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The Only Review Of Night of Champions 2012 That You'll Ever Need

 Night of Champions - 2012
Venue: TD Garden
City: Boston, Massachusetts
Attendance: 14,886
Buyrate: The event was up 20,000 from the year before, bringing in 189,000 buys

We get a great video to open the show about CM Punk and Cena. I have no idea what's on this card, but the Punk/Cena deal is a good sign. 

JBL comes out to announce. Wow, he's lost A LOT of weight. He's a complete stick. 

The Miz [C] vs Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara - Intercontinental Championship
I have a question before the match begins. Isn't an 'Intercontinental Champion' the same as a World Champion? I mean, intercontinental means all the continents, right? And wouldn't all the continents be the world? Or does the world count the oceans, and IC doesn't? I digress.
Really great opener. There wasn't a second of down time, and honest to God, for the first time I was actually impressed by The Miz. The match includes a lot of great spots, including everyone going for the pin on Miz after a 619 and Frogsplash, with each pin feeling like it was going to be the one. It was also funny to see Sin Cara all of a sudden decide he needed to try and put an extra mask on folks. 
Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on Cody Rhodes for the pin at 12:05  | ***1/2

We get an absolutely DREADFUL scene with Kaitlyn being hurt, giving the Claire Lynch performance of a lifetime. 

Recap of Team Hell No. Am I the only one who thinks their finisher needs to be Kane setting up for the Tombstone, as Bryan then hugs him, and they both drop down? S'perfect. 

Team Hell No vs Kofi & R-Truth [C] - Tag-Team Championship
The match is moving along nicely, and then it abruptly stops so they can do the stupid “hug-it-out” spot. After that, the match never really picks back up, and they end up winning in a way conducive to their gimmick, but still lame. 

Daniel Bryan kicks Kane off the turnbuckles onto an unconscious Kofi for the pin at 8:22  | **

Teddy Long and Booker T are talking in a room that's reminiscent of the sweet WCW interview locker rooms where Lex Luger is talking amongst lockers that display casually hung WCW and Total Package T-shirts and foam fingers. Eve gets the title shot now that Speed Racer [oh ho ho] is out.

Antonio Cesaro [C] vs Zack Ryder - US Championship
Zack Ryder won a battle royal on the pre-show to earn this shot, tossing out Tensai last. The match is about as you'd expect, with Zack Ryder getting the ever-lovin' hell kicked out of him. Cesaro is somewhat impressive, although nothing I'd go crazy for. At one point he does a pretty sweet move where he tosses Zack upward, and greets him with an uppercut on his way down. Zack himself gets a great moment where Cesaro goes for the suplex, but Zack throws his weight, lands on his feet while still in a suplex hold, and turns that into a neckbreaker. An average bout, very fitting for the US title. 
Antonio hits Zack with the Neutralizer for the pin at 6:32 |  **

Ricardo, Del Rio, and Otunga do some wacky stuff with neck braces.


Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton

JBL says this match would be good in a phone booth. The only two people I believe could pull that off is Roddy Piper & Keith David.

Honestly, I don't watch much current wrestling unless there's a big time match that people are buzzing about. However, because of these requests, I've been seeing a lot of Ziggler, and I'm sure you all already know this, but he's the man. He's fresh, original, and one
hell of a wrestler. Hell, he's supposed to be the heel here, but the crowd is cheering him like crazy. He and Vickie make one hell of a combo too. Nice spot where Orton gets Ziggler outside, and starts to lose it. He slams Zigger into the barrier, then lays him on top of it and does the second-rope DDT, effectively killing him. So it makes Ziggler look like the man when Orton throws him in the ring, and he's able to throw his leg on the ropes. Great match. Not as good as Ziggler's bout with Sheamus, but still great. Man, does Ziggler EVER win?
Orton throws Ziggler up in the air and hits the RKO at 17:58  | ***3/4

Layla [C] vs Eve - Divas Championship

I truly cannot understand why they have women's wrestling. EVER. No one has EVER paid a ticket or spent a dime to watch women wrestle. Perhaps in Japan, but in America? Not once. Not gonna lie though, Eve having Layla in a head-scissors is
pretty hot. This was honestly a pretty decent match, Eve is an actual talent, I think, although I could have just caught her on a great night. 
Eve hits Layla with a neckbreaker to snag the win at 6:29  | **1/2

We get a commercial for Rock vs Cena. Has anyone seen this? Is it as absolutely boring as I imagine it to be?

 Kane & Daniel Bryan argue over who happen to be the Tag Team Champions. The major highlight being
AJ drenched in ice cold Gatorade. That's a bit of alright. NAY...quite a bit of alright. 

