cornette above the Undertaker and Jeff Hardy above Shawn Michaels...well, this might be the least political list they've made in a while.

  8. No Honky Tonk Man on the Villains list?   He wasn't dastardly evil, but back in '87 people hated the guy and wanted him to lose so badly. 

  9. For the number four babyface in wrestling "history", John Cena sure does get booed a lot. 8 )

  10.  *waits for his angry drunken rant on twitter*

  11. The Mr. McMahon character, as much as it pains me to say, totally deserves that spot.  He was the main heel during the WWF's ascension into a billion dollar company.  The program with Austin put them back on the map for good.  Not sure what you're getting at.

  12. As soon as I saw the list, I was going to post the exact same thing.  I guess he's a hero to pre-pubescent kids everywhere.

  13. I'm sure it's just because they have smaller voices and thus you can't hear their cheers (#DidYouKnow that far out number the boos if you add them together) put forth by those big meanie head adults.

  14.  Freak out! Freak out!

  15. You'd think he'd at least crack the top 50 on either side, but he always seemed more like just Kurt Angle than a really bad guy, or really good guy. Heel Angle wasn't really a bad guy, he was just obnoxious. Although later years Angle was a bit dastardly with the wanting to rape Booker's wife and trying to break ankles and such.

  16. Are there no repeats? Batista did great things on the way out as a heel, but he's best known for his run as a face. And Shawn Michaels had a great run as the sympathetic goofy face in his last run, but not a lot of guys can make people want to kill him like Shawn Michaels could. Nevermind, I see a couple of guys made both lists, but the point stands.

    Nice to see Raven get some love. He had this really cool character that was complete evil, but sometimes sympathetic due to his backstory. It's too bad neither WCW nor WWE were ever interesting in exploring that.

  17. Well, I guess he is heroic. Whenever a big tall guy, or big fat guy, or big meanie comes around, John Cena stands up to them. He's always giving life lesson lectures. At one point he wore camouflage and an army hat to show that he's basically the same thing as a Marine. He's really strong. He respects respect and those who give respect for the right reasons. He's loyal. He fights hard until the end no matter what the situation, proving that with the right amount of hustle you can over come all odds. He encourages you to rise above the hate in your life, but if you do chose to hate him, he respects your opinion because he respects freedom of speech and a persons right to be an individual. It's all part of being proud American, which he certainly is. He fights for his country by saluting those who actually fight for their country. And he's fighting cancer as we speak.

  18. Kofi Kingston stands out like a sore thumb on the heroes list, I like Kofi, but top 50 baby faces of all time, REALLY

  19. He's the last person I ever want to see on my TV, so if that counts as a villain he's got my vote.

  20. Kurt Angle couldn't get booed after saying he wasn't a fan of the black people and wanting to make Jesus Christ himself tap out.

    He can't be a hero because of the comments, and he can't be a villain because of the reaction. /WWE logic

  21. No one is saying he's a top heel NOW. This is an "all-time" list, there really isn't anything to dispute about the validity of the Mr. McMahon character as a top villain. His run from late 97-mid 99 is almost untouchable. I have no desire to ever see him on TV again, but denying how great that character was as the anti-thesis to Austin is ignorant.

  22. He seems to be one of the babyfaciest babyfaces in current times though. Not many people seem as squeaky clean as Kofi, he's up there in terms of character goody two shoes-ness with Steamboat.

  23. I didn't want to see him on TV back then either. I hated the Austin-McMahon angle, and really the whole Attitude era in general.

  24. Well. I think that both the feds were interested in exploring a major push, but I think both were very weary of Raven's "demons".

  25. No Yokozuna for villains? Jeff Hardy a bigger hero than Ultimate Warrior? I know these lists are usually ridiculous, but at least it gives us something to banter about

  26. Well yes, but everyone else in America DID want to see him getting beaten up by Austin and then whatever other shenanigans

  27. Finally wrestled that top spot back from you!

  28.  I'm having some baby mama drama, so I'm not staying at home full-time right now, so you'll probably have a good lock on the title for a while.

  29.  But the list is clearly more about importance and fan reverence than how squeaky clean you are, otherwise Austin wouldn't be so high

    After typing that i realized that we've probably already given this list more thought then the WWE did so really, who cares?

  30.  Except that he is frequently hypocritical and breaks the supposed code of Hustle loyalty and respect like a douchebag


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