We get a recap of the Sheamus vs Alberto, in which the entire feud is all about David Otunga taking a deposition from Sheamus. This is all about banning the Brogue Kick. It'd be so much easier to get to that point without all this crap. I'm
not looking forward to this, damn you Jobber123.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus [C] - World Heavyweight Championship
Is it just me, or does Sheamus' song really sound like "it's a shameful thing, Lobster Head"? Booker comes out and announces the Brogue Kick legal. So, everyone got to see all that exciting court room stuff simply for the entertainment value of it. It's also
nice that an interesting stip has been dropped. Also nice is when WWE chooses its history. Sometimes they talk about how the WHC dates back to Lou Thesz and Ed Lewis, other times it's only 10 years old. Either way, two World Titles is stupid.
Del Rio spends the first round of his momentum working the arm in various ways, until Sheamus turns the tides by catching Del Rio with a clothesline as he leaps off the turnbuckle. A Brogue Kick attempt is thwarted, with Del Rio turning it into a chance for an
enzuiguri. I hate it when wrestlers telegraph their finishers like Sheamus, Orton, and Shawn, because the person they're targeting would have to be Bernie Lomax to not see it coming. The ending was cooking along pretty nicely there. I'm more than happy to admit that this was a great match, much better than I expected. 
Alberto eats the Brogue Kick and the pin at 13:56 | ***1/2

CM Punk [C] vs John Cena - WWE Championship

Cole says that at MiTB, Punk defeated Cena to completely change WWE. I think that's a bit of an understatement. I mean, back then we had a stupid looking title belt, Triple H forcing himself in main events, Cena being all over TV and the top of the company, 50/50 booking crap, and talent being completely wasted! Now-a-days, well, the WWE comes with a brand new hat!

It should come as no surprise what a great match this is. The last two matches between these two, Punk and Cena were evenly matched; however, this time the last year of experience has put Punk on a different level. He dominates Cena for the first half of the match, and stops Cena’s 
comebacks at every turn, countering the 5 Knuckle Shuffle twice, with one being a sweet counter into the Vice, as he looks right into Cena's face and screams "BEST IN THE WORLD!". It's also fantastic to see Heyman on the outside, at times beaming like a proud father and at others worrying like a wife. This match truly displays Punk as best in the world. Cena can't put him down, and Punk has an answer for him at every turn. An awesome spot sees Punk hit a Rock Bottom, as he's tried just about everything to wipe Cena out. Both men are dead, absolutely dead, and I'm a bit upset that I know who wins, because this would have been incredible to see live. Without a doubt their best match to date. I'd love to go full monty, but I can't with that ending. 
Both CM Punk & John Cena's shoulders are down for the count of 3 at 26:50 | ****3/4

We end with an awesome scene as Heyman and Punk walk to the back, while Punk's yells "I'm the best in the World! Best in the World!" and Heyman pets his ego with "and that's why I respect you! That's why I respect you!"

Showcase Showdown: Compared to the last two shows I reviewed, this one was disappointing me at first. The matches weren't terrible by any means, but they weren't blowing me away like last time. However, once we got towards the Main Event scene, things really picked up and this show became another thumbs up. After disappointing main events with Del Rio & Sheamus, they really had to prove themselves this time around and did so. CM Punk & Cena are this generation's Rock & Austin. Untouchable chemistry both in the ring and on the mic. A match that people need to seek out if they don't feel like watching the entire show. 

Before I get into my shameless self-promotion, and I do mean shameless, I'd like to thank Steve Ferrari for proof reading this bad-boy. 

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  1. I loved the main event and the ziggler match. Plus I'm the only guy on here who liked the sheamus adr feud. The opener was shockingly good. 2012 is a pretty good year for ppvs. Caliber the next show you should review is either tna bfg 2012 or the ppv after it with the hardy/aries ladder match. Or maybe royal rumble 2012. I don't even remember that show except for ziggler v punk.

  2. I remember Sheamus winning the Royal and thinking about how stupid is was since I couldn't see him as a top guy. Guess I was wrong?

  3. Also I totally agree in my life it went savage/hogan, bret/shawn, rock/austin, and cena/punk!

  4. For me it's Hogan/Savage, Savage/Steamboat, Bret/Shawn, Horowitz/Skip

  5. It's all about the game, and how you play it...

    But in all seriousness sheamus did carry big show to his best match ever

  6. Yeah you're right about the Big Show match. It was a fun match and the best from HIAC. Still BANKING on Ziggler getting that title at TLC.

  7. There's already a Sheamus "Lobsterhead" t-shirt for sale on
    (Also: "Too Many Limes." )

  8. All I remember about that show was Ricardo's time in it. He may not have the look but he's as funny as Santino to me, and I wouldn't mind him as an opening match comedy act.

  9. Oh yeah it's definitely Punk/Cena, I could definitely see them milking more PPV matches in the next year out of them, everyone will complain, but they'll throw out the snowflakes in honor of the match. I'm actually quite disappointed we never got that HiaC match between them.

  10. This was absolutely not the best Punk/Cena match. They've all been great, but MiTB is still the best.

    Though I will say I liked the finish more than most did.

  11. quite terrible.. shouldnt treat it as a sport if it isnt a sport

  12. See I think the summerslam 11 match is the best one, but really you can't go wrong with any of the 3

  13. if CM Punk is to John Cena what Austin (= Punk) was to The Rock... what does that make Edge? John Cena's Triple H?

  14. "Isn't an 'Intercontinental Champion' the same as a World Champion? I mean, intercontinental means all the continents, right?"

    Intercontinental is just North and South America. So it ranks higher than the US title.

    *looks up*

  16. From a pure technical standpoint, I'd say Summerslam '11 was the best. But there are more factors than that to me.

    If the MiTB match hadn't been in Chicago with that nuclear crowd, it might not have been the best one. But it was, so it was.

    But I probably overstated it in my previous post. They're all great and you could make an argument for any of them.

    Here's a statement I won't back off of: anyone who thinks any of the three matches are worse than ****1/2 is criminally insane.

  17. They had decent matches, there was just no reason to care.

  18. I thought the NOC was excellent, give it an ending that didn't suck ass and it's MOTY. Though I haven't seen the MITB match yet, anyone got a link?

  19. Nice job on this - and congrats on the Kindle book

  20. I don't think Scott likes us giving links to copywrited stuff. But just go to Dailymotion and put in the search bar Punk Cena Money in the Bank and you'll get plenty of videos of the match. Enjoy, it's one hell of a match!

  21. Eh, we post Youtube/Dailymotion shit here all the time, though I know porn links are a no-no due to his Adsense deal. But it's on Dailymotion? Nice, it wasn't last time I looked.

  22. I gotta say Caliber, I'm really liking your reviews man.i actually like that you don't do play by play, there's enough people doing that. I like your style of just pointing out big spots and giving an overall opinion of the matches. Just one thing, maybe go a little more in depth on why you liked the match or didn't like it, more analysis. And an idea I had for my own reviews when I wrote on IP that might be cool for you. maybe name an older match that closely resembled the match you just reviewed. Kinda like "If you liked this match you may also like...." sort of thing.

    Someone mentioned doing Royal Rumble 2012 and I second that, I would like to see how you would review a Rumble and it could be good practice for January if you review that show. Also I think it would be fun to see you review a really terrible show, not boring terrible though. A show you can really make fun of and rip to shreds.

    As for a question, what's the match/storyline/event that made you a wrestling fan?

  23. Edge is Mick Foley?

  24. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesNovember 24, 2012 at 4:58 AM

    I make no bones about the fact I'm a complete MORON about geography. I'm absolutely atrocious. Thanks for answering my question, Mar.

  25. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesNovember 24, 2012 at 5:37 AM

    I really appreciate the kind words, and the suggestions. I never turn down free advice.

    Alright, so Royal Rumble 2012? I've got WM19 up first, but if everyone is cool with Royal Rumble 2012, then it's on it's way.

    I was 11 years old in 1995. In my bed room I had a TV, and this old school cable box. It had these buttons you'd hit for the channel you wanted, and then you'd hit a switch that would go down 3 rows. So, one column would have like 1, 30, 60. If you wanted channel 30, you'd click the button, and flip the switch to the middle.

    So, one night I'm channel surfing, and all of a sudden I come across this guy with stringy hair beating the shit out of a guy dressed like a King. He was swearing, and just losing his mind. It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. This turned out to be the night after the first IYH, in which Lawler had screwed Bret Hart.

    That's what caught my attention. However, the first storyline that I really dug into was Psycho Sid vs Diesel. There was a Monday Night Raw the week before the IYH with their Lumberjack Match, where Diesel was in the ring with his lumberjacks, and Sid was approaching the ring with his. Raw ended JUST as Sid got in the ring, and I was so upset I teared up. No joke. I wanted to see that match so badly.

    After all that, I was obsessed.

  26. Caliber_Winfield_69420BoobiesNovember 24, 2012 at 5:39 AM

    Thank you, I know I always say "I appreciate the kind words", and it may seem like I just copy & paste that sentiment, but I do mean it.

    Also, thank you for arriving at the crime scene to point out if the victim had worn a bullet proof vest, they wouldn't have died by the bullet. Your contributions are unmeasurable.

  27. Some damn fool accused you of being the best.

  28. Not a problem, as a matter of fact, i just discovered what it meant recently myself, as I read some article that explained Pat Patterson winning the South American Title when he was North American Champion, so he coined himself the first ever Intercontinental Champion.

  29. Ah OK, it might be another blog/forum I'm thinking of that said "no more copywrited videos". OK, here's a link then:

    Also, a great place for matches, PPVs (new and old) and DVDs is it pretty much has everything you could want. If you want an invite (sometimes they make sign ups invite only) just let me know as I have plenty.

  30. Thanks! I'll check it out later.

  31. In terms of the actual in-ring work, I do think that their matches have gotten progressively better, but there's just no way to top the atmosphere they had at MITB - that one was so much more than just a good match, it felt like we were witnessing this incredible shake-up of the status quo.

    Of course, we all realized how naive we were, but that night was just unreal.

  32. I want an "Ironman" match.


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